PS4 Concept by Darpan Aero


Love this PS4 concept

This is one of my favorite PS4 concepts. I hope Sony really takes the design to the next level.


I have to say, while I don't mind the concept drawing of the system itself, that controller design looks terrible. It's way too wide where your hands would be holding it, which would make using the analog sticks a chore.

the controller is to wide it

the controller is to wide it should be like the ps3 controller
but in white i like the system it self is really good.

i like it

i hope sony chooses something similar to that design(except for the controller) because it is really good, and I dont want a peice of sheite made of glass with a ball in the middle like everyone says its gonna be.

ps4 comment

i love the ps4 is looks clean but not so much to the controller that would be a problem for me.

i like it but some peole think it is to much

people mite not by to ps4 because it is a lot and some people just mite buy it but they mite have to pay of there mom and dad by doing chores around the house and they wont be able to play it as much an get mad and take it back and than no mare play station 4.

Ps4 concept.

This design is the future:)


Dont make a new one then you just have to buy the new one to stay uptodate
then you have to buy all new games and ti relly expensive please DONT MAKE A NEW ONE PLEASE!
I not an XBOX fan please dont make a 720 XBOX PLEASE!

thats it the gamer

this the concept u want to use this is a sick looken playstation 4 the contr
ollers r perfect those wont be difficult to play with

i disagree

i think they have a good thing goin with the the design they have and as the saying goes if it isnt broke dont fix it


i really like this concept drawing its sleek design looks marvalous. i like the controllers just think they need sum tweaking a bit!!

ps4 design

i really like the design its sleek and futuristic. the controller is nice but it would be better if it was closer to the ps3 style that everyone is use to.


Wow i love the design the please Sony sort out the Controller it's too wide for my liking and can some please tell me when PS4 is coming out?

Darpan designs

I love this ps4 concept lets hope it becomes a reallity.
Sony release the ps4 soon!! we are all ready next gen graphics and game play.While i wait for the release date to roll around i'll save up a few bucks.


I like it and it's realistic as well

not sure

I doubt they want to make the new one even uglier than the previous one.

Great design

I think that the design is very interesting...gamers are seeing something totally different from the previous prototypes but the controller would have been better if it was either a cousin to the ps3 one or an amelioration to it .I don't think that going back into the past is a good idea but overall ,this is a great design,I would totally buy the console if this design was chosen .

good design but...

remote is really bad they should have something similar to dual shock 3 or vita and not have that crazy grip. also the color seems odd as sony kind of is the matte black crew and albino seems weird.