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Why the PS4?

  • Because it's not an XBox
  • Enables the greatest game developers in the world to unlock their creativity and push the boundaries of play through a platform that is tuned specifically to their needs.
  • "Suspend mode" eliminates the load time on your saved game and allows you to immediately return to where you left off by pressing the power button.
  • Engage in endless personal challenges between you and your community, and share your epic moments via social media and more for the world to see.
  • Gamers can share their epic triumphs by hitting the "SHARE button" on the controller, scan through the last few minutes of gameplay, tag it and return to the game.
  • With PS Vita, gamers will be able to seamlessly play PS4 games on the beautiful 5-inch display over Wi-Fi in a local environment
  • Countless epic games to choose from
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    p4 to sexy for my shirt

    600-700-800 who cares....if your gunna buy it! if not...stop looking at the playstation 4 shit....... fuking dreamers>


    PS4 is not going to come in the next 10 years . Mainly its because PS3 Is quite strong and powerfull machine. It can support games for 10 years to come . So why the F do you want a PS4 when PS3 has all we know?!

    Your the Retard

    It clearly says when the ps4 is gonna come out theres a count down and next 10 years you high? by then it will prolly be the ps6,7,8 or greater. We want the ps4 for many reasons. It will make things look more relastic, will have great grapics. Thats just a few i think lots of people would agree with that. Maybe some day you'll crowl out of that hole of yours and see what the world is.


    that ant true the graphics can get better and will get better when i comes out in a year and a half so dont talk ales you are right

    In the past ive purchased the

    In the past ive purchased the nintendo products and the ps sony products imma try the next xbox n see how it is but they better give me some cheap price for paying the internet or even better they should give it to me free n the ps4 should make their system more cheaper and charge for internet and thatll make everyone happy

    fu*K sony there're having

    fu*K sony there're having trouble releasing the full power of the system, but they think they are ready to release a ps4. what a bunch of money hungry dumb-asses. at least xbox nows how to work with there console. everyone is always complaining about how u have to pay for online but u dont realize that they have online gaming features a million times better than ps3 and i have both systems. cant wait for next gen xbox

    shut up queer

    xbox you cant do shit on it without paying a membership fee..atleast psn is free and dont gotta pay extra to use netflix which is already a monthly charge..i think each console is good in their own ways and since you think xbox is better, you surely got a little weiner


    ps3s internet is free and has better smoother gameplay. so get used to it we got god of war you got the ring of death.

    there not haveing a problem

    there not haveing a problem you are realiving that xbox sucks (rrod) and ps3 rrrruuuulllllleeeesssss so get used to it. and by the way coming to a sony internet site and talking trash about the won system that has better graphics, and has only the best games. was just retarted.

    Facts from a Professional

    just because a person has played all systems doesn't make them an expert u need to know about its power and technology and understand how much it can do. and right now xbox is making better games with better graphics than the ps3 and the 360 hasn't even hit have of its power yet. xbox 360 is #1 right now and most likely will be until next gen consoles are released. by the way none of you know more than me. sorry but im a professional engineer for a certain game console company and ill just leave it at that so dont bother trying to come up with a reply that makes the ps3 look good, because these all facts sorry sony fans.

    gee i wonder

    you are obviously an xbox fanboy so dont get on a site for playstation and talk about an xbox cause you just look like a jackass who probably cums in his pants if somebody uses "x" and/or "box" in the same sentence

    Facts no These are facts Those are facts XBOX lost get over it and Ps3 isn't even near peak performance yet


    just because you call yourself a professonal dosent mean a thing so shut up, get used to it ps3s the best sells the best has no ring of death and has better games.

    The Xbox 360 is stronger than

    The Xbox 360 is stronger than the PS3 anyways thats why xbox games look way better. Xbox 360 is a console for real gamers that know exactly what there're buying and the true potential it has to offer. There are so many facts that make the PS3 look like exactly what it is (SHIT). Its not about the brand because sony has great electronics, but they are slacking when it comes to video game consoles. WOW, for ps3 fans. Facts really do hurt hahaha too bad for the idiots that spent $1000 & $2000 for a ps3 and even more for some. Stupid dumb asses learn about gaming consoles and u would enjoy games. Dont pay for a brand, pay for power and technology.


    did you forget about the red ring of death and i dont mean to be rude but real gamers my arse i can rape all day on x-box but when i go on ps3 online game play is defiantly more competitive lets face it x-box is for kiddies and ps3 is for adults but both have there faults yes the psn is down but not due to a fault from sony but hacked you kids now a days need to just grow up

    ps3 rules

    ps3 289 pound dum arse 1000 or 2000 cm dwn of yr acid

    Get Your IQ up VIRGIN BITCH

    its not about online being free, its about having better gaming features idiot. im a fan of both systems, but ps3 has shitty gaming features and worst graphics than the 360. and who the f*ck wants to browse the internet on a slow and worthless browser. thats why i built my own computer for to have a pc more powerful than the ones in stores i guess your too stupid for technology

    Hmm, lets see... Maybe people

    Hmm, lets see... Maybe people who don't want to spend £1000+ on a bloody gaming computer. Sure there are a lot of Positives for a gaming PC, but there are a lot of Negatives too. so piss off back to WoW


    i have made a computer. cost me 10k but thats okay i still like playing playstation because the controller fits in my hand better but if you like xbox nobody can change your mind about that except for yourself and i personally think the graficks on playstation are more futuristic the xbox seems old school lto me but remember its all perspective and how you see the system.

    don't get mad at the truth

    don't get mad at the truth enjoy it. only dumb young minded kids act like u guys. take in the truth and work with it

    It's called NGP, look it up.

    It's called NGP, look it up. They're not gonna make their main gaming system portable, there's just not enough space to pack all the kit into

    xbox for nerdy kids

    You xbox freaks are all a joke. The PS3 was made for adults not little nerdy kids. That's why it doesn't look like a toy. You know that big bulky white piece of trash you guys call a gaming system and that retarded handy cap controller that xbox 360 has, come on. Oh yeah I wouldn't care about paying for internet on the system but why should I have to. They get all you dumb asses hooked on internet play then charge you and you take it. I bet you guys had your lunch money taken from you to and then made some lame excuse for why it was OK. Grow up and get your parents to buy you the better machine. PS3 all the way.

    I find it so funny they

    I find it so funny they charge people for something they already pay for - that £40 a year i'm not spending on xbox live, buys me an extra game a year

    PSN Dead

    haha, I gotta laugh. Reading through this junk... It goes without that the PS3 fanboys are the worst... And now your precious free PSN is dead?! I hope the hackers teach yal a lesson, Sony look so stupid right now. Not the 1st time either! Enjoy your free service while my Mom pays Microsoft for mine.

    your mom pays for your xbox

    your mom pays for your xbox live?? haha, thats funny. and as i recall, xbox has been hacked plenty of times?? and our "precious psn" has just the same amount of quality that xbox live does...and yet its free, so your mom wont have to pay for it.

    no im 19 workin my ass off

    no im 19 workin my ass off and paying for my own shit but i own both systems and i do pay for xbl but i still tink ps3 is way better plus there is a supercomputer made of ps3s that is sixth fastest in the world( its made of 300 ps3s) oh wait there is no supercomputer made of xboxs that exists so haha and im pretty sure ther will never be one


    microsoft sucks, period, sony is so much better, nd to all you hatters to the ps3 nd sony out there, compare the graphics from a ps3 to an xbox, nd plus add on $50/$60 a month for online, yeaaaa suckbox is sooooo good


    You should be ashamed that ur mom pays for ur online gaming and don't laugh u stupid fag Xcrap 360 has already have hacked before Lasted about the same time as PSN beside its The Network's problem Not the Console you RedRing Fag


    xbox is always hacked anymore you dumbass!! go back to some of the older call of dutys and see how many hackers are on there. how bout you get your facts straight 1st before you run your mouth mommys boy

    xbox sucks

    we got hacked because people are jelouse of sony and i dont blame them so shut up and get used to the ring becouse sonys to good for that crap.


    I own a PS3 and a Xbox 360 both are great! I pay my $50/year. Not that bad. Also in 2008 Xbox live was down for 2 weeks from "hax0rz". Why argue over game consoles? Their both great consoles and both have their pro's and con's. I think anyone with any sense would agree.


    Im gonna keep it plain and simple... i have both systems and i agree that ps3 has better graphics but xbox has better support for playing online..basically meaning that less things go wrong with the xbox so how about you all shut the f*ck up and stop crying about which console is better...there both equally good.

    Thank you!

    Someone else agrees. Each system has its pros and cons, like I stated in the comment below.

    xbox has no pros only

    xbox has no pros only cons ps3 has only prows no cons

    xbox has no pros only

    xbox has no pros only cons ps3 has only prows no cons

    Less things to go wrong?

    I bought a ps3 the second it came down from the high prices and this is the first problem I have ever had the "the online hacking" and that's not even a problem with the system it's online play. My brother bought a xbox 360 and he has sent it in 6 times because of the red ring. He stopped sending it in and bought a ps3 and he hasn't had a problem since he made the switch. So you tell me what the better gaming system is.


    I agree that the fan boy arguments get old but I have to disagree with you about the systems being equally good. I have both xbox and ps3 and I would play the ps anyday before the xbox. Except right now of course. But from my playing on xbox there are a lot of cheap hacks that Microsoft doesn't catch. Like modern warfare 2 can't even be played on xbox cuz of hacks. The ps is better in 8/10 fields. The xbox 360 is a good start for Microsoft as Sony had the advantage of getting its ps1 out in 1994 but the ps is ultimately more powerful and a better preformer

    Haters for the Playstation

    Let me just say this. Ps3 is beast in its own way like the xbox. But the Ps3 is better, because they have better graphics, free online, and better games. And people who says "ps3 is for gay people" and crap your basically calling yourself gay. Inplus Sony was here first before the fcking xbox. Dont be haten on a good game system. - Delante

    CRISIS 2

    Crisis 2 will be the one game that truly (for now) tests the graphic power of the PS3. Put that game in both Xbox and PS3 and I am damn sure PS3 will trump it. PS3 is so far from it's limit where the 360 is already struggling. And Gears of War 3 looked like shit with hardly any background image. Grow a brain. PS3 is clearly stronger and capable of more, it's breakthrough technology, not some piece of shit that can read discslike the 360!!!

    lol the ps3 has been maxed

    lol the ps3 has been maxed out for years have you even seen a high end pc play those same games? crisis looks like pack man on a ps3 compared to a gaming pc a ps3 cant even use directX 10 pc's are already using directX 11 with far as the ps3 being better at games have you played through fallout 3 on it?i played that whole game downloaded content and all on pc,xbox and ps3 well i couldn't finish it on the ps3 because it wouldn't load the ad on content without locking up and lagging to hell.look it up there is about 70 million other people who had the same problem with the ps3 not handling that game.and yea breakthrough technology about 6 years ago lol.both xbox and ps3 are at the end of there run so be prepared to shell out your $ after christmas when they announce the new systems because the developers are finding it hard to get the games made for pc's to even run on these systems without killing the graphics

    crsis 2

    crysis 2 is the best looking game on ps3 as it stands it doesnt look like pacman unless you have testicles for eyes but i do agree that they will/should release the ps4 in 2012 because the ps3 hardware is getting a bit old nearly 6 years and just cant compete with pc graphics if they dont then they just suck cock

    problem with PC

    The big problem with the PC is that you have to get a new graphics card or buy a new PC to keep up with the new technology. unlike the Xbox360 or PS3

    ya should already put ps4 out

    ya should already put ps4 out for sale because people cant play online on the ps3 and people are gonna start to switch to xbox or wii

    That would never happen if

    That would never happen if your loyal to Sony Playstation you'd NEVER switch to another console!!!

    tell me why are you fools so

    tell me why are you fools so loyal to sony what have they done for you,besides take your money and give horrible customer support for the products you have bought from them?save your loyalty for someone who actually earns that right from you and dont just give it away to the first company who takes your money you realy think they care or even know who you are for that matter?the only thing a company as big as sony cares about from you is your wallet.we'll see how your loyalty is honored when you have something of there's break and you try to get it fixed.


    dude, Sony is the best. Microsoft is horroble. Why don't you just try the ps3. you will go crazy!! Anyway, i know what you feel.I tried both ps2 and xbox. i own the xbox but i have to say Sony and ps2 is the best. Not to mention i live in the Philippines and in 1 mall, in a place called Cyberzone, there is a small station called i-zone. it features Microsoft xbox 360 and ps3. i played on the ps3 and xbox 360. PS3 RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Because for one sony was one of the first company's to give an viable alternative to microsoft products (mac DOES NOT count) and to make a descent 3d gaming console (n64 was ok but lacked good games) now the alternative is a overgrown power hungry microsoft who has only released 2 sub par suck every dollar they can from you systems(by the way your trusting your gaming to a company that botches every other os) so yea i think ill stick with sony or with a pc someone gives me a xbox and ill use it once on 7/4 and blow it to ___

    i love how you talk down on

    i love how you talk down on the ps3. to talk down you would have had to come to this site. which mean s you actualy want to know about the ps4. prick


    you can play online on the ps3 now. you need to update to 3.61 and reset your password and email people wont go to wii or shitty xboxes iver because they wouldn't be good enoughth to ps3 users microsoft is crap sonys best nintendoe sonds more like dildoe