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re:re:U MAD BRO

You dont want a playstation 4 to be cheaper or else it will break down a lot, the graphics would suck,because they would have to use whats on their shelf, and not start from scratch

Re; PS4 breaking down if cheaper.

It's pretty narrow minded to think a cheaper console will always be of lesser quality than a more expensive one, for one thing the timing of the release will have a pretty drastic baring on how much parts cost. Overall manufacturing (as in putting the console together) will be pretty similar accross all three platforms & all three companies have to make these consoles safe for consumers to buy. The general costs of APUs, CPUs, GPUs & RAM will determine just how expensive these machines will work out to be, reliability has more to do with design than the parts used. If PS4/Orbis & Xbox 3/720/Durango are releasing a year after Wii U then both companies could build similar tablet style controllers, with more power for a similar price to the Premium ZombiU release package. If both Sony and Microsoft don't care about the Tablet then they'll have even more money to play with for significant performance gains over Wii U. Make no mistake though, PS4 & 720 probably won't be that different from each other in the performance levels, from what I've read Sony will be building a decent dedicated games machine (with good media functionality), MS will be similar, only with a improved Kinect probably bundled in, so their machine may end up costing more than the PS4 as a result of this, unless Microsoft is happy to make enough of a loss to meet whatever price the PS4 is released for. It seems likely at this point though that MS may release a bit earlier (as in a few months), so overall their console may be slightly weaker in power to the PS4. Sony will not make the mistake of making a console that is harder to develop for, they'll aim for PS4 to be the lead platform for 3rd party devs, costs allow for something on the level of an AMD A10 APU, made to work well with a dedicated GPU to bring the overall performance in line with what developers want, think something in between a HD 7850 & 7870, with at least 4GBs of a fast unified ram and up. Of MS will be aiming for around the same level of performance, simply because that's what makes sense from cost, desired (by developers) performance levels and what's realistically available. RAM is a major issue, stacked DDR4 has greast benefits in both transfer speeds and costs, as well as heat and overall power requirements when compared to GDDR5. TBH I can see Sony waiting a bit longer to release PS4 than Microsoft will be willing to do with the new Xbox, simply because the 360 has been out for 7 years & will have been out for 8 by the time any real time scale for release is known to the public. There's of course incentives for both companies to release as soon as possible because of the competition Wii U may bring releasing this year, but in terms of performance while better than PS3 & 360 it won't be as desireable to developers as more modern hardware, capable of making better use of engines like UE4, Luminous, Cryengine etc. It's not hard in a box the size of PS3 & 360 to build a machine that falls in line with Epic's 2.5TFlops requirement, certainly not expensive. Judging by what I've managed to gather from all sources available to date around Wii U ZombiU premium pack price is realistic for a machine that can produce that level of performance is perfectly reasonable & probably won't be released for much of a loss either, not when Sony & Microsoft can get massive bulk buy deals on parts. To finish up this lengthy post I'll say off the shelf parts in consoles are never going to be straight up chips that people buy on Amazon or in another shop, they will always be based on existing kit, that maybe hasn't been released to the PC market yet, tweaked to work well with all parts required to do the job. As a result of things being taken out (like components that are more suited to the PC environment) & a company like AMD being guarenteed sales of parts they wouldn't normally sell a boat load of prices will become cheaper for Microsoft & Sony by a large margin than the off the shelf. If you take the A10 rumour for PS4 dev kits which started doing the rounds recently it won't be that chipset straight up, it'll have all the nonessential stuff ripped out, very much custom made for the purpose, but not using everything on that die, this will mean the £98 or whatever we'd pay can easily go below half that price, same goes for a 7870, Sony may not even use the RAM, they'll probably just take the chipset, forget the board, fans and any other stuff not neededm maybe forget some of the stuff inside the chipset itself. Sony may even build these chipsets in their own factories, so the idea of them buying fully completed GPUs and such is very wrong. Even RAM will probably be customized to a degree, so that it works the best it can with whatever they choose to use.

U got it wrong!

The PS3 didn't sell as much because so many people already spent their money on Xbox 360 and the Wii. That is the true reason why Xbox is preferred more. However a $500 PS4 can be likely in 2013 if the economy is still in bad shape or slow moving. They did learned from their mistake and now PS3 is set to become more popular than Xbox. They will also not let Xbox be release first as that was the mistake they actually made last time.

i agree with every word u

i agree with every word u said. i dont like motion controller they are annoying at times and more battery's. id rather the normal controllers because ps1 and ps2 ad ps3 has them.

re:i agree with every word u

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!motion controlers are the best controlers in the whole,wide,world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they make it kinda cool, like im using the force or something!! i defedently dont agree with at all!!!!!!!!(sigh) my point is, that i disagree with you, because i think it kinda is cooler than a regalur controller. But if you think its hard to control it, than i agree with you, with that.i do agree with you, with some things, but not every thing, okay.


The ps3 "normal" controller was motion controller. Games just didn't really use the feature much and only gamers who got the PS3 (1st version) would know. Also the PS3 motion controller are rechargable just like the normal ones. So no real batteries complaints. I believe that PS4 will do some type of touch screen thingy. They did it with the under-rated Vita so why not (unless Vita is the touch screen controller for the "Orbis").


rules, rules, rules, arent you tierd of them? i know, i know, what your thinking. it must be best quality if not even and the rest of the men (and women) want it to be a money worth system. it dosent mean list a whole list that covers the whole, wide, world! i know i have long lists too, but it is not of what or how i want something!!! (sigh) my point is that you should not ask a system maker like SONY or something, because they might, and thats a huge might, not give it to u!!!!!!!!

My dealbreaker:

Is the being able to play PS3 games we already have for free (or at least a low price say $20)

i think they need to have

i think they need to have 3d, virtual reality, improve motion control, and better body caption plus to be able to transfer from the ps4 to psp and psvita.

I cant wait for that sh*t to come out !!!

I love playstaion I own ps2 and never bought ps3, but i usually played with ps3, but ps4 will beat all consoles in the planet and i agree with $500 - $600 And ps4 will come in November 2012. LOOK THE COUNTDOWN RELEASE

cant waiitttttttttt,

cant waiitttttttttt, ittttttlll, beeeeeeeeeeeee, sooooooooooooo, asssoooommmeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when the ps4 coming out

They should do like the countdown says I will be saving up I am going to get the ps4 and for the morons the threw away their ps2. They are going to are going to make ps3 bundles while they have ps4 out just like they did for ps3 they are going to make that money so save your ps3.

re:when ps4 coming out

i agree with you. pepole who throw away old systems and games (unless they are broken or there not working) are kinda dumb because, some systems play games that are for, the lower version of it.(example lets say i hacked my ps3 and it, can play ps2 games but i threw away my ps2 and its games, so i cant play ps2 until i buy some more, so i will just have to waist money, because i threw away my money, that i spent on my ps2, and its games, exept this time, i would only have to pay for the games

the ps4 should

i think the new PS4 should be able to make me a sandwich when i'm hungry and pour me a drink and take out the trash and walk the dog otherwise i'm buying the new xbox an with the change warwick davis lmao

are u cereal?

sereacly? it should make u a sandwiches and other least i would teach it to talk lol.or get me a job as the presedent of the usa lol.or, or maybe delete all uneducation stuff point is get something better than that like make it your slave or something

the only things the ps4 needs

1. I think it should at least be compatible with ps3 games cause no one wants to spend 500$ on a game system and then have to pay hundreds of dollars for ps3 games. 2. Also psn needs to be free. 3. 3d options. 4. HD 5. better graphics. 6. (would prefer but not needed) games that are like apps like my favorite app/game Temple Run.

i wonder...

i wonder...what the ps4 will do, look like, how it will feal, what it would smell like, what kind of games it will play, if it will still have bugs like mine does, if it will play ps4, ps3, ps2 and ps1 games, if it will 1D, 2D, 3D and/or 4D and if it will act like the ps3, ps2 and ps1.

i wonder...

i wonder...what the ps4 will do, look like, how it will feal, what it would smell like, what kind of games it will play, if it will still have bugs like mine does, if it will play ps4, ps3, ps2 and ps1 games, if it will 1D, 2D, 3D and/or 4D and if it will act like the ps3, ps2 and ps1.
















i think it would be good idea if you could keep going with your account forever like be able to pass your ps3 account to the ps4 and wont have to start all over and loose your trophies and your stuff. ps4 the best*



But you can't play PS3 games.

But you can't play PS3 games. So all the money you spent on games for the PS3 is wasted.


i hope that sony would keep in mind that sometimes it may cost you some extra money to make good money.just keep in mind that in this market your gamers cant all afford a high it would be in the company best intrest to make it very affordable for the people.......thank you

I agree

Some experts even claim that the PS4 could be priced lower than the ps3. However lower prices are unlikey. It's safe to assume that it won't go below 400 and above 800 so I'm expecting a 400-800 price range for BOTH next-gen systems.

Reselling games.

They shouldn't be forcing users to validate their purchase, it's stupid. If this happens i won't be buying a PS4 and hope that Final Fantasy and Resident Evil games will be on the PC, which is what i'll be using then...

What are you guys talking

What are you guys talking about? I just came here to take a look and see when ps4 is coming out, I have no idea what you guys are talking about?

No used games...

She/He was referring to the rumor that the next-gen will be anti-used games. Both companies said that they want to find a way to stop used game. The idea is that companies will make you pay more for used games.

Why I will not buy

The sneaky way sony installed cinavia on owner's systems without their permission.


I'll get my PS4 for games I detest for PC, a Wii U for new Nintendo games, and keep my PC for everything else. Screw Xbox XD.

Ok Really!

Ok really! like really. get your crap together sony. If you make people buy this system there will be an uproar. No one will bye the ps4 unless they are rich. It's so stupid to make people buy a game for $60 with no pre-own that will be $30. That makes more sense to me. More gamers will buy the system if you let pre-owned games playable.Or have some type of converter to switch accounts that only game stop employs can use. Also, I am also pretty sure that people will only go in a 300-500 rang to purchase for this ps4. We know you want money but don't over price something that people wont even like.


it costs 325 pounds in uk and 450-500 nyc

Black Friday

Did any one forget about black friday. if this game is really coming out on november we git this half price. ($D!!!

what the ps4 should have

The PS4 should have a ps3 data transfer to transfer data from ps3 to ps4,all the stuff thats on the ps4 from the ps3 anyway.

Rudy gusto

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