Why are Nintendo Wii fans so resistant?

Thought you might enjoy this objective commentary from "The Truth" and "Wiilover07". Do they speak the truth? Have they convinced you to give up the PS3 at all? How much would you pay for those sweet Star Wars sweat pants? If you can last the full 19 minutes through their video feel free to comment below.

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Are they in denial?

It's almost like they are in denial, they struggle to give Sony credit for anything.

why did you make me watch this

shoot me. This video is hard to watch. I am a big fan of Nintendo and I still play Mario Kart all the time on Nintendo 64 but these guys are a joke. I admit Nintendo has a much better game franchise (it's true) and the motion control was SMART but where is the HD and the ability to play dvds etc. Nintendo does games well but it isn't hardcore gaming or an entertainment system like PS3 and I don't know if it should be or not. Just stating what it is.

Short bus window lickers

Wii is a game cube with a crappy motion controller. Nintendo needs to leave the consoles making to other company (sony...), and make there kid games for them. I really don't care about hand held gaming, its more for parents to give to there kids to make them shut up. Every one i know with a wii has it sitting in a closet, or use it for just netflix. I really hope they are younger than they look, i wonder whose moms house they where making this vid at hmm. Grow up and leave the Nintendo to the 3 year olds, and play some thing that takes some real skill hahahaahahaha

I couldn't

I couldn't watch the whole thing there just so right...whahaha srr couldn't even type that with a straight face it's just so sad, there typical fanboy's they never got laid right? i thought xboys where bad but damn scrared of the ngp.. the system isn't even out yet and there bashing on it with almost no knowlege about it. as long as we know the truth that's enough

OK you little fairies

Ive gotta say im 16 and i game in my free time for fun and with friends. These guys are ridiculous. Ok first off no grown man should be playing a handheld gaming system! Yes i like nintendo, yes i like sony more, but holy shit wii isnt even HD!!! Oh what a great accomplishment,.. not. Ya mybe older versions like ps2 dont have the greatest games, who cares this is now lets not live in the past. By the way i like how they don't mention any of the terrible wii games that they tried to make possible. Heres one Call Of Duty! F*ck mario and his gay brother luigi im not 7 anymore, any real gamer would be playing a hardcore first person shooter that are displayed on xbox and playstation. Ok maybe Nintendo as a whole has been more consistent and maybe they follow through a little better than sony. That said, wii #1 sucked,..sry. The only reason their products are more consistent is because they have hardly no new innovations. Sony has the move which is similar to the wii but the move motion control is 100x better. Although kinnect is more popular than both because it is awsome. Don't dis kinnect it works great and its a huge breakthrough in gaming. You guys need to grow up and stop playing pokemon and donkey kong. Maybe if you played nazi zombies on black ops you would see just how "terible"(sacastic) ps3 is.

Just sad



ok i admit it sony ....... d*ck slapps nintendo right across the fu**ing face sony is way better than nintendo period.


This is such mindless bs, I have a hacked PSP that does all kinds of cool sh*t. This is like listening to politicians bitching about random sh*t. Every system has great games!!! I have a PS3 and a Wii and I enjoy them both, and actually I do 90% of my gaming on my PC because FPS games own all console versions.

Id like to point out a few key points

1.Dont go yelling about how other systems suck whem your obviously a fan boy of their contendors 2.says the guys who sit on their couch wasting their time making a 19:40 min. video when they could have a life(oh wait, too late for that) 3.DONKEY KONG COUNTRY RETURNS WAS PRAISED AS ONE OF THE BEST GAMES MADE FOR THE WII, SO DONT GO SAYING IT DIDNT DESERVE WHAT IT GOT!PLUS, NOT EVERYONE LIKES THE SAME TYPE OF GAMES 4.mario sports mix SUCKED...no offense or anything 5.they are pajamas, not swaet pants, i have them :D anyways, if you are going to disrespect a system, at least have valid points(though i kinda agree with the gps thing, just not to that extent of wasting 3 minutes complaning about how it sucks) Thank you

umm 4G isnt out yet

yeah so people calling 3G networks a 4G network doesn't mean its actually 4G. anything branded as 4G right now is actually still 3G. Its all marketing confusion, ergo your argument about 3G is parallel to saying "who needs water anyway, that shit's played out. I like sctoch on the rocks, hold the scotch." read up on it. faggots.

Are you kidding me

Are you kidding me I currently own a a wii and a ps3 and a gamecube. You know what I mostly plat ps3. While there are a few good games for wii most of them I just cant get into.It just seems too kiddish, Gamecube actually has better games then the wii. The ps3 on the other hand has better graphics and generally better games. Also the wiis online gameplay is well crapola.

Please, see both sides.

I have a Wii, and no PS3 so this may be slightly biased, but here I go anyway. 1. I don't care about graphics, So that already makes both Wii and PS3 on even grounds. 2. I don't like the PS3's library due to all of it's top games are FPS's, whereas the Wii has platformers, adventure games, sci-fi, generally a wide selection of game genres. Not saying all the PS3's library is nothing but FPS's, but the Wi''s library isn't filled with crappy kids games, like carnival games and so on and so forth. Another point to Nintendo. 3. I admit, the motion controls aren't for everyone, but that's all we're seeing!!! Within the same year, both Microsoft and Sony released motion controls, when the Wii has had that since 2006! It becomes even better with Wii Motion Plus! I do like the motion controls, but I do prefer to pick up a controller and play with toggles. That said, I hate the PS3's toggle placement. I just don't feel comfortable with it, and much prefer Microsoft's version. No points for controls. 4. There is good online content for the Wii, the only difference is that you can't talk to people online without having a specialized game. I don't know anything about PS3, so I'll be fair on this one and say equal grounds again. 5. This one is in terms of handhelds. Now, I have owned every incarnation of the DS, and am currently in possession of the 3Ds which is amazing. the toggle has a nice feel to it, the games are amazing and the 3D effect is.. Wow, it's amazing. I have had the very first model of the PSp, and I must say it was terrible. The toggle was painful, there was no online features (as far as I could see) and the games were terrible. With little to no competition, Nintendo wins. 6. Price. Good f*cking god, Sony, lower your prices. I hate you so much for the one reason that you overprice EVERYTHING!!! Seriously, it's not just games they overprice either! I'm going to be doing this in English currency, so bear with me here. They charge £4000+ for a 3D TV, around £200+ for a camera and a 3D lens to shoot 3D films for £350. It's outrageous they expect that much for so little. The games are no exception. A brand new game from Nintendo: £30. A brand new game from Sony: £50. Just no. You're parasites after everyones money, Sony. You're just gonna eat away the world, you wankers. For such terrible doings five points to Nintendo. That's everything, and Nintendo came out to a clear win. I did everything as fairly as I could, so don't hate me if you disagree. If you must reply, just be calm and make your poi1nts as to why you disagree valid, and I may consider replying.

wii v.s. ps3

the wii only has 1 thing thats better than the ps3 and thats the movement controls but even then they still are pretty awful. Also the ps3 has something like the kinect. Most games for the wii are actually the stupid carnival ones. Like i said most but not all. There never gonna put games like splatterhouse on the wii cus the wii is a family system not an overall genre game like the ps3. most violent game you can find for the wii is probably dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3. Even then its not gonna be as fun as runnin arround with your shotgun on bulletstorm. Oh almost forgot wii also has the crappy make your own avatar thing.

wii's internet v.s. ps3

The wii's internet sucks soo much. i have my wii and ps3 right next to each other while the ps3 connects to online on modernwarfare in 5 seconds the wii took me 30 tries on super smash bros till it could connect to someone. Also after about 2 and a half games online on the wii it will diconect from the internet. And the ps3's internet alous you to actully do searches on the computer like a real computer. while the wii has some channels that occasionaly gets some game news.