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Our World is Ended Review - Blurred Lines

Our World is Ended

Visual novels have taken a lot of different forms on the PS4. Whether it’s shocking mysteries, touching stories, or a unique combination of genres, these narrative-focused titles offer more than a simple book to read and require less engagement than something like a shooter. They are like video game comfort food: fun and interesting, but not too taxing.

Days Gone Review

I have spent the weekend playing through Days Gone and I have to say, The reviews I read prior to playing through, have no merit. Maybe these reviewers were having a bad day or got assigned to review the game from a genre they simply don’t like in general. I don’t know what they were thinking when they wrote their reviews, and I don’t normally comment on someone else's opinion of a game, but the poor to mediocre ratings this game has received are baffling to me. End rant.

Skorecery Review - Simply Magical


A great idea is enough to bring a game experience to life. Sometimes, when it all clicks, the end result is something that’s pure, concentrated, fun. Skorecery hits this nail on the head as a local competitive multiplayer experience. With an excellent selection of rulesets, modifiers, and modes, this game offers a stellar foundation for your next party night.

Agony Review (Version 1.07) - Redemption For The Damned?


Agony gained a lot of traction with it’s Kickstarter, which promised an uncompromised vision of hell replete with blood, gore, and more than a few temptations. When the survival horror title finally released, it was met with mixed feelings regarding technical issues and cut content (later restored on the PC’s unrated version but still unavailable to consoles).