PS4 Trailers

PS4 Trailer videos. Have you seen them all? (Post your trailer comments below).

Can you imagine what some of the games will be like in 3D... Grand Theft Auto 5 3D on the PS4!?!?!

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I agree 100%... why do they need a ps4? I probably wont be able to get one, neither will you probly either. That is why I agree with you


It is so annoying I got my ps3 last Christmas now this thing is coming out and yea only minted people will be able to afford it

You can't upgrade hardware through an update...

The PS3's hardware is INCREDIBLY outdated. 256MB or RAM, compared to the PS4's 8GB or RAM. You can't switch out hardware components electronically... I don't see how you wold think that's possible. There's already been SEVERAL price leaks showing $430-530 (USD). It isn't THAT unaffordable, especially compared to the PS3. And it isn't hard to find more friends on PSN. You if you have fun playing with someone online just add them. And if you bought a PS3 this far into it's lifecycle, then frankly, that's your own fault. Console generations tend to last around 5-8 years, and getting a PS3 in 2012 is similar to getting a PS2 in late 2005. I got my first PS2 a few years after the PS3 was released, and then found a used PS3 on Ebay for about $275 in 2009. If you can't afford the PS4 at release, wait for the price to drop. Many others will, and there will still be a large community on the PS3. You'll still be able to enjoy your PS3. Just get the PS4 later in it's lifecycle like you did with the PS3.

Sony just can not.

The reason Sony can not just add a new update is because the PS4 will host new hardware and graphic chips. The ram of the device will also be upgraded from the measly 256MB to 2GBs of ram so if Sony did make an update to include most PS4 features and games the graphics and games will be slow and hard to use because game software designers will design their games for the PS4 which includes better graphics and more ram as I've stated.People will not be forced to buy a new one with in the first year to the second year because most game titles like Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 and possibly Modern Warfare 4 will still existon the PS3 and most studios will not release 2 games in one year which means the most popular games will only have 1 or 2 sequels before the PS4 price begins to slowly plumitdown.


How tragically boring you are.

Ps4 > XBox 1

Do you think Sony really NEEDS the money? No, I think they are really trying to make things better for the PlayStation community. And it's working! The ps4 will be better than any of us can imagine, and it won't be too expensive. Sony learned form their mistake of releasing the ps3 at 600 dollars.


yeah I paid $600+for my backwards compatible ps3and now you're telling me that the ps4 is going to be under 400 boy did I go wrong.don't get me wrong I do love my system I would love to have the ps4but is it going to be backwards compatible because I have over 100 games of the ps3

$400 isn't too much...

It isn't hard to scrape together $400 nowadays...


ps4 will be good it will have better graphics than xbox 720

Work harder....

Work harder and you can get what you want, PS3 was ok but not that great will be interesting to see what PS4 has to offer... As for 3D tvs i certainly wouldn't get a a sony 3D tv, as samsung 3D tvs are a better tv than sony all..