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The title may be bending the truth a little but today’s society spends far too much time attacking the negative effects gaming can have on a person’s life and ignoring the positive effects so many experience. Why do people worry so much that somebody spends hour’s everyday doing something they actually enjoy? I know hundreds of the youngsters today are kicked off their favorite game or console because parents worry about the damage they're doing, here is some ammunition to help their cause.

The Science Bit
Some would agree that gaming is a hobby, although that is a debate for another day, a hobby is meant to entertain and make you happy. When you're happy, whether you're playing games or getting high, your body secretes a happy hormone called Serotonin which is scientifically proven to be vital to a healthy lifestyle. A lack of Serotonin can result in severe side effects such as, but not limited to depression, addictions, aggression, irritability, violence and fatigue, sleeping long hours, feeling worthless and lack of interest. So in theory, when you're playing your Playstation 4 happily secreting your Serotonin and you have to tidy your room or go to work, it is actually healthier for you to sit there and continue to game. Obviously I don't condone losing your job or refusing to tidy your room but the evidence is there for you to use as you wish.

There are also many other positive effects gaming can have on a player. Games of today aren't simple plug and play like they were 20 years ago, games have evolved and so have the players that play them. Anyone that has played any type of MMO game has probably had experience with teams, guilds, clans and other social gatherings. These community aspects of today’s games teach many players basic life skills involved in social interaction and other aspects of life. Guilds often have set methods of dealing with disagreements and altercations, creating an often diplomatic resolution. People are encouraged to help each other reach their goals. When was the last time your shopping bag split and somebody offered to help pick it up? When was the last time somebody offered to help you grind or do a quest? I would put my bottom dollar on the latter happening more frequently.

Additional Benefits of Gaming
So what other benefits can gaming have besides the happy hormones and social skills? The list of skills you can gain from gaming is endless, from eye to hand coordination, to time management to overall management abilities there are an array of abilities gaming can give you that can actually help with your life or career. I will go back to guilds as another example, I've played the sports MMO Football Superstars for several years now, and I managed a team for several months as an academy to one of the successful soccer teams. I had to arrange games, choose 10 out of 30 players for each game, help coach and train the players individually, resolve conflicts and other social activities. Although others may look upon these tasks and smirk, I know very few managers that can keep 30 employees happy, even when telling them there's no work. It's all the same as arranging raids and other regular guild activities in the more traditional MMO’s, it all takes skills and abilities that are required for a successful person.

What’s your opinion? Do game experiences help enrich a person’s life experience or are gamers deluded and just trying to find an excuse to pump more hours into their favorite Playstation title?

Article by - Blaine Smith

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