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Sex (Sex), Drugs (Addiction), and Rock n’ Roll (PlayStation)

Call of Duty Black Ops

By now, we have all heard the notion that videogames can be addicting. If not, then just search Amazon for “video game addiction”, and revel in the resulting booklist that recants personal trials, gives warning signs for parents to look out for, and gives expert advice in triumphing over this grave and horrible affliction.

How to Become the Ultimate Console Gamer

Ultimate GamerCan you imagine being paid money to play games? Waking up in the morning, strolling downstairs, flicking on the console even as you make your morning coffee and settling down to a day's work? Heading off around the globe to compete in tournaments with the best of the best in your favorite games? Professional gaming is on the rise, with some top gamers earning as much as $400,000 every single year in competition prizes, sponsorship and even gaming contracts.

Can gaming ruin lives?

As with any hobby in life, there can come a time where it starts to have a drastic impact on reality. The question that must then be asked is, would you know if your time spent gaming was ruining your life? Many gamers today consider themselves to be "Hardcore", usually meaning they spend upwards of 5 hours a day playing video-games. Other than the obvious health risks of sitting on your backside for that long, many in the industry are warning that the next generation of adults will have more knowledge of virtual worlds than the real world.

What to expect from Left 4 Dead on the PS4

Just like any famous game series, the idea of playing Left 4 Dead on a brand new console is pretty exciting. One can only dream of what it will be like to play L4D on the Playstation 4. Left 4 Dead 2 was a nice follow-up to the original as it improved the zombie experience in just about every way possible : melee weapons, great environments and even more challenging game modes. Let’s hope that we will once again get a worthy sequel!

A Look At The Graphical Power Of The Playstation 3

Despite being the better part of half a decade old the Playstation 3 has yet to really tap into the awesome power that the machine actually has. Sadly with most gamers out there expecting an announcement of the Playstation 4 at some point this year, despite it being continuously denied by Sony, maybe we will never really see the full graphical potential that the Playstation 3 has to offer.