The PS3 – Will it Stay or Will it Go?

The console wars are here to stay it seems. And with the introduction of motion controllers over the past year or so, it has only intensified. As such, many are looking months down the road to see what’s coming around the bend next. For Playstation fans, that means the Playstation 4.

As much as we don’t like it, every 5 or 6 years our favorite console becomes virtually obsolete. Bigger and better things are always being created in the world of video game development and new hardware has to be made available to the masses in order to simply keep up. The PS3 debuted in 2006, and now the PlayStation 4 is set to hit in 2013, ushering in a new age of PlayStation hardware.

Untapped Potential
But should it? There are many, both developers and users alike, that say the PS3 still has yet to realize its potential. Without going into all the gory details, many laud the PS3’s graphics over the competition and say that it has the ability to do much, much more. Do we really need a new Playstation?

The PS3, despite its many accolades, remains in third place behind the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. Therefore, many will say that the representation of the PS3’s abilities by its fans is merely sour grapes from a fan base smaller than the competition’s. While the “us vs. them” exclusivity may be a factor, there is something to what these people are saying. The PS3 is a truly great machine. It hasn’t suffered because of its abilities, but because of other factors.

First, there’s the price tag. Sure, it’s come down over the past few years, but Sony is holding onto that $300 price tag – which is $100 more than the 360 or Wii. So during the Christmas shopping season, many will take one look at the price difference and opt for the cheaper console. Second, there are still millions of PS2s used every day. While this is a testament to another great console built by Sony, it does hurt PS3 sales. I alone know that many of my friends still cling to their PS2s and proudly play them often. They should upgrade with the rest of us, but they are still clinging to those old machines. Unfortunately, the PS3 only has limited backwards compatibility and that’s just another reason why these holdouts persist for now.

From Sony’s perspective, you know it’s all about the bottom line. While it’s great that critics may say you have the best console, it does you no good unless you have the sales to back that up. It’s kind of like those art house movies that win at the Oscars every year. Yeah, it’s great that everyone loves you, but no one saw your movie. Yippee. So therefore, you know that Sony has had a plan for years regarding the PS4, the PS5, and even the PS6. No matter how well the PS3 did there would be a PS4 coming down the pike 5 or 6 years later – that’s how game development works and that’s how business works. In order to stay alive, your business has to always be moving forward with new and exciting products.

The PS3 – Will it Stay or Will it Go?It's Coming...But When?
But will there be a demand for the PS4 in 2013? I think the success or failure of the PS4 depends mostly upon timing and impact. Sony’s prior successes largely had to do with how its consoles matched up with the competition. The PS2 debuted before the Xbox and Gamecube, allowing Sony to establish a solid base of customers playing the newest, coolest machine with the best games – and the PS2 could keep up with both the Xbox and Gamecube when they came out. So if past success is any indication of future success, look for the PS4 to hit the market before the Xbox One. Sony missed the mark with the release date of the PS3 (it came out after the 360 and the Move came out after the Wii), so I wouldn’t look for them to make that mistake again.

All in all, I expect Sony to capitalize on the success they had with the PS2 and use that model for the debut of the PS4. If they can get it developed and ready before their competitors know what hit them, they can once again make themselves the hot new thing thanks to features like the Share button, online streaming and the focus on social activity. While it’s easy to be cynical and say Sony can't regain the top spot, I’m excited to see what Sony can do with the new technology that I’m sure is coming across their desks.

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The reason they don't go back to cartriges is because they had problems to. They weren't susptible to scratches, but to dust, still to being stepped on and they couldn't hold enough on those cartridges. (I GUESS.... they could probably create a cartridge that coooooould run high intense games... but not likely since sony has yet to release cartridge games.


Bitch the ps3 is so better than the x-box

ps3's potential

i don't think they've pushed the ps3's limits. there is still alot the ps3 can do it's only been 5 yrs. all's they need to do is upgrade the system & make more bigger games


thats where your wrong they have already pushed the ps3 to its limits as the creators of uncharted stated they cant do another game caz the system doesn't have the technology to back it up. and that is coming straight from a game designing company! and im pretty sure they would know better then you would. jus saying.

Hello? You using common sense?

I urge you to read the entire thing. As you can see from the entire archive, what sonys done has gone "PS4 is coming out!"... while later... "We're content with the PS3"... a while later "A newer release date". What they are doing is through gamer emotions around to excite you about the PS4 because in fact, the PS3 and X-box were rated to be able to DOUBLE the life span of their precestors. (XBOX AND PS3. As the article continues, it stated the life of the wii was coming to an end) And thats because Nintendo marketed around family and gaming has never been about family. Look at it this way.... Maybe he's not wrong, and you're. Maybe you've been fooled because some big shot video game producer told you they couldn't make another game until the PS4 is released. Does that make you want a PS4 faster? Yes.

PS4 Vs. Xbox 720 Vs. Wii U

PS4: Xbox 720: Wii U: Oh the Great Battle Between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo who will win well we will just have to wait however ill give you some facts about the consoles, however The 720 and PS4's Facts may be off a little but here it is. Playstation 4: Developer Sony Computer Entertainment Manufacturer Sony, Foxconn, ASUSTeK and IBM for SCEI Product family PlayStation Type Video game console Generation Eighth generation Retail availability 2012 - 2018 Media Download, HVD Operating system XrossMediaBar, PlayStation 4 system software CPU 8.04 GHz POWER7 Cell Broadband Engine or CBE 2 with 4 PPE & 8 SPEs Storage capacity SSD, Cloud Computing Graphics 600 MHz NVIDIA/SCEI RSX 'Reality Synthesizer' RSX 2 Controller input DualShock 4, PS Move Connectivity IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4.0 Wired gigabit Ethernet Online services PlayStation Network Backward compatibility PS1, PS2, PS3 Predecessor PlayStation 3 Desc: The PlayStation 4 or PS4 will be the eighth generation video game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment and manufactured by Sony Corporation Sony Electronics division. The console will be the successor to the PlayStation 3 and (according to PSW[1]) it will be twice as powerful with a similar size to the Wii. The PlayStation 4 competes with Microsoft's Xbox 720 and Nintendo's Wii U as part of the eighth generation of video game consoles. According to rumors, Sony desires to put the PS4 on the market by 2011, E3 2011 at Sony Conference. although no announcement has been made. In April 2011, Sony allegedly confirmed that the Playstation 4 will be released in Japan on May 16, 2012 and released in the US on October 23, 2012. Concept art for the console has been produced by graphic designer, Tai Chiem[2]. As displayed, the futuristic look of the eighth generation console consists of a spherical screen and a 'knell touch screen panel.' Console Race Sony is in competition with Microsoft to bring a next-gen console to the market. Sony realised that when Microsoft released the Xbox 360 with a relatively cheap engine, this allowed Microsoft to capture a healthy chunk in the gaming market. Also the PlayStation 3 is a distance away from the Wii in the market (especially in East Asia). This made Sony to think as to making a smaller console, as the Japanese buyers prefer smaller platforms. While the PlayStation 3 has only recently been released and has its best days still ahead of it, Sony is not one to rest on its laurels, and with the intense competition in the video game world, plans for the PlayStation 4's future release are already being put into motion. In fact not only is the PlayStation 4 getting this treatment, but even the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 6 are in the early stages of planning and conceptualization at Sony’s R&D labs. While Sony has not released any official information concerning the system’s future launch, the generally accepted release date is pegged as late 2012, which would follow the trend of Sony’s previous console generations. The PlayStation 1 was first released in late 1994 in Japan and 1995 throughout the rest of the world. The PlayStation 2 hit stores in 2000, giving the PS1 a retail shelf life of 6 years from its Japanese launch. Likewise, the PlayStation 3 came out in 2006, 6 years after the release of the PS2. Following this trend that Sony has established would give us a late 2012 release for the PS4. It’s possible that how the PlayStation 3 fares in the current console war may also determine the release date of the PS4, for a couple of reasons. If the system continues to flounder in 3rd place in the console wars, failing to generate the revenue which was initially expected of it, Sony may be far more eager to cut their losses and rush the PS4 to market sooner rather than later, possibly as early as late 2011. If the PS3 does indeed fail to make ground on the Wii and Xbox 360, it may also convince Sony to try and jump the gun on the next generation console wars and get their system out the door first. Both the PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2, which dominated their generations of the console wars, came to market at the same time or earlier than their competition. The PlayStation 1 was launched just after the Sega Saturn, and well before the Nintendo 64, while the PlayStation 2 was released before both the Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube. This enabled Sony to get a head start on the competition and gave developers time to build their skills at developing games for the console, to the point that even as more powerful consoles came after, games released on the older system were just as good technically, providing no real incentive for players to move to the new consoles. In a recent interview, Doom and Quake creator John Carmack speculated that Sony will likely attempt to be first to the dance floor with their new console, before Microsoft launches their next console. As talked about above, there is plenty of rationale in this line of thinking. On the other hand, Sony has long maintained they have a long-term plan for the PS3, and with the lower production costs of the new slim model PS3, and the increased sales of the new version, the PS3 may just be coming into its own. Whether Sony will try to launch before Microsoft (by all accounts Nintendo will actually launch first, but they’re not considered direct competition to the others like Sony and Microsoft are to each other) remains to be seen. In an interview with GameSpot at 2010's E3, Activision COO Thomas Tippl shed some up-to-date, though still quite vague light, on the PS4's future release. When asked when he expected the next generation consoles to release, Tippl stated that it was unlikely they would see release within the next 2-3 years, as Activision still had no information on any new consoles. With development times for next gen games running 2-3 years on average, it makes sense that if the new consoles will come with third party games at launch (a near certainty), it will be at least 2 years from the time third parties first get the development toolkits in their hands to the point where the console releases. In the meantime all we can do is speculate and continue to wait. Playstation inventor Ken Kutaragi, as chairman and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. is already thinking ahead to Playstation 4 and beyond. In an exclusive interview with EE Times, Kutaragi said: "As a matter of course, I have the vision of Playstation 4, 5 and 6, which will merge into the network." [3] [edit]Games Rumours suggest that games will be retailed online via the PlayStation Network. Meaning that all PS4 games will be downloaded and that no packaging or BD cases or boxes are to be made with the new eighth generation games. However, a recent article explains why this rumor will not become reality.[4] There is no information on backward compatibility just yet, but presumably, the PS4 should be able to play games of the previous generations: PS1, PS2, PS3. According to PS4info exclusive games such as Killzone, Uncharted and Little Big Planet will all most likely return to the console in astonishing graphics with incredible gameplay. The former head of Sony Worldwide Studios, Phil Harrison, made some interesting comments about the next generation of Playstation game consoles. Harrison believes that next-gen consoles, like PlayStation 4, will steer away from the current generation of consoles in a multitude of ways, one of which is game media. Instead of spending fifty-bucks for a disc, you’ll charge a credit card or use points to purchase rights to stream a game, similar to Netflix. [5] [edit]'Forward Compatibility' There is speculation over the PS4 containing forward compatibility of the next-gen platform Xbox 720. This could improve PS3 games drastically: the level of re-draw being vastly improved, or the possibility of multiplayer games being able to feature thirty two players online instead of sixteen. This should utilize the PS3 games and modernize them to similarise the eighth generation games. But predictably, this doesn't appeal to Sony as customers wouldn't be as keen to buy the new games - instead just play on their old ones. [edit]Cell Processor Platform SCEI has officially chosen IBM’s currently in development POWER7 architecture for its PlayStation 4 system (stated in an article on[6]), currently scheduled for a 2012 worldwide release. IBM shall debut POWER7 for the server market in the summer of 2010. The PlayStation 4 shall use a cost effective version of the architecture custom designed for Sony’s specific needs. The only information FGNOnline currently has available regarding specifications and performance is that the PS4 implementation of the chip shall use 6-8 cores, 24-32MB shared L3 Cache, Quad threading per core, and a double precision performance approaching 200GFLOPS. The CELL chip which powers the PS3 is capable of 15 double precision GFLOPS. This would give the PS4 a performance leap of over 10 fold over its predecessor. Interestingly, the primary reason IBM cancelled development on the CELL based PoweXcell 8i is because of SCEI’s change of stance. The company wanted to move away from the exotic architecture employed for the PS3 to a more traditional architecture favoured by third party developers. As displayed by its choice of processors, the server based POWER7 and the TBDR based PowerVR 6, SCEI once again has sights set for performance leadership in the next round. [edit]Release Date The PS4 may come earlier then most expect, although there hasn't been a fixed date set for the Playstation 4. According to PS4Info, the console will hit the stores near the end of 2012 making the difference between the PS3 and PS4 six years. Albeit Sony says PS3 has a ten year life cycle, so it won't be released until at least late 2011. The PS3 was voted one of the most underrated consoles of all time and the 360 one of the Most overrated Consoles of all time but i think its Playstations time to take the rightful crown back home so this is my Prediction of sales Ranking: 1st:PS4 2nd:Wii U 3rd:720 Thanks for reading and if u want updates about the ps4 or wanna Watch COD and BF Gameplay or GOW Please Check out my channel

dont continue

ps3 have to stay ps4 will ruin evevrythin

winky winky

i think the spectrum 000 with sd graphics is bestest console in de welt! i play with my nerf gun all day long and my gf is filing for amadivorce eish wena hau hau!

So angry

I am angered by the fact that the ps4 will publish in 2012, i mean i have waited untill i can buy one untill now theyre going to publish it, idk if to wait for the ps4 or buy the damn ps3, screw you sony


I have waited all this time to buy a PS3 also, but I am still going to go ahead and buy it next week. Even if the release the PS4 three months later, I will wait for the price to lower a bit and assess it for a while. Then I can trade my PS3 in for a discount on the PS4, also, I just want to hurry up and play Skyrim anyway.

SO ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think the same way i just bought one this year and now they make another one that is so gay i meit not even be a sony fan anymore just because they have to be like that


I just bought a PS3 2 years ago and im not ready to give that up just yet! I don't want a PS4 now! make more games instead! UGGHH!!!


I know where your coming from. I got my PS3 just last Christmas and I'm furious to know that now the PS4 is coming out soon. It's like my Nintendo. I got a Nintendo DSi XL and a few months later, THE 3DS COMES OUT!!! It always happens to me, and I'm just so annoyed that the PS4 is coming out so soon, I am a simple gamer, with only a few games, and I don't do much with my PS3 except play Uncharted 3 and Assassin's Creed. So yeah, totally agree with you, buddy.

So what!!!

PS3 has been out for nearly 6 years, PS2 still sells on Amazon and you can still buy the games and some periferals. No actual release date has been given yet. People who've the console for 6 years like me want a new machine so that better running games can come out at a more reasonable price than having to buy PC hardware and spend a fortune to play at better frame rates than in the thirties or less. Judging by ps2 PS3 games will still be released and sold for a good few years after PS4 comes out, so I don't see the problem. PS4 is already nearly overdue, Xbox 720 is way overdue going to of the last two gens and how long MS took between release cycles of Xbox 1 and 360. I've had my 360 for about 2 years and I don't care if the next one comes out, in fact I want a new Xbox, with better hardware. Can't wait for Wii U, even though I have a Wii and haven't had that for very long either.

matter of checking internet better

If it always happens to you maybe you should check the internet better for new can stick to your Assassins Creed and Uncharted??!! While people who bought the Ps3 at release date can check out the newer stuff.....Its just ridiculous to be angry at Sony cause they make a new kick ass console !!! So to all haters..if you dont like new console dont buy it..easy as eating pizza...keep the ps3 and let the other people enjoy their new ps4

PS3's been out for 6 years.

PS3 has been out for 6 years already, it's about a 6 year cycle between releases of each generation of sony machine. Sources are saying 2013 will be the year, but it could be later, nothing's been confirmed yet. Sony isn't gonna just stop making games for PS3, they commit to a 10 year life cycle of each console, so new games will still come. I've had my PS3 since the day after release, I want a new machine ASAP, because the tech is limited now, games can't get much better on this level of technology. I've had my 360 for about as long as you've had your PS3 too and I'm fine with a 720 coming out soon, that's already nearly 7 years old, since it came out in 2005.

Kind of happy

I am kind of happy because I will get all of those games I wanted really cheap and they will still make new game like they did with the ps2.


We do not need it the PS3 already does everything it would be a waste of a gaming concles to build a PS4. There should be no more made I know playstation is behind in sales but do to Xboxes ond Wiis inferity playstation will ketchup to them.


PS3 has many flaws that we would not want to see it to the PS4. They didn't listen to us well. For the first time, Sony has listened to us very well... well almost very well. (PSVita). I'm excited for the release of the PS4 as soon as possible.


We do not need it the PS3 already does everything it would be a waste of a gaming concles to build a PS4. There should be no more made I know playstation is behind in sales but do to Xboxes ond Wiis inferity playstation will ketchup to them.


Sony said that they will still produce games for the pd3, and (as I think) it is much likely that they will do as nintendo did with the 3DS and DS. Making games for both systems, so no worry!

Bring on PS4!

I can't beleive these people commenting that Sony should not release their PS4 yet because they've just purchased a PS3... The PS3 has been out for 6 years now, why should the rest of us wait because you've just decided now to buy a console? I bought my PS3 when it first came out and now it's really starting to show its age. Apart from being worn out (noisy fan/overheating problems, not reading discs well) the graphics look horrible compared to what is acheivable on PC these days! The graphics were fine when it was released, however now that so many people are gaming on big TVs the flaws are much more noticable. I'll buy a PS4 as soon as they come out, as long as there is a big increase in performance (and back comp) but if they don't release one soon I may convert to PC gaming for good. I love the simplicity of a game console however I've already spent over $500 on a mechanical gaming keyboard, mouse and conrollers for PC and the graphics look insanely good on my 60" TV

bring on PS4 but keep PS3

i don't mind the PS4 being released as long as sony keeps making games for the PS3. i bought my PS3 in 2008 and i still love playing it. i don't see anything wrong with the graphics and i only had to replace it once (lol). sony will get more profit if they make games for both councils and by lowering the price for the PS3 by at least $50.

Ps4 games on ps3

i dont really care, as long as i can play ps4 games with my ps3, i am not going to buy another console. if it's not compatible, i am against the ps4

i bet you were against the

i bet you were against the PS3 when it came out as well we all know how its going to work... the PS4 will come out and will support PS1 but not PS2 or PS3.... they'll offer Linux support then take it away 2 weeks later its a cycle only this time i hope Sony gets the leg up on Microsoft so Microsoft is the one who's trying to play ketchup XD dont get me wrong Gears of war and Halo are good games... but right now the only thing Xbox has going for it is Halo 4.... hopefully the tables will turn in favor of the PS4


Well if ps4 really is coming out 2012 then sony should work on its platform, its graphix, it's cost, dependability and other things to beat its competators in the market oh and if ps4 comes out you know what ps4 should have a ps4 game back up utility incase something happens to the disc atleast its backed up in its system if you know what i mean then again psn really did come up with a best way to buy and save money in the ps store good job weldone sony keep it up we love the playstation 3 even though other people dont

Dear Anon

I would just like to thank you for typing at a skill level higher than that of an 10 year old. Actually typing like a smart, clever human being is very rare to see now a days. You have restored my faith in humanity.

Ps3 wiIl stay!!!

Guys just look at ps2 they still sell the actual console and games it has been out for over ten years and lets face it no we don't really need ps4 but I am sticking with ps3 because it is a great console and I love the games they sell like mw2 and there will be nothing really different besides less lagging and glitches


So, from what you just said, you believe that the PS4 will fix 2 of the most world wide known frustrations of all consoles and PC's or at least do a better job of coping with it... And you still would not want it, even if those were the only real alterations. That means you can transfer all your game data, play all of your PS3 games and even continue to use your PSN account on it but all it would do is make your gaming experience better. And you wouldn't want it. Sounds crazy to me.

it shall stay

i think it will stay just like i still play the ps2 and the ps3


ps3 will still be popular

How It Should Go

The absolute best possible thing the PS4 can do is wait until they know the release date of the XBOX 720. To release it before Microsoft would give Sony the jump on the market or if they release it at the same time, neither has a time advantage. The next is to have it do something that no other system can. PS3 had Blue-Ray which was advertised huge amounts and rubbed in Nintendo's and Microsoft's face. My thoughts are have a built in HD PVR but anything will really do. Finally is the top games. Microsoft has the CoD series in their pocket with HALO strictly for them. Sony has Battlefield (Much better than CoD but that is an opinion) Assasins Creed, Socom and the FF series. How ever, making DLC's exclusive for Sony for a month like XBOX is the most important thing. I am really pissed about Skyrim... Anyways. With all of that said, if Sony completely f*cks up with timing, uniqueness and gaming importance while the XBOX 720 does it right AND has free online, I might grab an XBOX Sincerely Zalamance


I think it will be 500, because Iknow a ton of people with a 500$ budget for one electronic item. I will only buy it if it is 500$ or less.


i think itd aready be on the market. so they can get people all hyped up for christmas and stuff, besides... new cod coming out.. ps3 aint dead

Might have PS4

PS3 is so much better than the Xbox 360.I had my PS3 for 4 years, I might sell my PS3 for a PS4 if anybody plays it :/

PS4 will burn our eyes in 4k special tv ps3 long life pls!

i hate ps4 ps3 is so great that i love it ps4 will need special 4k tv inorder to watch ps4 no used games if you want to play a game u need to be online no more single player games no backward compatible while ps3 can be ps2bc i want ps3 to stay for long time and develops games for not 10 year cycle but for more then 10 years ps3 still have not reached his limits !

Absolutely wrong.

No people will not need a 4k TV to play PS4 games. Basically 4K could end up being an option on the PS4 settings, just like PS3 can have it's settings changed between 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. This is exactly like a modern PC, modern GPUs allow for games to be rendered at level above 4k in some cases for multi monitor gaming. Basically you've taken all the rumours, believed them and put your own beliefs in about the whole 4K thing. No official statements have come from Sony about the capabilities of PS4. To allow for Backwards Compatibility is not hard, all Sony has to do is include the chip sets from PS3 in the PS4's design. Even if the core processing technology of PS4 doesn't allow for the PS3's cell based games to be processed that doesn't stop sony from including the RSX and Cell in some form (probably a System on Chip, with the ram, cpu and gpu from PS3 in that design, otherwise just those components in shrunken down form, embedded into PS4's motherboard). Basically if that tech is included full Backwards compatibility with PS3 games should be a given. As far as PS3 not reaching it's limit, simply put, it has. Games like The Last of Us, God Of War 4, Beyond 2 Souls and also the Kara Demo by Quantic Dreams have pushed the limits of the consoles capabilities. Very few games come at full native 1080p on current gen consoles, because the hardware can't handle that resolution and when that resolution is achieved frame rates suffer, we also see very little in the way AA and AF. Even cheap hardware, like the rumoured A8-3850 paired in crossfire with the HD 6670 are more capable than PS3 is. Many games have been released at sub 720p, because the PS3's hardware can't handle more (same goes for Xbox 360). Wii U will have a modern IBM cell processor and a HD 7770 for it's GPU, it's modern archetecture (relative to what's in current consoles) will be far more powerful than PS3 and Xbox 360. As a result of the U's newer tech it can handle a game like Assasin's Creed 3 at full 1080p with frames rates of 60FPS and pretty decent levels of AA and other graphical effects on a level that Xbox 360 and PS3 can't hope to achieve. BTW anyone thinking PS4 and Xbox 720 are going to be expensive needs to think again. MS and Sony buy parts at a fraction of what they retail for. An AMD cpu like a 6 core FX 6200 is only £105.99 and a 2GB HD 7770 is £129.99 (capable of 4k and 2k for eyefinity or 1080p with reasonable frame rates and graphical effects). Sony can probably buy those for half that, considering how much Amazon probably buys them for, Sony and MS will make AMD more of a profit through the bulk selling of consoles. It's now looking like Sony could release a PS4 for £250 to £300 and release a killer machine, with anywhere from 6+ the power of PS3, now tell me that PS3's limits aren't holding back what game developers can achieve if they have the hardware to use. As it stands games are modeled at levels that have to be downgraded so that current consoles can handle the code, the chipset from a HD 7770 is the least Sony and Microsoft should be aiming too use in their next gen machines, if they go to 7870 and above we're looking at over 12 times the power of a PS3 in the PS4. 7770 seems the likely candidate for Xbox 720, given the effort MS has gone to to tear down rumours of 6 times the power of 360 for it's next gen. Rumours for PS4 have put it as now potentially having an APU with the chipset from the HD 7950, downgraded to 1.8 TFlops, then paired with another external chip from the 7970, if that's true then comparing PS4 to PS3 will be like comparing a PS3 to a PS2. You and others may say "well better graphics are all well and good, but there won't be any other benefits" this line of thinking is bull, as greater power (in CPU for starters) will allow for more intelligent NPCs, faster loading times (newer ram and higher, faster levels of Cache help with that too), a better GPU will allow for bigger environments, more characters on screen, better frame rates (which will make for a more enjoyable experience), seriously anyone that tells me games freezing up on their PS3 or major slow down hasn't effected how much you've enjoyed playing a game is lying. You may not care if slow down happens once in a while, but when PS3 is pushed to it's limits this is what you can expect and those limits have been pushed almost to breaking point. Less or zero screen tearing and reduced or completely removed pop up (it still happens in some PS3 games). A faster Bluray drive means faster loading, which coupled together with the obvious improvements in RAM amounts and better ram tech could actually remove loading times altogether. A built in SSD alongside a traditional HDD could allow for faster access to the OS, storing of previous game saves, faster saving on the fly. All of this is without knowing exactly what will be in PS4 tech wise, but baring in mind what SSDs, faster disc drives and standard hard drives, faster and more powerful CPUs, faster motherboards, faster ram all does for a new PC we can get an idea of what benefits PS4 will have over PS3 and judging by how much entry level PC tech costs it seems likely that PS4 could be relatively cheap and not much of a higher cost compaired to PS3's price now, far cheaper than PS3's release price, even with a modern Bluray drive, SSD and everything else.

PS4 isn't going to be coming soon

How many people can actually afford a 4k x 2k resolution television. The majority don't even have 3d tv and even those that do have one don't even have enough to buy a high end version of that. When most people think of ps4's they are also thinking of buying a tv to support that kind of resolution. Plus Sony hasn't made enough money off the ps3 yet and sales aren't that great. Ps4 is probably going to be either really expensive or average in terms in cost but with crap parts. Plus the economy is really bad so to make an upscale version of the ps3 in this kind of economy is going to suck for them. Also, the ps4 is going to probably not have backwards compatibility and some sort of gamertag lock on the game so that only that console or account can play that game. This is going to upset a lot of people. Plus having backwards compatibility is going to be expensive for sony so they won't do that. Also, XBOX720 will most likely be a similar case.

Check your facts

-This is a good year for PS3 profits. Xbox 360 have been on the declined. I'm not sure what you mean by 4k x 2k. But it sound like you talking about a stronger HD. Don't buy it then PS4 will work on any TV good or bad so your argument is invalid. -A few years ago people couldn't afford to buy and HDTV now it becoming rapidity mainstream, schools are getting them, soon every house in America would have one. 3D-TVs time will come but it not gonna sell much in a downed world economy. -Crap parts? PS3 have better components then xbox. And most of the parts being use in PS4 may be cheaper already anyway (blu-ray, hard disk drive). So far people have mainly guess a $400-$700 price range. -PS3 slim is an cheaper upscale version of the first PS3... And ps4 is rumored to be 10x more powerful. -It's clear you're an orginal Xbox player. :) Most of us don't use the term "gamertag", we use "PSN ID". You been caught! Go back to Xbox720 site and never come back.

Re: PS4 isn't going to be coming soon.

The resolution thing means nothing, as the user below this comment said PS4 will work on any TV, just like PS3 could work on old CRTs with no HD, Sony won't limit their sales base like that. 3D TVs are quite cheap now, but again it doesn't matter if you don't have one because you'll still be able to play the games, PS4 will just give people more options in that regard. Sony has sold around 2 million less units of PS3s compared to Xbox 360 and the 360 came out a full year prior to PS3, Sony's done fine, PS3 has been profitable for quite a few years and TBH Sony and MS make their money on software sales, not the hardware at the start of the generation. PS4 could be released for less than Wii U, with the same specs, even with dual GPUs, using the current AMD A10 rumour, paired with something based around a HD 7850 it would likely meet the required specs to make a decent game, with high levels of IQ at 1920x1080p @ 30FPS, which requires about 10X PS3 performance, this would be on hardware that devs would love to work with, which would be a machine that Sony could easily release for a little loss at around $400, or $50 more than the 32GB Wii U Premium. Backwards compatibility could easily happen with a PS3 chipset being built into the hardware, just because rumours go on about x86 hardware that doesn't mean Sony can't come up with a solution to, considering that tech is cheap to make now your belief is entirely unsupported by aany shread of proof. The gamer lock thing is also not supported by any current facts, plus it actually makes no sense, the industry doesn't support this as being factually even likely, same as the always on hardware rumour, because broadband infrastructure has faults and people get power cuts in their homes, it's an entirely unreasonable thing to demand of your customers. Wii U is about 4 times the PS3 in power, with a funky tablet, yet sales are good, yes Nintendo are making a slight loss, but that's expected, same goes for PS4, Xbox 720 or any other company making games consoles in the forseeable future (reason I say other company is because there are rumours Samsung is interested, along with Apple in getting into the industry with a dedicated console each). Everything you've posted is only based on a small set of rumours, not the vast majority or any level of knowledge surrounding what a company like Sony pays for their parts that go into the console, compared to how much those things retail for. The idea that PS4 will have crap parts is also unfounded, many proven technologies from AMD (supposedly being the APU & possibly an additional GPU supplier to Sony), various other suppliers are going into PS4, Sony can make HDDs, Bluray for dirt cheap now, they can get good quality RAM from a company like Samsung or any one of a load of different suppliers, they can make cooling, PSUs & many other things themselves cheaply in-house. If a company liek Dell can make an Alienware with an i3 & GTX 640 for sale at a mark up of like $300 I think Sony can do better in a dedicated console where they're gonna be selling far more units, make a quality product that will appeal to people. Finally developers have already stated that they have games that will be ready in time for release before early January 2014, this means November next year is the likely release date for at least one of the next-nextgen consoles to be released, with another company following not long after. Expect official announcements from both Sony and Microsoft next E3, we've already seen what to expect with developers like Square Enix showing off their Agnis Philosophy tech demo, Epic has UE4, they showed features in 2011 with UE3 & their Samaritan demo, Lucasarts also had Star Wars 1313, which is actually a supposed game in development. I believe I read that Square Enix said they would have a working title at next E3, which was planned for none PC hardware, which all but states outright next gen consoles are the platform in question. All of this info is out there on the internet, if you do some actual research.

10 years+ is realistic.

But people!!! You have to remember that Ps2 lasted a good 2-3 years after the PS3 release. PS3 would probably (assuming PS4 is released in 2013) last till about the 2016-2018 time period.

Understanding what a console's lifecycle means.

When a games console maker releases their machine they state how long they think the console will be sold, have games released for & how long they will produce peripherals for the system, essentially that 10 years figure is for how long a company will support their product. It seems likely PS3 will exceed this timeline, because it's been such a success. Now the amount of time a console will have before the next generation comes in is an entirely different thing, usually it's based off of the length of the previous console's time being the most powerful machine that company has out, which is 6 years per each new Playstation, which PS3 will have exceeded by next November, by then PS3 will have been out for 7 years, that's about as long as any games console has been on the market before a newer, more advanced machine has come alongside it. Best thing for people is to understand the new machine isn't replacing the old one, it's just giving consumers the latest tech, software for more choice, but it's not an indicator that the current console will be will be dropped. People need to chill about this. If they want to wait then start saving and buy the PS4 2 years or so years after it's been released, you'll probably get it at a reduced price over the release price and likely with a few games for the cost of the machine at release. Happy Gaming!! :D

even if ps4 comes

even if ps4 comes there won't be a huge difference because ps3 is a very good console and the games won't change the resolution but the difference will be in the shape, size, GBs, controller, and other things.

Re: even if PS4 comes

PS3 uses 6-7 year old technology, many PS3 games are in 720p, they have little in the way of effects & frame rates are barely targetted at 30 FPS. The level of detail in console games for this generation can be drastically improved, PS3 & Xbox 360 don't have any games that look remotely close to even the original Crysis running with the highest PC level textures let alone graphics on the level of maxed out Crysis 3 or other developers most recent game engine demos. Worst case scenario PS4 has hardware capable of running Samaritan level Unreal Engine 3 graphics at 720p 30FPS with full effects on. There's no way PS3 or Xbox 360 could handle even the lowest settings of UE4's Elemental demo at 720p, frame rates would slow to a crawl and likely be totally unplayable on those consoles. Next gen playstation will most definitely, massively improve the image quality of games over current graphics, the same goes for the next Xbox. Even in a game like Battlefield 3 we have to put up with sub HD native resolutions, very low levels of AA and pretty much no other modern effects, frame rates regularly drop below 30FPS in that game on PS3 & Xbox 360 and it's not even in 720p. Even a PC with an A10-5800k AMD APU can handle BF3 at 1080p with low settings with around 30FPS, that's a game that's not optimized for that specific hardware (it can't be optimized for specific hardware because of the inherent differences in the components each PC has), PS4 will have something more powerful than that & games will be optimized to run on it, but even a PS4 with the A10-5800k could probably run BF3 on medium to ultra settings at 30FPS, which looks much better than the sub hd, low levels of effects we're currently seeing on our current gen consoles. 1st party games on PS4 will make the likes of Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, The Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls look like PS2 games compared to PS3 games. Anyone that believes PS4 games won't look a lot better than PS3 ones is clearly ignorant of just what is possible even with cheap PC style parts.

This is bad...

-You know Gaming society is bad if people are just gonna focus on the graphic parts of a machine -So you´re saying that graphics and Frames Per Second is all that matters to say that a game is good, to my opinion only First-Person games should surpass 30 FPS, there´s no NEED for more with other type of games (believe me, I have an Intel HD card in my PC and I play games fine at 20-25 FPS)

ps3 or ps4

sticking with the ps3 it works quite fine and not looking forward to the insane price of the ps4!