Duke Nukem Forever Review

"I've Got Balls Of Steel"
Surrounded by rumor and skepticism for over a decade, Duke Nukem Forever is arguably one of the most demanded gaming titles of modern times. Considered to be vaporware by many gamers, an announcement early last year confirmed the development of the game and Europeans can now confirm the game is a reality and on shelves all over the EU.

The game takes a heavy focus on the lead character with most of the entertainment coming in the form of a sharp script and some great one liners. Aliens are attacking the world, again, and the President is refusing to believe their intentions are hostile, cue the rebellious ego maniac, Duke Nukem. That's about it in terms of the story, it's very brief and predictable but I don't think many will play the game with the hopes of being enthralled in an edge of your seat FPS story.

"I've Got Balls Of Fail"
Taking a very standard approach to FPS, Duke Nukem Forever offers what most other games in the genre offer, a variety of guns and thrown explosives mixed in with some vehicle action and environment interaction, none of which really stand out as anything new or exciting.

Railgun - Sniper type weapon
Enforcer Gun - Fires bursts of 3 enemy seeking projectiles
Pistol - Gold pistol with red laser sight
Shotgun - Typical FPS Shotgun
Shrink Ray - Shrinks enemies to a size that is squash able with a size 10
Freeze Gun - Freezes enemies allowing for execution

Along with those you have some of the older Duke items like the Holoduke, pipe bombs and of course, steroids and beer which buff your attack and defense respectively.

Thankfully they managed to make Duke as bad ass as previous games, his attitude and behavior are what make the game playable for the most part and without it, would be an out of date shooter that probably wouldn't break above 80 in terms of review scores. There are plenty of little Easter eggs in the form of one liners, paying homage to movies like Predator, Team America and a pretty sharp dig at another big FPS title, Halo.

"Looks Like Lady Luck Just Gave You The Finger"

Probably the most unique aspect of Duke Nukem Forever is the environment interaction. You can interact with dozens of objects in the game world performing many actions such as weight lifting, cooking popcorn and even having a grab at some alien breasts, the majority of these actions will reward you with a Maximum Ego (Health) boost so it does pay to explore your close surroundings in a bit more detail. The novelty of taking a leak in a toilet, browsing through a dirty calendar and lifting weights doesn't last long and past Duke's personality and the interaction with the environment the game seems outdated and stale offering a very scripted AI and boss fight system that doesn't really bring anything fresh to the genre.

My personal favorite part of the game is the soundboard you unlock upon completing the campaign, including some of the classic quotes and mixing in some new ones, it shows why Duke is still one of the greatest gaming personalities made to date.

"I'd Buy This For A Dollar"

Overall, it felt like great fun for the first hour or two but it failed to keep me entertained for more than an hour at a time after that. The environmental designs seem flawed in places with lighting and other hints pushing you in the wrong direction and the shining texture used to display interactive objects seems flawed on many parts of the game. Everything about it just felt like it had been done before and other than the occasional chuckle at some of Duke's comments, I didn't really find myself enjoying many parts of the game.

Article by - Blaine Smith

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