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The New PlayStation

New name for it . The PSMillennium That fits [;

ps4 needs to come out next year

ps4 needs to come out next year so they can beat the new xbox so they can work more on ps5 iam going to pre order ps4 and just stick with play station i cant wait to get ps4

Exactly .!

Exactly .!


Should be called PS $4000, thats how much your gonna have to fork out to play it....... 3D TV, Console, 2nd 3rd and 4th controllers, new accessories, etc..... or should I call it the B.S.S.4 Rediculous...... make better games not better dont even use the full potential of the consoles we own now.......


seriously man...they dont even try to make games to their full potential...its all about the money man...i say ps4 should wait till at least 2015!!



are you crazy

you know what is to wait until 2015

PS4 $$$$$

I agree with you 100%... They should make games better, but i hope they put USB ports at least coz most of my accessories needs a USB port to play a game

I believe the something they

I believe the something they would not make a new system just better games that more can the system even have on it I mean really

My Dad works for Sony

I'm 11 years old and my dad works for sony the ps4 is more slimer and it looks notin like dat!

STOP IT!!!!!!

stop being mean to him/her, its called bullying, your being a big, bad, bully!!!!!!!


"I'm Eleven Years Old And My Daddy Works For Sony" Get Of The Internet And Systems, Dude. -_- Make Some Friends. I Hate This Generations Kids :/

If they make it people will

If they make it people will buy it... if they do bring ps4 to life it better blow away ps3 or it will be a flop

y like 2013?

y like 2013?

Iv worked at sonny for the

Iv worked at sonny for the last 4 years... um don't get to excited its comin but not as soon as people think.. and it looks nothin like uv all seen

No u havent

I don't believe you because you can't spell Sony SONNY lol

if u have, then explain it i

if u have, then explain it i would love to even get a small idea on what the ps4 actually looks like


i see no need to make anymore systems but even if they do ill just keep playin my 360

So you say

But once they stop making games for 360, as they inevitably will (same for PS3 and Wii), you'll be getting pretty bored of the same old games. Just think of it as if you were still playing the original Xbox, and were missing out on all the 360 games. Would kinda suck wouldn't it?

No one will know

No one will know what the ps4 will look or be like untill its released, all the pic's ive seen look like the same concepts for the ps3, the price will probliy be high at first but will drop just like the ps3 did & you are all hella dumb for baging on each other for stuff like that,now let see what you can all say bout that !!!MaYeR»«DsK!!!

controler and system

i hope that ps4 controlers aint like s space ship or made of glass i kinda like the standard controler but it would look cooler if it had rubber grips on it like blue or red and the system is made alot better than XBOX


It would be even more better than the x-box, every thing is better than that dumb x-box! the only thing good about it is, it plays motion control games, and even that is mest up!


i dont think they should rush it either the ps3 can already play 3d games like black ops and all of the pics u see are never gonna be wat it looks like because there all the same as wat pics were out when the ps3 was rumored to come out.



why rush it????

the PS3 is doing great, the games arent using up the full potential of the console, and sony has been advertising "IT DOES EVERYTHING" what could the ps4 possibly do? make meals and do laundry? come one, hold off on the ps4 and let the ps3 product run for as much as it can, its still on a good run. only thing is, make better/ more games for it!!! sony is a highly respectable corporation, they will never loose their clients, they offer the best in electronics and never dissapoint.. hold off on ps4, the only thing changing is the look..

re:one word (but not really a word)

yeah, i really agree with u, everyone does want 3D right now. But some people (like me) want 4D (thats when u can smell it, off the screen).


Either way you look at it, it is gonna get here sooner than later bye what I have read up on it. Personally I think they should hold off on bringing the new systems out till 2015. But they are gonna do what they want I just hope its backwards compatible when they do. Cause I am an Elder Scrolls Fan and Elder Scrolls 5 SKYRIM comes out 11-11-11 I am gonna want to play that game and a few others on the new PS4 when it comes out. If the rumors are true about the PS4 Launch sometime late 2012 to early 2013. I got my fingers crossed thou


True fans dont wana wait..we are really excited and pumped up.So let's go baby!! P.S 4-I hope it comes out as soon as possible....

so right!!!!!

yeah, lets go ps4, lets go ps4, lets go ps4!


nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo its a crap idea i will go along if ps3 can play online with ps4.

playstation 4 my name is stephen age 23

i think it is like they send alot of pics out there then you have a look at them and you have some sort of idea that you have but think strongly about it there just doing nothing like that there putting u off the real idea thay have be optimistic cant spell that word so there getting alot of information of you guys and there making it to be something u have never seen before and i think there going to do well ass ps3 kinda failed for them the system is slower then they intisapated sorry for my spelling the internet is not good at all games online take longer to load and xbox 360 gets all the spots so far great speed online very brill anyway ps3 just did not do well at all


only changes its looks??? what about the graphics of the games?


yeah, it should have all that good stuff!

Ps4 generation gaming

I think that the ps4 should be able to play online with ps3 and be able to play ps3, ps2, and ps1 generation video games

definetly but it would have

definetly but it would have to have enough features to convince people to buy it aswell

re:ps4 generation gaming

yes, i agree with u so much, but i got a tiny,winy,little, thing to add okay?it should have every thing on it plus a bounes!!! didn't say so much this time yay!!!!!!!!!!

i agree

Give the damn systems now time 2 get better but its all about beating out Xbox kinects...this is only about a competition about who's starts from Nintendo vs Sega...lmao

OMG Becky .!

- Look I Juss Wanna See It Dammit !

me too!

i want to see it too! but u have to have patient and wait tell it's finally, finished so it could be even better to the fact that it is almost, some-what perfect. or do u just want to get it now while it could be one of the worst systems ever and waste the fact that it could be almost perfect, if not perfect itself? u choose, but i would choose to wait if i were u!


I would pay as much as 500 dollars for the next ps. As long as the following things happen. 1.They offer at least a 3year warranty if not up to 5. Too many ps3s went bad due to crappy solder connections and cheap thermal paste. when you pay that much for a console it should last at least 5 years as long as you take care of it. 2.They keep the psn FREE 3.One hard drive size......HUGE. I dont want some cloud crap to store the games I buy. 4. All psn games bought on the ps3 get transferred for free to the new system 5.I wouldn't mind backwards compatibility but I would be satisfied if they would just offer a lot more ps1/ps2/ps3 in the ps store. 6.Most/all games can be played with a normal controller. I hate motion controls. 7. make it a true media center with tivo like features and more codecs


when the ps3 came out it was $599. That is why more people prefered Xbox. Sony should make there ps4 less than 500 at least or they will end up making there same mistake over again


first of all, x-box is the worst game station ever!!!second of all, $599.00 is not a lot of money!!! third of all, it is worth the money!!! forth of all, there was no mistake to begin with (this time). (sigh)my point is dont shout out stuff, unless its the truth or you have a point (and dont have a point, because i dont see your point anywhere, in your little fiction-ish story)!!!!!