PS4 Concept Design – PS4 REACT

The PS4 Concept REACT is a prototype PS4 design by concept designer Darpan. Check out some of his other PS4 Concept Designs as well.

PS4 Concept "REACT" - Console + Controller
PS4 Concept Design REACT

PS4 Background - Download - Make it your desktop wallpaper!

PS4 Concept "REACT" - Touch Screen - Biometric - Motion Sensor
PS4 Concept Design REACT

PS4 Background - Download - Make it your desktop wallpaper!

PS4 Concept "REACT" - Interlinked Dual Console + Controller
PS4 Concept Design REACT

PS4 Background - Download - Make it your desktop wallpaper!

Controller New Features:

  • Motion Sensor with Touchscreen Interface
  • Biometric lock matched to single or multiple users for custom settings and security
  • See potential PS4 Specs

All PS4 concepts created by Darpan, a talented graphic designer and science student from India. This is some of his best work yet. View his portfolio here:

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Love this PS4 Design

May I have one please?!? Billions of dollars are on the line. Sony will step it up with the PS4, they have to.



O_O ......EPIC!

That looks so extremly sexy! XP~~~~ But the controlers could be better tho. :/


Although this design is obviously not practical, you can't but admire the artwork. Great concept design :)

So Sexy

I want to make love to it, great Design guys!


the colours, and effects are good. but console and controller design sucks! too much inspiration from the Wii U. the controller looks like Wii U but with driving accessory style.


I'm sorry but Sony? You fail... Better design for Consol and controllers look a bit spastic, Keep to origional design of controller! Look how the Banana controller worked out for PS3 - nowhere to be seen!

you fail

it is not sony design, read next time.


Ugly, sorry but it looks like a cheap china styled-design ... Gbah ...

they need to do the following

1: make the PS vita the controler 2: give it a desktop Hard drive, so i can have 2TB instead of 320GB... 3: water cooling system 4: backwards compatability 5: give it fans so they cool the system AND make the system levitate while playing, i don't wanna buy a stand to help cooling... 6: more USB ports 7: no power brick, keep[ the ps3 cable for power 8: the contoler needs a screne, so when i need to take a dump i can hit a button and my game is in my hands, not the TV. 9: include a free ps1/2/3 game with the console 10: make it customisable from the Sony website (custom colours)\ 11: screw copying microsoft's connect, i don't wanna jump around my living room like an idiot 12: free online play 13: allow it to play games just plugged in/ include a cable to work in a car (see point 8) 14: 'mess up' and let it play Xbox and Xbox 360 games ;) just to mess with Microsoft 15: give it more than 1 prosesser, 5 cell processers will insure a 20 year lifespan... 16: allow it 2 have TO hard drives, imagin 2, 2TB hard drives, 4TB, you will never run out of space 17: 3D 18: have the slim project the image, screw the TV 19: have it expensive, i don't wanna be playing 5 YOs'd on COD or Battlefield 20: keep the XMB, but add cross game chat, people are to lasy to use a phone... yes, high expectations... and no, i won't buy a 11grand gaming computer, but a 1grand ps4 sounds good...

you are an idiot

if you are going to attempt at influencing designers with your 'demands', at least have some constructive feedback. at this stage of the design process, the designers are concerned about its aesthetics more so than performance hardware. technology will constantly be capable of updating/upgrading. whats important here is the concept. the concept is what people are going to see. more often than not, the original design rarely is what the first concept looks like. testing and fine tuning produces as sleek and appropriate design aesthetic. it should be innovative, functionable, and beautiful, and affordable. that is design. your grammar sucks and your input will most likely be overlooked since you are a complete idiot

Dude Seriously

looks like someones overreacting too much

wow!!! c:

cool artwork but i love&dont like 1st the coulors are awesome & the look looks too big to some people so better change and imagin this effect coulours on dualshock controller that would be epic!!!!


How much is the ps4 when can we start reserving it?


Maybe we can make the controller a little bigger, but let's try to keep it away from X-BOX, don't want them hopping on our cases saying we copied them. But if we had a controller that was bigger hence giving us more power to run a sreen then a small screen would be nice so when we have to lets say take the doomper we can pause it on the run, or heck even keep playing on the miniture screen! Or if we have to turn it off on the fly we can run down stairs and keep turning it off.

what the the not good for

what the the not good for gamer like me keep the original controller its more better.

console and controller

what the the not good for gamer like me keep the original controller its more better.

why do we want slow 5,400 rpm hdd

hi there why do we want 2 2 tb hdd at 5,400 rpm thats why i play wii or 4 gb ssd xbox 360 what i want in next geration console are 4 1 tb 10,000 rom voloci-raprtos in a raid 4 thats 40,000 rpm hdds at 1 terayte storage 10,000 rpms


1 terabyte HDD at 7200 RPM with a 16 gb or 32 gb in built micro sd card as a hybrid would be pretty good IMO. 32gb Micro SD can be bought for about £11.00 and 1 terabyte HDD is about £65.00 on amazon, this would probably be considerably less for Sony to bulk buy for millions of PS4s. The potential gains in speed for getting to OS, downloading, installing updates, saving and loading games over a straight HDD are pretty massive at a relatively low cost, probably less than the HDD that the launch PS3 had A 4TB HDD would be too much for a console, like thousands for that set-up. If Sony wanted ultra fast memory storage then they could go smaller, with a 120gb SSD, even this can be had for about seventy five quid, that may seem a bit small, but if you're just using it for game saves and stuff it's not bad for just a gaming system. IMO the 1tb HDD and micro sd option is best for a media playing game console.


If Sony ever changes the controller ill kick every dog i c in the street.......Please save the dogs

Re: Controller

As long as it feels similar to the standard controller in the hand it wouldn't matter if they add some new functionality IMO. Personally I wouldn't mind a controller that can split in two to become a move style unit (I doubt Sony will drop motion gaming in their next playstation). If PS4's linkable to an Android tablet Sony could release a playstation branded tablet or play up PS Vita as a screen controller to take some wind out of Wii's sails and maybe arrange for retailers to bundle the PS4 with Vita for a deal price, then they'll probably shift quite a few vitas when PS4 releases. Many people have android tablets so they'd have a userbase for tablet connected games for the new console. I've been interested in buying Vita, but I've been waiting to see if it drops in price and has some more games released for it. If I could play PS4 games on the move that'd be cool.

likes and dislikes

well first off i really like the design and the touch screen on the console, I just dont like the new controller, but over all great design! I Would buy it instantly :D

i hAve can make way better designs then the second ps4

I like them all but not enough to buy. Sony has been slipping with designs for years now. And it seems it wnt change I'm tired of the rectangular style. And flat surface. Instead of few they should switch up to something else. The system changes but the controllers always stay the same. Tradition is good some times. I got an idea. Idea how bout a solar panels on controller and system, or multi disc changer. Plz plz plz get this right I wnt to have a excellent system before I become an adult. :( if u need any ideas Sony call me I vote tons just set up that are in hurd of. And genius I

Critics just stop!

this design in my opinion is needed! This is that futuristic them of console that will nock others out the park. for the simple fact that we haven't seen a touch screen console before and everthing else (tech wise) is. i think this is that leap we been waiting for!!! projectors can be a ad on of some sort

quad fussion hard drives

hi there use quad 3 terabyte fussion drive in a raid 4 with a read write speed between 1.2 gb/s too 1.6 gb/s

dont like it. controller

dont like it. controller looks to be too much like a wii attachment. keep the controller style basic and more like the old one. If your going to change it. make it more streamline or change surface texture for better grip. maybe add a touch screen attachment option. if it aint broke dont fix it. and the system looks like a wii knock off as well. Ive been a PS gamer as far back as the 90's i live and die by my PS3 and im looking forward to PSN breaking the mold with this new system. Sony in my mind sets the standard for real gamers and game systems. Lets hope they dont fall short and cave in. Im sure they wont let the fans down. But if they make it look like the wii or some wannabe Xbox id be seriously let down. Backwards compat would be awesome but unlikely. it kills the market. I like the cloud concept but love the disc based platform. i would miss the days of midnight release dates. Hanging with my friends to get the new COD or any other titles we look forward too. Its the feeling of holding what you have waited to get for so long. SONY please do right by your fans. the tech is out there to give each person a bit of what they want in the system. Remember you have people as young as 10 and as old as 50 plus using these things. Its a wide market to please but dont cave into the teen tween ankle bitter demo group that has no idea what quality is. They take new tech and make it the sole reason they exsist and have no idea why. its kind sad. sometime just sometimes a little of the old mixed with the new is a great idea.

I dont know if to like it or not

I love the look of it, although it looks to big for some people, might be a problem, but also there is no joy stick or up down left and right buttons, that people wil need, and if is on the screen then it will be awquard to play games properly, becuase your hand will be over the shape buttons, but you could make movemont and screen rotation, by for example lean the control forward, and your character moves forward, move the controller to the left, your character and camera will rotate left, move forward and rotate control left, your character moves forward and left, like moving diagonul. This control would be grate for racing.