The PS3 – Will it Stay or Will it Go?

The console wars are here to stay it seems. And with the introduction of motion controllers over the past year or so, it has only intensified. As such, many are looking months down the road to see what’s coming around the bend next. For Playstation fans, that means the Playstation 4.

As much as we don’t like it, every 5 or 6 years our favorite console becomes virtually obsolete. Bigger and better things are always being created in the world of video game development and new hardware has to be made available to the masses in order to simply keep up. The PS3 debuted in 2006, and now the PlayStation 4 is set to hit in 2013, ushering in a new age of PlayStation hardware.

Untapped Potential
But should it? There are many, both developers and users alike, that say the PS3 still has yet to realize its potential. Without going into all the gory details, many laud the PS3’s graphics over the competition and say that it has the ability to do much, much more. Do we really need a new Playstation?

The PS3, despite its many accolades, remains in third place behind the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. Therefore, many will say that the representation of the PS3’s abilities by its fans is merely sour grapes from a fan base smaller than the competition’s. While the “us vs. them” exclusivity may be a factor, there is something to what these people are saying. The PS3 is a truly great machine. It hasn’t suffered because of its abilities, but because of other factors.

First, there’s the price tag. Sure, it’s come down over the past few years, but Sony is holding onto that $300 price tag – which is $100 more than the 360 or Wii. So during the Christmas shopping season, many will take one look at the price difference and opt for the cheaper console. Second, there are still millions of PS2s used every day. While this is a testament to another great console built by Sony, it does hurt PS3 sales. I alone know that many of my friends still cling to their PS2s and proudly play them often. They should upgrade with the rest of us, but they are still clinging to those old machines. Unfortunately, the PS3 only has limited backwards compatibility and that’s just another reason why these holdouts persist for now.

From Sony’s perspective, you know it’s all about the bottom line. While it’s great that critics may say you have the best console, it does you no good unless you have the sales to back that up. It’s kind of like those art house movies that win at the Oscars every year. Yeah, it’s great that everyone loves you, but no one saw your movie. Yippee. So therefore, you know that Sony has had a plan for years regarding the PS4, the PS5, and even the PS6. No matter how well the PS3 did there would be a PS4 coming down the pike 5 or 6 years later – that’s how game development works and that’s how business works. In order to stay alive, your business has to always be moving forward with new and exciting products.

The PS3 – Will it Stay or Will it Go?It's Coming...But When?
But will there be a demand for the PS4 in 2013? I think the success or failure of the PS4 depends mostly upon timing and impact. Sony’s prior successes largely had to do with how its consoles matched up with the competition. The PS2 debuted before the Xbox and Gamecube, allowing Sony to establish a solid base of customers playing the newest, coolest machine with the best games – and the PS2 could keep up with both the Xbox and Gamecube when they came out. So if past success is any indication of future success, look for the PS4 to hit the market before the Xbox One. Sony missed the mark with the release date of the PS3 (it came out after the 360 and the Move came out after the Wii), so I wouldn’t look for them to make that mistake again.

All in all, I expect Sony to capitalize on the success they had with the PS2 and use that model for the debut of the PS4. If they can get it developed and ready before their competitors know what hit them, they can once again make themselves the hot new thing thanks to features like the Share button, online streaming and the focus on social activity. While it’s easy to be cynical and say Sony can't regain the top spot, I’m excited to see what Sony can do with the new technology that I’m sure is coming across their desks.

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knowing from past references. it'll be like the ps3 about 400$

PS3 to PS4 transiton is fine

i do have to admit right now is ps3s moment to get bigger on the market so it is at its prime i think that the ps4 should come out at 2014 or 15 giving them time to make it as good as they can at a decent price and in all else i am looking forward to the ps4 and i don't mind paying for it if it is just under 500 dollars

should be backward compatibility....

Ps4 will be more appealing in the market if it will be backward compatible with ps3 and or much better ps2 games as well.. Sony should consider that with years in gaming industry, millions have already developed library of games, ps1 to ps3..and consoles have been piling up already on media room, need to do something about this... PS4, if backward compatible, will be for sure a great beast that will alarm the competitors.

Sony will not allow ps3 bc and ps3 is not a failure !

Even if Ps4 or Ps Orbis is released it will be the last generation console and then consoles will die because we cant afford new consoles every time,what do you want a Ps 1000 you will not live to see one,so my point is that the Ps3 can give you everything,realistic graphics,3d and even 3d gameplay just like Ps4 will,but they don't want to use 3d in gaming on the Ps3 because they are saving this idea for the Ps4 because Sony is out of ideas for their next and final console so Ps3 can give you everything you will need in gaming,i don't know about cloud gaming but Ps3 can also do this,so for me Ps3 is not a failure.

What's all this nonsense.

Consoles aren't going anywhere, same as PCs aren't, newer technology comes out all of the time bettering the last generation, we're by no means at a level of internet infrastructure to replace a home based console with a set of servers processing far away from your TV. PS3's been a success, absolutely, I mean almost 70 millions units sold, very close to the Xbox 360 even though the 360 was released roughly one year prior to PS3's release. Current gen games consoles are tapped out, they barely do 720p & image quality can be drastically improved. I don't think I'd call what we have in PS3 (& I've been gaming on mine from the day after it was released, so I'm fully aware of what the system's been capable of) realistic, not compared to what current hardware is capable of (watch tech demos like Star Wars 1313 from this year's E3 or the latest unreal demos, PS3 can in no way produce those level of images). Nobody knows what things Sony could have developed behind closed doors, so to say Sony's out of ideas, new concepts for newer technologies that improve the gaming experience are being invented all of the time. We've not have the full HD experience on consoles yet. Games made with up to date game engines that can't be streamed or run on anything lower than a high end, single GPU gaming PC, with 2012 tech are planned to work with PS4 & Xbox 720. PS3 has been out for 6 years this month, it's power's been tapped, all developers can do is release the same levels of image quality, stressing the hardware with low 720p (in many cases sub 720p), with little or no antialising & nothing in the way of modern effects. Things like AI can be much improved, the overall experience can too, with faster frame rates (we're lucky to get 20-30FPS in games that are programmed to the best of a developer like ND's experience). Putting the best PS3 & Xbox 360 games side by side with full image quality, full 1920x1080 60FPS Crysis 3 on a mid level PC shows how a game that's not even optimized to run on the hardware can far exceed anything on the current HD consoles can do even when those systems are progammed the best way they possibly can be. Come next E3 the leap the next gen consoles (720/Durango & PS4/Orbis) this will be obvious. 360 & PS3 have run their course, whilst they've been good games machines, they have been exceeded, as will always happen. Precisely because consoles off a different kind of experience (with 1st party titles), because even if the broadband infrastructure was in place it can always be disrupted with line failures, servers can go down, which would annoy the hell out of gamers dependant on a constant, decent grade connection, physical media still holds it's appeal. Without powerful enough hardware in the home the latest level games simply work work if the remote servers fail or other unforseen things affect the experience. While cloud gaming may provide an alternative, we're no where near the point where consoles or PCs will be replaced. All that will provide is more choice, with people continuing to fall back to their next console, because it will still provide the desired experience.


I agree, 150% with everything you said. We need new consoles as soon as possible, FryCry 3 looks like garbage on the current-gen consoles. I'm starting to want to stay away from games that go for a realistic look on consoles, do to the fact that they look disgusting, with (sub 720p) (no AA) (15-20-30FPS at the most) and ( almost nonstop screen tearing), the list goes on and on.

im keeping my ps3

wait till '14 or 15. '13 is waaaaaaaay to soon sony.


PS3 was released in 2006!!! '13 too early???? For real?? Not soon enough to me......


On my opinion ps4 wil b $100-$200 most people in the world r poor and homeless and lost of job(s) this is y it's the great depression 2

I have a ?

Will ps3 and ps4 be able to play online with each other

Re: ps3 and ps4

According to the PSN (play station networking) all Sony Devices should be able to contact with each other via the PSN. Just like all IOS devices can connect on itunes or something like that. THerefore, I am pretty convinced that PS3 and PS4 will be able to connect and play with each other. There is one issue though. The Games. If you were playing Battle Field 3 or Black Ops 2, you're not so sure that the game will come out when the ps4 is released. Appareantly, I am using an Xbox 360 slim, Ive researched alot about getting a Sony Playstation because the PSN is free. However I am still concerned how long will I have to wait for new games such as BattleField or Black Ops 2 to be available on ps4, or will they just promote random sh*t like Kinect or Eden? The answer to be confirmed in the future... contact me a if you have any concerns.

Don't worry u can buy ps4 made in china :P

Tha good and bad news in the same time uz that mean if ps3 game stop from releasing we will force to buy ps4 and that bad people are worry about the price of the ps4 and it games $_$ I'm sure Microsoft manager got heart attack when he hear the NEWs x_x

I just brought the ps3 now ps4 is coming out?crap !




yea true

bought a xbox360 few months and now xbox one comes at +500$! damnit ps4 and xbox one! they are not that cool i see that its the same graphic but ps4 abit better only!

PS3 + PS4

Alright, I'll be honest here. While the PS4 may be the most 'amazing console Sony has ever created', many PS3 players will still stick to their console. Judging by the amount of new game exclusives coming to the PS4, will the PS3 still stand a chance? Perhaps. Knowing many gamers though, either the price of the PS4 will be out the roof (perhaps around $200-$400), or maybe cheaper, although probably not. Game-wise, if the many of the gaming content created for the PS4 cannot be playable to the PS3, that will be posing problems for PS3 lovers. Hopefully Sony is nice enough to have games for the PS4 made for the PS3 to. It'll be a pretty good idea too, considereing that if many old PS3 lovers still stick to their console, Sony will still be able to profit off the PS3 with new content being released for the PS4. Other than that, I'm pretty sure that Sony will still market off content for the PS3 for a number of years. After all, the console has been out for several years and has been popular with millons of gamers worldwide.

is the future!

This is the future ladies and gentlemen, many of you are concerned about the price of the new console $ 500 or $ 429 is a great price for all the new features q Sony unveiled the latest console costs A $ 200 to $ 350 for $ 100 or $ 200 more ofcourse it would pay for new and more powerful hardware speed new hd resolution i guess i dont no about you guys but i will take the advantage of this and make a jump to the future, high hardware cost ends so dont cry for Apple and other companies it do the when They came out same with new equipment especially if you have more advanced hardware

ps network price

I love the fact ps network is still going to be free, I wont even buy xbox because you have to pay for xbox live. I think thats stupid we already pay for internet and they make money off of the games and downloads accessories and a lot more there is no need to charge for online play

Umm what!

PS4 Announced during E3 that they are requiring you to have PS+ Subscription to play online gaming and get most recent updates.

Sony Playstation 4

Hi there I have had ps3 for a very long time 80gb did have the first 60gb but it went yellowed on me then after that about 2 months no network so went with Xbox 360 I really don't like Xbox its stile everything after back online with network access ps3 was back like a bullet so to here ps4 and watched the event on website I was pleased with joy on how the console will work but like everyone knows there can only be 1 console you enjoy the most of and mine is ps3 and ps4 I have infinity so my broadband is super fast download it took to download battlefield 3 + premium content about 15gb 1 min I have 160mb sec u can chose once u are with bt they will offer 38mb or 76mb on website once u have 1 of them u can go for any mb sec download I love them he he my email ad is ps3 id stephen1baker love the love


I was just about to buy the PS3 until I heard on FB that the PS4 was going to come out soon, so now I don't know whether or not to go ahead and buy the PS3 or wait fro the PS4.... I guess I'll just have to hear how much the PS4 is going to cost me.... If I could play PS3 games on the PS4 then I will probably go with the PS4 but we will see.....

PS4 come out -__-???

If they still making PS3 games, there are no reasons to make a new PS4

PS4 december 2013

people will buy it, thats a reason.

For those that don't switch to PS4 immediately.

Not everyone will switch so fast, and they'll still want some support on their current console. Many games will be on both platforms for that reason.

WTF PS4 come out -__-???

If they still making PS3 games, there are no reasons to make a new PS4

ps4 just needs to come quick

I bought my ps3 in 2006 and really after 7 years I'm acualy starting to wonder when the ps4 is coming... I believe ps1-3 games will work on the ps4 where as my ps3 didn't want to play crash so all I can do is hope... Really want to be able to play it again... Ps4 hurry up

I dont want PS4

I just buy brand new ps3.And now ps4 gonna come.No, just NO. NO 4 PS4 !


What for? I mean come on man. If they are still making games for PS3, and those games are also available for PS4, then why bother? If it is about graphic and gpu wise, PS3 again still has absolete potential. I don't see PS4 as the elder brother to PS3, but more like it's twin brother, but on Nike Air shoes, while PS3 is on Nike shoes.

Black ops 2

Why did so many PS3's break Because of blackops2 , Maybe it just pushed it to far with its graphics or maybe they deliberately coded it to break them to sell more PS3's.

Same thing happened to me

The day black ops 2 came out, my ps3 stopped working, and i bought a new one at Fry's Electronics, i had a warrenty and to get a replacment it only cost me 80 bucks and i got assassins creed 3 for free

I never had a problem with Blackops 2

My PS3 never had a problem with black ops 2, and by the way BO2 was nowhere near over the top graphics. You clearly have not seen good graphics before, COD is the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER again with no real progression. Hell a Wii game called Final Fantasy The Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers had far better graphics than any COD game.

Im rikc james biotch

Why so many cry babys????.. EASY.. Buy it Or dont buy it. SIMPPPLEEE.. Cant wait

Look what I've just found

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