PS4 Move Concepts

PS4 Move Concept by Dennis.

PS4 Move Gloves utilize force feedback

Camera knows your position adjusting the 3D automatically.
PS4 Move Gloves utilize force feedback

PS4 Move Concept - High Resolution, Make it your desktop wallpaper!

PS4 Move 3D Spacetouch with Controller Glove

Allows you command and control in virtual space of a 3D menu.
PS4 Move 3D Spacetouch with Controller Glove

PS4 Gloves - High Resolution, Make it your desktop wallpaper!

PS4 Move 3D Camera

When using both the Controller-Glove and 3D glasses the three camera sensors follow you and understand your movement with precise detail.
PS4 Move 3D Camera

PS4 3D Camera - High Resolution, Make it your desktop wallpaper!

PS4 Move 3D Glasses

3D Glasses have positioning point for orientation allowing the 3D effect to allows follow you at all positions.
PS4 Move 3D Glasses

PS4 3D Glasses - High Resolution, Make it your desktop wallpaper!

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Amazing concept :-)


OMG sony beter go with this design

agree but....

Sony could stop with the dual shock and start somthing new


OMG sony beter go with this design

This is cool and all but...

This is cool and all but there are some flaws. The biggest is, this is targeted to hardcore gamers, there is no easy access for the "Casual" gamer here. A large percentage of money Sony gets is from the casual gamer, so the glove and glasses is not something they would want to hassle with just to play a game. The concept is great and has potential but you have to use the perspective of tired adults who come home from work and just want to play their game, and not the perspective of energy fired kids and teens who have nothing else to do but play games. As much as the hardcore gamer doesn't want to hear it, the casual gamer has forever changed the gaming landscape, they are the first source of income for consoles and games. I do know that companies like Toshiba have created and showed working concepts for 3D TV's which does not require glasses to work (predicted to be release by 2014-15, the same as the PS4 is suppose to be released), so future products like these will eliminate the need for glasses completely. Also if/when Sony does develop something like Kinect, but better, than the need for gloves to act as 3D touchscreen controller is also unnecessary. What Sony needs to do is redesign the Move (Eliminate the glowing orb and make the controller feel natural to the hand, like the Wii Numchucks (Not the Wiimote))and develop a system with the size and simplicity to install of Kinect, but better. Having both gives better control for the players in the game and more options for developers. Using upper body movement with the Move feels better since your holding on into something rather than pretending that you are and the lower body movements can be tracked by the Kinect styled system. This way people can just grab a controller and play instead of having to put glasses and gloves on first.

this is amazing i might get this the day it comes out

i am a die hard playstation fan and i have possessed like every console made from playstation to ps3 but this is truly emarkable in design and if they dont use the dualshock i will be kinda disappointed because the dualshock is like the best controller ever and nothing tops it and i might get carried away with the gloves and glasses and punch someone or something.... i must make a video of that \

it would be cool.

If u think of it, this is not actually possible to make in reality but I would love if it could be something near as advanced as this though, let's hope it will be.

copy cating

there just copying Xbox idea of the xbox connect yes it might be cool and all but not unique i think sony is capable of coming up with there own ideas like the glove concept seems cool but still kinda steeling swag of xbox


it is not copy of xbox. xbox kinect suck this is better

Can't wait

They are still working out the bugs with the gloves but the controller is going to be in the gloves. keypad is supposed to be on the back side of a glove. I wouldn't be surprised if the dual shock will be in the gloves too. It will make playing games more fun. Will change the whole gaming experience. Xbox can have its 2D connect, I will take sony's 3D MOVE. Sony was the the one Xbox copied off in the first place. Only reason sony didn't push this out the the PS3 was for them to make it work really properly and to unveil it with the PS4. Can't wait for my PS4!!

ps4 camera

Dose the ps4 camera adjust on its own or do u need to swivel it manually ???? Thanx