L.A Noire Beginners Case Guide

L.A Noire Beginners Case Guide
The latest big hit release from fan favorites Rockstar has been in full swing in the US since Tuesday, already dominating Twitter and other social networking sites. Critics are lining up to throw praise at the game with metascore averaging a 90/100 review score and big name IGN also rated the game 8.5/10.

UK Gamers have to wait until tomorrow before exploring the 1940s in the eyes of a keen detective so we thought we’d write a guide for the Europeans to help them catch up and achieve the coveted 5-star case rating. Please be aware of possible spoilers.

Buyer Beware
You’re a detective and you need to find clues, imagine that? For the Buyer Beware case you have to locate three unique clues. You can find the first clue on the dead body by searching the bottom part of the jacket, you will obtain a voucher. The next clues are some bullet casings found on the street around the area of the trashcan. They can be difficult to spot but they do shine on occasion and if you’re really struggling there’s a good chance your partner will find them. The final clue, as always, the murder weapon and the killer never did a very good job of hiding it. Located in the trash can near the shell casings, just zoom in to receive the murder weapon.

Your partner will then tell you to speak to the witness wearing the red shirt, once you’ve spoke to him you’ll learn the woman inside the store is the real material witness.

This is where things get interesting you have the clues now you need to talk with the witness and judge whether her statement is true or false. Look at how they react and the evidence when you talk with them.

After she finishes chatting, accuse her of lying and she will ask to see evidence. Show her the voucher and her argument goes out the window. Then you have to ask her about the details of the shooting, after asking how many shots she heard, choose the truth option.

Now it’s time to move onto the murder suspect. When she’s finished speaking this time, choose the doubt option, as you push the witness she will eventually divulge the motive for the murder. You will then head to the jewellery store to try to locate the killer. You’re told the suspect is in the back room but this soon results in a chase. Don’t try to kill the suspect, you just have to point your gun at him and wait for the bar to be full. Once you arrest the suspect, you move onto the interview

The options are fairly limited during this interrogation but you know he’s guilty. Choose the lie option and you will be asked to provide proof, using the material witness from the store for your next choice. Next move onto religious issues and select doubt, the suspect falls apart almost instantly and confesses awarding you with a tidy promotion.

The Driver’s Seat
A shiny new promotion and a fresh partner, it’s time to solve the next case, The Driver’s Seat. After a brief conversation with Officer hart, you will be allowed to search the location for clues. Head to the car and pop the trunk, the first piece of evidence is located inside; pick up the piece of paper. The next clue is the print of the letter A located on the floor followed by a pair of glasses and an old wallet. Search the wallet first for some identification and check the photo inside, then inspect the glasses. When inspecting the glasses you will need to tilt it at a certain angle to get the clue. Nearby you’ll notice another letter on the ground, this time it’s a B, your third clue is located here. The final clue here is inside the vehicle itself, there’s no shortage of blood so you shouldn’t struggle to gather the evidence.

Now you’ve gathered all the clues, it’s time to speak to the witness. Ask him what he’s doing there and then choose truth, then ask him about Adrian Black, then choose truth again, do the same with the bloody pipe. Lastly you need to ask him if there was anything inside the wallet, choose doubt and you will get the information you need.

Your next task is to speak with the wife. Once you get into the house search the small table nearby and take the newspaper, after speaking with the wife you can search the home. Search the table again and you’ll find some matches, then select the phone and call in. Next you need to search Margaret’s bedroom and take the photo off the dressing table. Now head to Adrian’s bedroom, search his glasses case and check inside, also check the nearby photo. Make sure you check the photo thoroughly so you get the evidence, lastly check the closet and collect the train ticket. You’re done in the bedrooms so move towards the kitchen and search the table. You’ll notice a piece of paper and a receipt on the table, firstly look at the receipt and obtain your fourth clue, then examine the back of the piece of paper; a clue is located at the bottom.

Follow your partner’s suggestion and head into the garden. Fix the water heater and then go back inside and speak to the wife.

You now get to interrogate the wife; it’s quite a lengthy chat so follow the guide below to be sure you get all the answers correct.
Choose the receipt to begin with then choose the truth option
Next select the matchbook, again select truth.
Whereabouts of Adrain, select the truth option
Then choose the pair of glasses and truth again.
Show her the signed photo and then select lying
Ask the wife what she was up to the night before, choose truth

After this you’ll head to the bar, speak to the bartender and he will forward you to a guy named Frank. Show him the receipt for the bike, select the new choice that appears and choose the doubt option. You can choose to arrest the suspect here but it’s better to save it until you’ve completed the case. You should gain another clue whilst travelling to the apartment after a Swine Blood message over your radio.

When you reach the apartments search the mail box and you’ll learn that you need to go to number 2. The suspect agrees to surrender but bails, a short chase follows before you bust him and complete another case.

A Marriage Made In Heaven
The final crime scene in our beginners guide and no surprise, you first port of call is the crime scene. You’ll get some basic information from an officer already on the scene including the victims name; you’re then given free roam of the crime scene. Search both the victims’ pockets to find a life insurance policy and a wallet. You can search either pocket first, but make sure you get a clue from each pocket. The coroner will give you information for the next clue, then check the C, B and A on the floor, you won’t find any clues here but they do provide extra information. Your final clue at the crime scene is a blood stained knife found in the rubbish down the alley. After collecting all this evidence speak with the woman located near the bar and you’ll get a few more clues. Firstly ask her about a report, choose truth, then ask about the car and choose truth again, lastly pick the argument selection and choose doubt.

You’ll then need to head inside the bar, grab the newspaper from near the front before speaking with the bartender. Choose to ask him about what he’d seen, then select doubt. Now ask about Lester followed by truth, then about the argument and select doubt and finally enquire about the venture and select doubt again. Use the phone located at the back and you’ll get some information on the owner of the vehicle.

Head on over to Shelton’s and you’re greeted with a good old fashioned police chase. After you’ve caught the suspect speak to his wife. Select the top and speak to her about the accident, select doubt. Next speak to her about the argument, select doubt again, then ask about Leroy and select lie, last select the insurance and select lie again. Then use a phone to arrange a meeting with the coroner. The rest of the case flows from here, make sure you don’t miss the killer shot.

Following this guide should get your maximum rating for each case in L.A Noire, please leave feedback and suggestions below.

Article by - Blaine Smith

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