PS4 Concept Design by Darpan

Incredible PS4 pics of a Concept Design by Darpan
New exclusive PS4 concept design, you saw it here first, enjoy!

With Stand - Black and White Controllers
PS4 Concept Design by Darpan A

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PS4 Concept Design by Darpan B

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Open and Without Stand Facing Right
PS4 Concept Design by Darpan C

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PS4 Concept Design by Darpan D

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All PS4 concepts created by Darpan, a talented graphic designer and science student from India. We are very proud of his work.

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Sony will have a cheaper version than Xbox next generation :)

cross game chat

the playstation 4 should really have cross game chat and music, plus some other stuff to buff it up to xbox. because the last thing sony wants to do is look like a copycat..


I say go with the design which offers the stand and transparent touch screen. Just looks right vs the other designs even this one.

Keep the brand.

They should keep the PS logo on everything it's the Brand of PlayStation the colorful PS

Please put mic in the system

Please put mic in the system or controller also i would lik to be able to copy my games to my system


the controller is strange i dont like it

unanimous vote

1 thing we can all agree on: Sony, lose the disc tray. no 1 wants dust 2 get in their playstation. gamers have more than enuff system hiccups... thank u very MUCH!

would b nice 2 have the ps4

would b nice 2 have the ps4 to stand up tho. as far as the console designs Sony's got up in the air, i'm confused about the 1 w/ the whole "transparensy" design. i realize we're well beyond cavemen days, technology-wise, 2 say the least, but... really? g whiz... when a ps5 is released, might as well b totally invisible & 'auto-play' 4 us. i'm only a fan of sarcasm when I'M the 1 using it. heh heh heh.

Last year I heard about the

Last year I heard about the ps4 but at that time it wasn't going to be released until 2014-2015 do to No current tv could play it.things changed but any one else hear about that