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L.A Noire Beginners Case Guide

L.A Noire Beginners Case Guide
The latest big hit release from fan favorites Rockstar has been in full swing in the US since Tuesday, already dominating Twitter and other social networking sites. Critics are lining up to throw praise at the game with metascore averaging a 90/100 review score and big name IGN also rated the game 8.5/10.

PS4 Count Down Timer

Display the PS4 Release Date Countdown on your website! Follow these basic instructions to display the PS4 Countdown code on your website.

Copy and paste the following code into the HTML of your webpage and you're done. Easy! Anytime the release date is updated the countdown will automatically update on your website.

Star Wars Hits The Next Generation With Star Wars 1313

An upcoming third-person action game, Star Wars 1313 is one game that definitely has fans riled up and waiting with great anticipation.Though the game has not yet been officially announced for any specific platforms, the gameplay trailers and screenshots previously shown are far beyond anything capable on the most recent consoles such as the PlayStation 3.

Can Uncharted Still Chart New Territory on the PlayStation 4?

The Uncharted series, developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony, has undeniably been one of the PlayStation 3's most successful franchises. Naughty Dog, previously known for the Jak & Daxter series and the Crash Bandicoot series before it, took on the Uncharted series as their first foray into providing a game with realistic characters and settings.

Could Dishonored 2 on the PlayStation 4 be twice the game Dishonored was?

Set in a steampunk-like world, a shamed assassin sets out to restore his reputation in Dishonored, a game that blends the elements between standard first-person shooter gameplay and the depth of narrative that role-playing games have to offer. The PlayStation 3 title has already earned high marks across the board for its unique approach that evolved from a set of values that the developer knew it wanted to make prominent in its hit title.

What we know and what to expect out of PSN on the PS4

We all know that the Playstation Network is likely to change with the arrival of the PS4, but what do we know so far and what should be expected exactly? Well, the Sony conference provided a few answers to these questions, but as we said many times, the conference served more as an entry point for Sony than an all-out revelation of the PS4’s functionalities. This has been saved for E3! Still, we can imagine and predict a few aspects of the Playstation Network from the information that we now have.

Sony Reveals Additional PlayStation 4 Details At GDC 2013

At the Game Developer Conference 2013, or GDC, Sony held its much anticipated panel discussing how developers can take advantage of the PlayStation 4 hardware. While much of the panel was focused on specific ideas and concepts for developers that would mostly fly over the average gamer's head, Sony did reveal quite a bit about the PlayStation 4 that both gamers and developers can appreciate.

Sony Reveals Additional PlayStation 4 Details At GDC 2013

Would the PlayStation 4 Not Allowing Used Games Do More Harm Than Good for Sony?

The PlayStation 4, codenamed Orbis, has been the subject of many rumors in the last few months. We’ve seen potential hardware specifications, potential job listings and even a game or two rumored to be in development. One rumor in particular got gamers’ attentions in a big way: Sony was planning on blocking used games from the PlayStation 4.

Top 10 PS4 Games

Top Gaming News -March

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, dragons, dragons and more dragons!


  • Release date confirmed : November 11th 2011.
  • Without a doubt, my favorite gaming series of all time, Bethesda are sure to do it yet again with the newest addition to the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim. Bethesda Studio’s creative director Todd Howard announced the capabilities of the all new Creation engine in an interview with Game Informer.