PS4 Trailers

PS4 Trailer videos. Have you seen them all? (Post your trailer comments below).

Can you imagine what some of the games will be like in 3D... Grand Theft Auto 5 3D on the PS4!?!?!

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Leaked Videos look convincing

I have to say the PS4 videos look pretty damn good. Even if Sony denies it feels like they had a hand in it. All next gen consoles will of course have 3D that's a given. You can bet your arss that Sony developers are hard at work on the PS4. The landscape is way too competitive for them not to be.


You have to think about these videos before believing them, it took 4 years at leastfor them to finalise the original ps3 design, it has only been 3 years since it was originally released. And for the technology mentioned about the ps4 it would take at least another 2 more years before it could be safely made into a widely used computer system. Don't get too excited about it before it is safe. Be glad that it has beaten xbo since always. Im not saying it is shit, I am saying it is going to be brilliant!!!

Not really definitive

The only part that has to be faked is the last seconds. They could have been commercials for the 3D program their working on for PS3 and beyond.

I want A PS3 PLZ

CAn some 1 give me a PS3 PLZ i have TO EXpERINCE IT IM to Poor to buy 1 :(


if ur a true playstation fan.......U WILL GET ONE NO MATTER ....FIND A WAY....i just bummed off my dad XD






How old are you? WORK FOR IT


... Doesn't look Sony playstation made these commercials. Besides they just came up with the move controllers and will begin their release of games for it. So idk... Prob three or four more years till next console


wtf? i thought sony was an american company? O_O OMFG EVERYTHING I KNOW IS A LIE!!!!!

Future Game Developer

OMG I'm embrassed for and of you. Seriously, you call yourself a gamer. I dare not view you as a Playstation gamer. Good Lord man, Sony isn't and was never an American company but your gamer soul is in luck, there is a Sony studio branch out here in America. Please don't tell me you think everything that's great in technology particularly electronics came from America. 1st off you soon do somd research, look up Sony on Wikipedia. Also Japan is 1 year ahead of our technology though it may have changed by now but I doubt. It's another reason why we are an out-source country. Go Sony!! Ps4 better be launched in 2011 cause the world ends on Dec. 21, 2012! I better say my prayers 2 the gods of gaming, thy Sony'ia, thy Nin'tendonia and the mischievous faeries the Xbox'ians of Onlinia! Sing thy Gamer's Hymm, the rpg hymm Final Fantasy verse 13, in the holy Squara Enixian Proverbs. Thy know the Gamer's bible presented in Japanese version in rpg text!

2012 december 21

you stupid bitch you think 2012 dec21 is gonna be the end its mabye on 2012 but only god knows i know you got that line from a movie

only god

only god knows when the world is gonna end so stop saying that

no, sony is based in japan

no, sony is based in japan and got wiped out in the giant tsunami. Its affiliate samsung is supposed to take over production on the ps4 since all sony manufacturing plants are located in japan and are now rubble.

Radiation blows, man.

This is what caused the huge shut-down of the PSN. Moments before the tsunami hit, the software hit the safety lock and air-sealed all components inside. This is also why current PS3s are on sale. Because the vault will not open until December of 2012. That is why we must count down. That is why we must not forget.


Only an american would think that...honestly some of you just have no idea about the world around you..And before you all jump down my throat...I said SOME...i lived there for a year and you are not all as self centered and idiotic as that moron..



That's because they're Jap ads.

If not for the quakes and stuff, they would probably release PS4 late this summer in 2011 in Japan and spring 2012 for US. The Jap ads would not look or feel like these as they will be done by Sony Computer Entertainment of AMERICA. These are probably real, and they will use the 3D effect in PS4(may be a huge flop imo). As for not being able to support/make games etc. that's retarded. The PS2 had games coming out for it and people buying them and the PS2 years after the PS3 came out. Why? Because it was CHEAPER. All they'll have to do is lower the PS3 price to $150 and they'll be able to sell millions of them AND PS4s at like $400 a peice. The problem is that Sony and Toshiba and all the chip makers have been washed away or without power etc. in the wake of the recent disaster. I wouldn't want one unless it was made in the US as I don't want to get dosed with strontium every time I load a game.

I'm with u I think that a ps4

I'm with u I think that a ps4 would be a bad move for Sony. They just came out with the ps3 slim just at the end of 2009 and released the move in October 2010. They would be occupied anyway with a rumored Playstation phone and a rumored psp2 next year ( both said by g4tv on twitter ). I think that we WILL see a ps4 in atleast 2 years and at most 4 years. Everyone I know is happy with their ps3's and there is no need for a new console when at launch it will be atleast $600. Don get me wrong I would lov to see one but give it 2 years first

I dont agree

I think that it would come out soon. I mean I think that they will release it and are just testing their capabilities. I think that they are also just trying to exite people about what will come in the future. Also I think that they are just trying to put wii out of buisness and bring them down to make them quit.

ahh your haven a laugh

it's about time sony is bring out ps4 de should bring a new 1 out every2 years at lest give de ppl wat de wont if u think is a bad idea dount buy it but for me id give 1.000euro for it like i paid 700euro for de ps3 wen it first came out......


If Sony came out with a new console every 2 years they would go out of business. Not only would they not be able to keep up games, updates and add-ons but the demand for their product would plummet. People would not buy every console they would put out because they would have the previous version. That's why consoles last a good 5-6 years. People don't want to have to keep buying consoles every two years. It would be ridiculous for both Sony and the customer. Fool.

Peolpe without a ps3

But what about the people that don't have ps3's maybe they want to buy the ps4 instead of buying the ps3 and then have the ps4 come right afterwards:( see that would suck.


I'm a play station owner, and I am very satisfied with the current game console. But I do fear that if Sony does not come out with a new console, they will be left behind. Futhermore Sony is a very capable complany and they could be working on psp2 and a ps4 at the the same time.


The human body isnt made to handle continuous 3d. Watch, within the next 12-18months the 3d craze will end. I think that will be a bad idea for ps4.

You do realize that

You do realize that everything you see is in 3D...

consiousness in relation to body

your mind would never be able to fully be engaged by a 3d experience. it would drive your sub consious crazy not being able to distinguish real from fiction.


I read a book earlier today and, because of my subconscious, I can n o longer distinguish between real life and fiction. For instance, I'm either typing this or eating the brain of a raccoon. Not sure which, but boy, am I thirsty!


we see in 2d in each eye its the brain that make you think that its 3d

well then..

if we perceive 3D visuals with our 2D eyes, then the "human body not being able to handle 3D" would be completely obsolete, for you still see it in 2D.

When you look at a physical

When you look at a physical object, you see a 2-d image in each eye and your brain creates a 3-d image. Everything you see is in 3-d unless it is a flat surface. 3-d glasses create the illusion of 3-d for your brain to play around with, using a certain pattern if i remember correctly. So, no, you definitely see in 3-d, bro.

i second

the eyes overlap there vision in a way so that objects look 3d. for example, look at 2 of the same pictures (any) and overlap them with your eyes by crossing them. ITS 3D MUTHA F****A


That us not true because if you close one eye you still see in 3d


the ps4 wont come out the ps2 came out in 2005 the ps3 came out in 2008/2009 it will stay for atleast 4 years

Re: no

PS2 Japanese release of 2000 PS3 Japanese release of 2006, Europe/America release of 2007

Are you saying 2007, 2008,

Are you saying 2007, 2008, and 2009 have all sort of bonded into each other and become this horrid, wretched thing from the ground that is all-knowing and amorphous and vaguely knows the day the PS3 came out?

voting xbox vs ps4

Just think about it. How in there right mind would buy a xbox with every failed attempt to hold on to a fight for king of the hill xbox always falls short of every finish line this new vr about to come out will just prove me right with out holding your hand and teaching fire burns if anyone reads this they may just lose sanity because they liked there xbox box at one time or another now its a brick they don't know if there landfill will except there green piece of trash isn't a ideal thing to upgrade because its always downgrading keep pushing the boulder up that strait up and down mountain when you get to giving up the thing must come down and you feel the weight of all that lost cash crushing you . Love your thoughts and you to buddy . LOL

here's the gist of it

The PS3 came out in Japan on November 11th in 2006. Six days later it was released in North America. I remember that since I was in Job Corps. from 2003-2006 and some students had it before i left the center, but everywhere else such as the UK, Korea etc... recieved it as late as march 2007 and so forth if i remember correctly

PS4 Graphics

WHAT IS GONNA BE THE Graphics LIKE 2160p OR 1100p what is it gonna be

dont get your hopes up

the graphics will be great of course, but most TVs support only 1080p. Maybe if in the next 2 years they jump to 1200 in most TV's, etc.


fix things first ,then ps4,not in less it takes a ps4 to do so?

its not coming out for at least another 2 years

they made hd tvs that were 1330p before they even released standard hd tvs the head of sony probably has 10 ps4s in his house but there not going to release it for a long time because of marketing and the whole new ngp thing

all a load of rubbish gonna

all a load of rubbish gonna be at least 3 years before ps4 is any way near comin t market n any1 with half a brai cell can see these videos are fake.

all a load of rubbish gonna

all a load of rubbish gonna be at least 3 years before ps4 is any way near comin t market n any1 with half a brai cell can see these videos are fake.

sony isn't gonna come out

sony isn't gonna come out with a ps4 till at the earliest 2012 we would already be seeing commercials on tv for it and with japan and now the ps3 psn shutdown they have got a lot of work ahead of them they prolly or should stop all work on any but getting there servers up and runnin

hmm hard to say 4 sure

i agree ps4 wont be released til late 2012 N if there even is gonna be a ps4 i dunno there is way to much info about what the specs are gonna be for ps4 when its not even gonna be released for 2 years so much shit could change in that 2 years newer graphic could be developed like 4d n virtual reality type shit its hard to say