PS4 Controller Ergo DualShock

Introducing the PS4 Ergo DualShock Controller, a brilliant PS4 prototype Design by Industrial/Interaction designer Tamar Fleisher. A realistic controller that adapts to you and not the other way around.

PS4 Controller Concept "ERGO DUALSHOCK":
PS4 Controller

PS4 Controller Background - Download - Make it your desktop wallpaper!

PS4 Controller Concept "ERGO DUALSHOCK" Specs:
PS4 Controller

PS4 Controller Background - Download - Make it your desktop wallpaper!

PS4 Controller Concept "ERGO DUALSHOCK":

PS4 Controller

Controller New Features:

  • Adaptive/Rotating Grip
  • Touchscreen with interactive interface and special features for gaming
  • Back-lit Action buttons with new rubber finish
  • Soft touch bottom finish
  • Analog sticks with new and improved shape for grip

Tamar is an incredibly talented designer. Post your comments below and let her know of any ideas you have for the ultimate PS4 controller. You can visit her website at Check out some of her other amazing work:

PS3 Controller Dualshock Vortex Concept - by Tamar Fleisher:

PS3 Controller Concept DualShock Vortex

*Be sure to post your comments below!

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Love the controller

Love the new concept designs by Tamar guys! I hope she does more. That PS3 design she did is pretty awesome too. I hope Sony wakes up and takes the PS4 controller to the next level.

PS4 Controller by Tamar Fleisher

I can just see Sony official playstation designers looking at this and thinking, "Do you think we could pretend we thought of that first?"

I agree!

That would be hilarious!

Well, it's not bad, but I

Well, it's not bad, but I think Sony needs to come up with something more if it's going to keep up with it's competition. I mean, the next-gen Wii is going to have a freakin touch-screen tablet for it's controller while Sony has... a slightly more comfortable version of the PS2/PS3 controller?

i gotta agree

i think it needs somethin extra too. hell if u think about it they could make the controller like the new vita, itd be interesting at least. and not to be to picky but i want the controller black. its just more aesthetically pleasing >.>

Good Stuff

Like the Concept, would like to try it out and feel how well it works.

Like +

Like this controller.

controller ps4

this controller is off the charts. where can I buy one?

its only concept art

A dualshock4 controller hasn't even come out yet!


Has great potential. This could work.


Like + 10


as cool as it looks its a fake guys just type in dualshock vortex an you will see just how long ago this concept was let loose all thats happend here is some minor pic tweeking and a rename , an hey hate to say it but wake up and smell the coffe people when does any concept art look like the finished article were sony are concerned. i remember looking through opsm back in the day when they had all the possible concepts for the ps3 and its accesories and as great as some looked the actual ps3 itself shared no likeing to any concept published. YOUR BAKERY GOODS ARE WEAK OLD MAN


It's CONCEPT art. It's not advertised as real and it's not Sony endorsed. It's a talented designers idea of what the next generation controllers could be. And to be honest, it looks pretty awesome


no i agree it looks awesome would be great i was makeing a statement as it seems quite a few believe this is the real deal lol

PS4 Controller

If sony take that controller up it will be fairly big up on the price of the console with it and to buy a seperate one in shops if anything this would be he dualshock 4 and they'll release something like the six axis controller first

Not Gonna Happen

Sony Wont Change The Shape OF The Controller.. The Shape And Design In The PS's Controller Have Been Like That Since PS1 and I Dont Think They Will Change It Any Time SOON!


lol check out the DS4 now

Who cares

It doesn't matter if they change it or leave it. The Xbox controller is better by a lot.


It must be your preference because I can't stand the xbox controller its just too dam heavy and it doesn't feel good on my hands, and its actually harder to play with it

vortex flaws?????

so lets say the vortex controller is launched! the rotation on the control will be restricted too????? gaming is a serious thing sometimes and people get pretty caught up in the intense games, will it be able to rotate 360degrees and beyond or just 180degrees?????

Changes to new controller for PS4

Firstly the top controller woud just not be comfortable in the hands, not having a design without the full grip handles of the PS3, PS2 and PS1 designs. To be honest Sony has kept the same basic design for a couple of reasons since the original PS1 came out, one is that it's comfortable, fits nicely in the hands and finally the main reason that that basica layout hasn't really changed is due to financial costs. As a company interested in making money (as well as providing a good gaming experience) Sony won't step too far away from what has already been successful for 3 generations of home games machine. This whole "don't rock the boat" attitude seems quite evident in the PS Vita, it basically has the same layout as the majority of PSP designs save for the Go, but even then they feel very similar in the hands of users. The only real changes I can see is improved sensitivity in the controller, better battery life. What I would love to see is an ability to charge controllers whilst PS4 is in standby mode, which could be a possibility. One idea I had was for PS4's controllers to split in two and turn into motion controllers, on a par with current Move controller tech.


what if the touch screen get broke will it still function right?

ps4 controller

i think it should be like the dualshock 3 but when it has the PS3 Controller Grips - with Game Grip Technology and with vibration feedback like in the dualshock 2.

ok, but

I first had pelican dual triggers with bonus silicone caps with a silicone skin for my dualshock 3 controller but then I got the PS3 Controller Grips - with Game Grip Technology. It's great, but the analog stick caps are concave and I ended up switching them for the silicone caps that are convex because with concave, when you push the analog stick to the top it's hard to keep your finger on top, so on the side it hurts your finger. I like your idea, but the analog sticks have to be convex but with a nonslip material like silicone.

Xbox suck

@lol Xbox controller suck I can't hand this shi1. Ps3 is best controller if hope controller bring back. I can't finger Xbox 360 like Mk Bye rod


I agree. I'm done with Microsoft consoles. There's no longer any no good exclusive games either.

No likey likey here.

As I thought with the PS4 design, its too futuristic looking. Keep it the same again, but with L2 R2 buttons that don't stick out so much, because they can be hit by accident too easily. Concave thumbsticks would be nice too. Though I feel there's no need for a PS4 yet. Better graphics would only lead to games becoming more expensive to design, and there are already too many game designers claiming bankruptcy.

rotating grip

what's the point of the rotating grip?


Ps controllers is a bit weak they are easily broken!! that's the one thing xbox got right... Work on your controller strength 4 ps4!!!


my ps3 controller livelong i dont know what you talk about the xbox controller is ridiculous ugly

What did you do with your controller...?

I've dropped mine a few times, but none have stopped working for me... The only real problem I have with Xbox controllers are the battery life and how easily they disconnect from the console... But otherwise, to me, they're equal.

my ps3 mote pretty much broke

my ps3 mote pretty much broke in haf so a stronger mote would be nice

nice, but needs a few stuff

It need to have buttons orignal ps4 has, like touchpad, which is simlar to that touchscreen but not exactly the same, and the start and select arent on the ps4 orignal control, instead they have an options button, (i havent found out the name of the other yet) also gamer who rage alot (like people who play call of duty, well most of them) when they get killed, and theyslam their control, and with this conrol i think it would break very easily, not just from temper, but also i wouldnt like to drop this thing. Also i dont like the xbox control, just my opinion, i like the fact it can take alot of damage, but other then that,i hate the layout fo the buttons and the size of it, even though i have big hands, like example, one joy stick and the action buttons are low down, but the other joy stick is high up, with the arrow keys. I love the look of this control and its features.