Do you think the PS4 will have backwards compatibility for PS3 games?


They also better have

They also better have backwards compatibility for PS1 & PS2


I got like 27 PS2 - games
& 8 PS3 - games...

So, I Agree with you a 100% Man. :D

Of course it should :D

I agree completely as well that the PS4 had better have PS1/PS2/PS3 backwards compatibility. If it's expensive and comes out without any backwards compatibly at all, your're not going to have much money left over to buy any of the new expensive PS4 games as well..So what'd be the point in having an expensive PS4 that you can't play anything with? Sure, it might have a one game bundle with it, but only being able to play that until you can afford another game too...It really isn't worth it as much as if you could just play all your favorite PS1/PS2/PS3 games as well until you can afford all the expensive PS4 games too.

Also, the PS4 should be region-unlocked. Meaning, you can play japanese and american ( or any region ) PS1/PS2/PS3/PS4 games as well on just one system.
...You know how many people try to hack their systems to play games their system wasn't region coded for? It's really great that the PS3 is region-free and all, but only for PS3 games...I think that the PS4 should keep this tradition of the PS3, and take it one step even further, by being able to play any PS1/PS2 game, and not having to worry about it being region coded if it's going to have backwards compatibility.

*Please note I'm not talking about burned games...but legitimate games that were paid for...

Just my thoughts. ^_^


Yes I agree that I'd really consider my choice in systems if not compatibility was not included in ps4 because I've invested a lot into playstation over the years, I have at least a full PlayStation 3 box full of ps1& s2 games I've purchased all new. I've make the time too play every day and if miss a day I've made up for it on other days. Some days I've sat and played sixteen hours to make the time up.

Ps3 must be played on Ps4

I have played Ps3 since it came out if it were to break i want to play those games on the Ps4. It MUST be compatible.

I totally agree with this

I totally agree with this statement because PS3s are going to start and break so all people would want to play PS3 games on the PS4...

I would hope so

As someone who is currently considering switching over to the Playstation franchise, I would hope that the PS4 could play PS3 games. There are games for the PS3 that I want to play, but since the PS4 would be coming out in a year or so I don't particularly want to buy the PS3.

If it doesn't have backwards compatibility to at least the PS3, I'm not so sure I would buy it. I realize this isn't really a concern for most people, however.


it aught to be backwards compatible with ALL systems (unless of course there going to republish all those game and offer discounts if you trade in an old game for a newer version of it which I’d be happy with)

The ps4 is having blu-ray

The ps4 is having blu-ray like the ps3 so maybe and maybe it may even be able to play xbox 720 games because thats blu-ray too,that would be so cool.

No PS4 won't play the next Xbox's games

There's more to the console than the type of disc drive it has.

There will be differences in the CPU, GPU & RAM that will prevent PS4 from playing Xbox games & vice verse.

Current rumors have said the PS4 may have a Bulldozer based CPU, where as Xbox has been linked to having a Jaguar one.
The architecture will likely be tweaked & thus make it impossible for PS4 to use the same code as Xbox processes.

No this gen will be no different to previous ones, with two separate games companies, with their own games.
Even with both Sony & Microsoft using the same company for their CPUs, the same optical disc drives the architectural differences in each console means that playing the Xbox's games on PS4 isn't happening, nor will Xbox be able to play PS4 games.


I feel if it too is blue ray - then yes only PS3 compatible - but can't be PS2 compatible due to the same problem with PS3 to PS2.
Would be awesome to have it at least PS3 compatible!


I would say have the PS3 games playable on the Ps4.
That's all that's out there these days.