PlayStation 4 Games May Run As High As $80

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We've previously reported on Sony claiming that first party PlayStation 4 games would remain $59.99; likewise, we've seen other publishers, such as Ubisoft, price their PlayStation 4 games at $59.99, on par with the current generation. However, this may quickly be changing thanks to Electronic Arts. After all, who else would you expect to be the first to make a gamer's life difficult?

In a newly-breaking story, there is now confirmation that Electronic Arts will not be pricing their PS4 games at $59.99, instead opting for a $20 increase for a whopping $79.99 per game.

This news comes by way of UK retailer GAME, who confirms that Electronic Arts has set a retail price of £54.99 for their games, which translates into roughly $79.99 in the United States.

This is the beginning of a slippery slope; should EA still sell their games decently at $80, expect every other publisher to want a piece of the $20 pie. As one of the largest publishers in the gaming world, EA dictates what all the other publishers can get away with. Naturally, Electronic Arts has not issued a statement regarding this news.

Do you feel that Battlefield 4, FIFA and Madden are worth a $20 increase for no reason other than greed? Will this stop you from purchasing any of EA's games?

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Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 7/17/2013

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Full Game for $80?

Well... I say that if they are going to give a FULL game for that $80 then I'd consider paying that much. But I expect future DLC for that title to be free. Games are sold now for $60 brand new but on top of that you're going to be paying $5-20 for any major Add-ons in the future. SO, again I say. If EA will include future DLC with this $80 price tag, then I'll buy it. If not, to hell with em.

slippery slope indeed

as most other people on this site I too have pre-ordered my Playstation 4 and also pre ordered battlefield 4 and have already paid off both. battlefield 4 was still posted at the regular price of $59.99 for the PlayStation 4 so I'm hoping that this is nothing but a rumor or else I would have to agree with the other guy saying if all downloadable content was free after the purchase then it would be worth it but if all the other publishers are going to give their downloadable content for free and still only make you pay $59.99 then I would say EA games is going to have a lot of problems in the near future.

Simply No

Just dont buy their games and they'll quickly reprice it :p

sure 80 buck no problem... but

they MUST be longer games ps3 games are often short and if there is no online multiplayer its not worth the 50 bucks. I haven't played a madden game worth 30 since 2006 HOwever if the game is made well and long lasting and enjoyable. ill buy it. NP

2k makes a better game

EA will just revamp the 2k not being able to make an NFL game and everyone will remember how much better 2k is especially if they stay at 59.99

Madden 2006

Madden 2006 was the last Madden game that was any good. Every game after that has been crap.

Just won't buy EA

It really is that simple.


The Gaming industry is the biggest industry in the world. Even if they priced their games a mere £40($60) plus free, DLC they would still make a profit. Most of us love gaming, but over pricing will eventually increase piracy, which then will cost the gaming industry alot of doh. Keep the games reasonable, keep customers happy and allow people to enjoy the next-gen console(s) without breaking the bank. These publishers have got a God complex, after all they are giving us a product of entertainment, which don't get me wrong the work they do is outstanding,but people could live without gaming if meant feeding their families and paying the bills.


especially when there saying the games are way easier to make, so why the price hike?? F U EA..


If your going to take extra from us, then something must be given. Add-ons better be free for an 80$ price tag, unless you want people to feel ripped of every time you sell them a product of yours. A lot of my friends are already talking about waiting to buy the ps4 so they wont get a rushed mass produced product, and by that time you will have a bad reputation. People accepted the online fee, but you keep pushing and things will get ugly. You see what happened with the xbox1


especially now there saying that the games are way easier to make, so why up the price??? GREED thats why. F U EA....

no big deal for me

I don't buy ea games, never have.

It will need all add ons

I agree with most of these comments. I would buy a long lasting game with all the add ons included for eighty bucks easy.

Its all BS

Theres no reason to price gouge the consumer any further. Most of us who play games work average jobs(not careers)in this day & age full of corporate greed. Those of us who don't stay with our parents & have children of our own(ME) can barely afford to get by as is. For some of us gaming is an alternate dimension or escape from reality, after all its just entertainment. To offer no actual evidence or reasoning for upping the price is blastphemous. I like the comments here about simply not buying anything with EA on it. After all in my honest opinion I haven't really played a football game since NFL 2K5, the last one before the buyout. 2K is better period. So lets all storm the castle in by which I mean by NOT BUYING EA'S BS.

greed is right

For 80 bucks better include all dlc downloads , longer game no problems for me if not I will skip ea someone did mentioned most gamers dont have careers go point on that I don't :( well its up to ea to make gamers happy or anger them to the point were ea games wont Make the library spot, big battlefield 3 fan definitely bf4 fan dont screw us up ea !!!


This is what happen when a company has no competitor. They will make all the rules, and decide what they will do with their product because there is no one else with a similar and better product to compete against them. EA, i hope this is a rumor or else u will be on the same boat as xbox1.


The people at ea need jesus

Only one game

If ea dose this the only game I will buy from them in the next generation will be Star wars Battle Front, and nothing else.

Never Again

I will never purchase an EA product if they raise prices. Ever!!! Ever!!!

I'll boycott

If EA goes this rout, you can believe they will lose a ton of business, especially mine...and Battlefront will be the LAST EA game I ever buy, if in fact it turns out good.

I'll buy a PC

I got it, if EA does this, but keeps the PC versions the same, I'll just buy a PC. But I also think it would be awesome to just boycott and make EA regret there decision big time

Revolution EA style

Well lets see... EA took and/or bought capitalism out of the equation for football games years ago and while doing that implemented a generic form of communism. No one can play anything better than what EA puts out.Sure, one can go play old school NFL titles but EA sets the 'so called' standard now for the NFL. Now that EA lost the NCAA license I think we are all hoping 2K sports will step in and create the great style of football game we know they can! I for one am a NFL fan but would gladly conform to the colleges to spite EA and save the extra $20. Its funny how EA barely creates games but needlessly publishes them... for this they need the extra green? EA's slogan has been "it's in the game" for years. Well, maybe thats the problem. take 'it' out and start over or else let someone else do it right!