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Surge 2 Review - Give me a hand!

The Surge 2, has come a long way since the first entry of the franchise was released. I feel Like it’s safe to say that, Deck 13 brought everything I enjoyed from the first title and added more to it.

Perhaps the biggest difference that stands out in my mind, comes down to two things. More NPC’s and online capability.

Modern Warfare Recap

Last weekend hosted the final beta we will see for Modern Warfare. Throughout the entire beta, not a lot was changed. There was the minimap fiasco, which ultimately got added back into the game, after some serious spamming of Infinity Ward and Call of Duty, social media pages.

But aside from what wasn’t changed, there is a very long list of things we can expect to be adjusted when the full game is released. Here is a list of what IW is looking into:

• Blurriness while ADSing or on the matchmaking screen on PC

Modern Warfare Beta 1 impressions

The first beta for Modern Warfare has come and gone, but another begins today. PS4 owners will be able to play the second half of the open beta, September 19th - 23rd, for free, but you might need a PS Plus subscription, depending on your region.

Before we move onto the next beta, I’m going to drop my initial thoughts of the upcoming game, based on the beta.

Control - The Review

There is a lot to say about Control. To kick things off, the list of things I dislike about the game are rather petty and don’t really matter. Not when factoring in the entire game as a whole.

When I began playing Control, the first thing that came to mind was “This game is kind of weird.” It’s literally one of those games that really builds up story as you go along. The first few hours were a little slow paced in my mind, and I was becoming concerned that I wouldn’t end up enjoying it, but alas, Control managed to pull through and make it worth my while.