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Sony Officially Showing PS4 At E3 2013 -- Time And Date Revealed!

Sony Officially Showing PS4 At E3 2013 -- Time And Date Revealed!You may remember our last PS4 news update, where we brought you the video where Sony teased us about the reveal of the PS4 aesthetic.

Today, we have a time and date for said aesthetic: June 10th, 6 PM PST. Join us on PS4 Experts as we cover the event with plenty of pictures and description during and after the event!

NHL 11 Review

NHL 11 Review

Another hockey season is nearly upon us, and despite my beloved Habs inexplicably trading away last year’s playoff goaltending hero Jaroslav Halak to the St. Louis Blues, I’m pumped for the upcoming season. A new season also brings with it a new version of EA’s NHL series, which also gets me quite excited. I’ve played the NHL series religiously since NHLPA ’93, and even won a small NHL 94 tournament at a local video game store back in the day.

Review - Fifa 12

It seems like only yesterday that EA regurgitated another soccer title to add to their Fifa franchise, however here we are, Fifa 12 was released at the end of last month and smashed opening day sales records across the UK as well as being the most sold Fifa title across the US. So what's all the fuss about? Is this really the best Fifa title to date or just another Fifa game full of age old mechanics with some additional fluff thrown in?

Tomb Raider for the PS4

Tom Raider on the PS4
Facts and fiction are hard to sort when it comes to speculating about the next generation of console gaming and what we can expect from franchise titles like Tomb Raider. The PS4 leads the pack in keeping us all simultaneously frustrated and tantalizingly delighted with speculation. (Congrats Sony, your market preparation strategy still works!) Let’s start with what we know and then we’ll move to speculation.

Duke Nukem Forever Review

"I've Got Balls Of Steel"
Surrounded by rumor and skepticism for over a decade, Duke Nukem Forever is arguably one of the most demanded gaming titles of modern times. Considered to be vaporware by many gamers, an announcement early last year confirmed the development of the game and Europeans can now confirm the game is a reality and on shelves all over the EU.

The PS4 - A Complete Entertainment Machine?

The PS4 - A Complete Entertainment Machine?With the recent announcement from Microsoft that they are partnering with over 40 entertainment providers for Xbox Live, we thought it a perfect time to talk about why Sony needs to do the same in the future. Of course, it's not like they're not doing so now, but this kind of coup by Microsoft is truly unprecedented and a bit disheartening for loyal PlayStation customers.

The Nitty Gritty

PlayStation 4 Slogan and E3 Video Revealed! Our First Look At The PS4!

We recently brought you news of an amazing PlayStation 4 video that turned out to be fake. However, this video, officially released by Sony, gives us our first look at the PlayStation 4!

The video, which features a blurred image of the PlayStation 4, flashes close-ups of the system in brief snippets. This confirms that the system itself will finally reveal itself at E3 2013.

PS4 Update - New PS4 Concept

Whats up PS4 fans!?!?
In our last PS4 Experts newsletter, we had finally witnessed the unveiling of the product we'd all been waiting for: the PlayStation 4! Since then, the annual Game Developer Conference has taken place, we've had both developers and publishers come out in support of the new system and a load of tasty rumors and game announcements.

But first we have an exclusive that our only our newsletter fans get to see first. Concept designer Tamar Fleisher created an awesome all new PS4 design concept. More exclusives to come. Giveaways perhaps?!?!

Close up:

Sony PS4 Announcement

PS4 PlayStation 4 Newsletter:
It's been an exciting couple of weeks since the big PlayStation 4 announcement made by Sony. If you missed the announcement or just need a refresher course, we've got you covered in this edition of our newsletter.

Sony To Announce The PS4

PS4 PlayStation 4 Newsletter:
Despite year after year coming and going without a word from Sony about the PlayStation 4, the time finally seems to have arrived as the company's PlayStation event will take today at 6pm EST! Earlier in the month, Sony released a video through the official PlayStation Twitter, inviting users to join the event on February 20th, which began the initial hope that the upcoming PlayStation 4 console would finally be announced. As the gap between then and the event comes to a close, it seems more and more likely that this date will be the one.

Quantic Dream Prepping A New Adventure Game For PlayStation 4

Quantic Dream was one of the most prolific developers for the PlayStation 3, despite only releasing one game to date for the system: Heavy Rain. While Beyond: Two Souls is prepped for an October 2013 release for the PlayStation 3, founder, lead writer and game director David Cage has already made the transition to the PlayStation 4. You may have recognized David Cage at the PlayStation 4 conference in late February, showing off his company's amazing technology that accurately models lifelike faces: