Captain America Review

The Captain America franchise has been in hibernation for some time now, all the while other spandex wearing heroes dominated the headlines with the likes of Spiderman, Iron Man and even Thor, all sharing some success on the big screen and consoles. Captain America is the latest Marvel based hero game, but is it just another movie game or is it actually worthy of being a game in itself?

Captain America Returns
The first thing I noticed when loading up Captain America was the poor graphics. I wasn't expecting anything amazing but the scenery and explosions felt almost Playstation 2 style with explosions and smoke covering any object that was actually effected, meaning you don't actually get to see any destruction other than the explosion effects. The graphics and animations of the characters in the game are somewhat of a saving grace, although still not up to par with many Playstation 3 titles, they do make the game somewhat appealing to the eye.

One of the most appealing aspects of Captain America as a super hero is his very human like flaws. Bullets can still hurt and kill him, being punched still makes him stumble, it is this very mortal approach that appealed to so many with the original comics. The game delivers this in style while still making you feel heroic and indestructible, a very hard balance to achieve but they managed to pull it off.

Highly Responsive and Aggressive Combat
Captain AmericaThe combat system in Captain America is quite clearly the trump card, featuring reactive based combat in a very similar style to the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum. Although the systems are similar, the combat in Captain America does require a bit more skill and concentration but you are able to pull off some extra spectacular combo's as a reward for the steeper learning curve. Much like his DC rival, CA combat features a very defined defensive/offensive combat system that allows you to instantly turn any attack against your opponent. You're able to deflect bullets, although it does require very precise timing, and you can also counter and dodge enemy physical attacks using your senses which work in a similar way to Arkham Asylum and some of the Spiderman titles.

Captain America Does Prince Of Persia?
The game can feel a little slow at times, when you're not fighting you find yourself in a Prince of Persia style acrobatic scene that requires tapping a button every few seconds. Although it can look pretty cool in places, the acrobatic parts are all very linear and are easily completed by a small child that knows where the X button is, a nice touch to the game but felt like more of an afterthought than an actual selling point.

Captain America does fall short in certain areas, the enemy units all spawn on restricted scripting that means they come from the same doors, in the same numbers each and every time you play. This really removes from any replay value for most players but it can make you look pretty cool as you know exactly when and where everything is coming from. Another downside to the game is the Coded Door system. Certain doors are locked via a code that requires you to match up 1 digit to unlock the door, these are so easy that it becomes quite obvious that this was added purely as a time sync rather than adding any actual game-play value.

Captain America Review

Where Does Captain America Stand?
When compared with more successful hero titles such as Arkham Asylum and Spiderman, Captain America falls short but only just. The combat is great fun and really fluid but the enemy units, areas and puzzle parts of the game all seem last generation. The game is worth renting but it's not one I'd rush out to add to my collection.

Article by - Blaine Smith

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