Is GTA V On Track To Be The Best Selling Game Of All Time?

On September 17th, 2013, the moment that many gamers had waited years for came to pass: Grand Theft Auto V was released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. With reviewers giving it perfect scores left and right along with fans calling it the best game of this generation, its a given that sales were going to be phenomenal. But just how good are they? Could GTA V be the best selling games of all time?

Fastest Selling Game In 24 Hours: Achievement Unlocked
According to Take-Two Interactive, publisher behind GTA V, the game made a record $800 million in sales in just 24 hours of its release. The previous record holder, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, managed only $500 million in its first 24 hours. This is not only a record for Take-Two and the GTA franchise, but the industry as a whole.

Best Selling Game In A Three Day Period: Platinum Trophy Unlocked
GTA V is not only the best selling game in a 24 hour period but in a three day period as well. Take-Two believes that the game has now surpassed one billion dollars in sales in a three day period, completely obliterating the previous record holder, Black Ops 2, which took a staggering 15 days to reach the same milestone. At this pace, the game is on track to be the best selling game of all time.

Comparing GTA V's Sales
Comedy website Dorkly offered up a handy chart showing just how GTA V's sales stack up in the real world. While we won't cover the chart in detail here, some of the more interesting comparisons were:

  • Is GTA V On Track To Be The Best Selling Game Of All Time?GTA V sold 8 times the amount of the highest grossing film on its first day
  • GTA V outsold the PS2 in launch day sales
  • GTA V sold more than you can win in the lottery
  • GTA V sold more than it cost to make the Titanic

GTA V is not only shattering industry records but making waves in every industry at this point.

Why Is It So Popular?
It's simple: GTA V is the culmination of everything Rockstar has learned with not only GTA, but all of its franchises. GTA V features the largest open world of quite possibly any open world game. There are three playable characters, all with wildly different personalities. Missions are no longer static, as you plan not only how heists will go down but who you're bringing with you.

The voice acting is top notch, the world is not only big but is populated with tons to do, and the online, releasing in only a few weeks, is looking to revolutionize the industry.

GTA V does not falter in any way, combining great gameplay, an engaging story and a sprawling open world to create an experience that can't be missed. If you have an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, buy this game immediately.

Will It Hit The PS4?
But what if you don't have either of those systems? What if you already sold your PlayStation 3 for a PlayStation 4? That $270 GTA V PS3 bundle is probably looking mighty good right about now.

You've probably noticed that a PC version of GTA V is absent, which is odd as every main game in the franchise has hit the PC. Rumors of the PC version have been rumbling around for awhile now, but why didn't it launch with the current generation consoles?

Our best guess at PS4 Experts is that because the PS4's technology is so close to the PC, Rockstar is working on both versions at the same time and are simply holding the PC version of the game back for the time being. It's likely that the theoretical PC version is the base for the PS4 version and when the PS4 version is done, the PC version will release with it. At the end of the day, it's a given there will be a PC version of the game and thanks to the PS4's architecture, it will be a snap to port it to the system.

Some fans think Rockstar has some malicious intent by not announcing a PS4 version now. By keeping quiet on a PS4 launch, many fans are caving and getting the game now, likely to double dip when the next generation version hits. It's a shrewd plan, one that will hit fans in their wallet twice for the same game. However, with the game releasing so late into the PS3's lifespan, did you really expect Rockstar to leave it there?

Expect a PS4 announcement before the year is up alongside an Xbox One and PC version of the game. We'll update this article as we know more!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 9/21/2013

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