Should Sony delay the release of the PS4 for further development?



Make it perfect. They made the PS3 at least comparable to the Xbox360. I want the PS4 to completely destroy Microsoft's hopes of competing with Sony...

WOW so soon a ps4

ps4 this year hmm i say hell yeah! but as long they dont stuff it up with hardware fails like the yellow light of death man that was annoying with ps3 had that twice in one year. PLAYSTATION 4 WOOOO!


Sony has no choice but to wait after Nintendo and Microsoft have landed with the new consoles.
They just released the PS Vita afterall.

And the later they wait after Microsoft, the easier it will be for the PS4 to hit the ground running to catch up and close the gap.

But all PS4 needs to be is close to 10x the power of the PS3 - that's really, really powerful. Definitely bumping heads with current "really high-end" PC gaming rigs.

So on a scale of 1000% over the Xbox360 & PS3 game consoles -

Wii-U is 500%
Xbox720 is 600%
PS4 is 800%

And after 3 years; reaching 90% of "to the metal" coding efficiency -

Wii-U is 600%
Xbox720 is 800%
PS4 is 1000% (assuming a "Cell" design, but if otherwise 900%)

The PS4 doesn't need to be overly powerful in 2014 and regardless to what Playstaion fans like or not the differences will be minimal in terms graphics and what each console can achieve over the next 4 years.
expect GT6 to look incredible
expect GoW to look incredible
expect Zelda to look incredible
respective of the console's game design choice.

All that matters is each consoles' game exclusives.

I don't think a time limit should be applied to that.

take your time

ps4 should take the time it needs for a super system that will make bill gates cry when it comes out

they've had 4 years

nothing lasts that long in the techno world anymore