Call of Duty: Black Ops Smashes Records

The latest in the Call of Duty franchise was released November 9th and sold a whopping 5.6 million copies (worth $360+ million) breaking the previous record set by its predecessor Modern Warfare 2. As if that wasn't enough to boast about, Call of Duty: Black Ops has become the biggest entertainment launch of all time. Not only did it smash gaming records but cinema giants like Avatar and Pirates of the Caribbean couldn't match the numbers Black Ops produced either.

PC Version Plagued With Problems

It wasn't all daisies and rainbows though as the PC release fell short of expectations. Activision made a deal with retail giants Wal-Mart and GameStop to allow both companies exclusive access to a midnight launch which left all the Steam players confused as to when the game was actually going to be released. Console and PC players that bought the hard copy version were allowed to play from midnight with the rest of the world having to wait between 8-18 hours. To make matters worse the PC version was dubbed "unplayable" by the majority of the Steam community. With CPU overload issues and horrible stutters, even those with early access didn't see much point in playing. There was an outrage on the forums, that despite being such a monumental title, the majority of the PC player base couldn’t play until 2 days after launch when the issues were patched.

It's bad practice to release "broken" games but in all honesty, I don't really think they care what the small PC gaming community has to say when they're sitting comfortable on $360 million. Widely considered to be the best in the franchise, Black Ops is looking forward to more balance and bug fixes as well as DLC content in the form of new maps sometime in the near future.

Did you grab yours on console or PC?

Article by - Blaine Smith

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