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Why the PS4?

  • Because it's not an XBox
  • Enables the greatest game developers in the world to unlock their creativity and push the boundaries of play through a platform that is tuned specifically to their needs.
  • "Suspend mode" eliminates the load time on your saved game and allows you to immediately return to where you left off by pressing the power button.
  • Engage in endless personal challenges between you and your community, and share your epic moments via social media and more for the world to see.
  • Gamers can share their epic triumphs by hitting the "SHARE button" on the controller, scan through the last few minutes of gameplay, tag it and return to the game.
  • With PS Vita, gamers will be able to seamlessly play PS4 games on the beautiful 5-inch display over Wi-Fi in a local environment
  • Countless epic games to choose from
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    PS4....come on baby!

    that is all. P.S Xbox, PS3, Wii......who cares, this is a forum for PS4...isnt it?? lets all get excited about the PS4 together........ *loud crazy excited laugh!!! mwahHAhahaHAAAhaha

    the possible price

    im getting worried about the price people keep saying it will be around 1000 bucks dont no if its true but thats just what peaple say.

    The best in the world

    now im thinking while i ate my kfc chicken, that i reckon that there nintendo 64 box is the best cause i like wave racing on the perty water. can ya dig it sucka?

    You're all idiots

    All of you morons arguing over which system is better, it's a matter of PREFERENCE. Some prefer they PS3, some prefer the 360, and some prefer both. :) Make love not war. \/

    ur a idiot

    ps3 has always been better 5 reasons 1.blueray 2.dont have to pay for online 3.way beeter graphics 4.dosnt break 10 times a year does every thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Truth:

    Yea, your right, they're all arguing over which system is better, but they don't know that the ultimate system is going to be the one that will play not only it's own maker's games, but games from the other maker's production too, Most likely will be sony, i think it will play microsoft and nintindo games... At that point, everyone will be right.

    a few reasons why playstation will always deffeat xbox no matter

    why should we make love not war when everybody know that the ps3 is better than the xbox by 100000% because the console is better the remote is better and ps3 is blu-ray and xbox isnt and ps3 has playstation network which is free when xbox u have to pay for xbox live.


    You dopes! Sony nor Microsoft will win the war! Nintendo FTW!

    gta 5

    When will it be release

    he might be

    a bull he might be telling the truth because my wife is japanese,,and in japan you can get a ps4 now..if you know the right poeple

    PS4 available in Japan=BS

    Your wife might be japanese but it seems she has no clue. The Hardware is not finalized even MONTHS before release the WII U developer kits changed recently again. PS4 Hardware doesnt even exist yet. And even in the unlikely case it would it would be far from final. Also no software exists yet.


    Ok, so if your wife is japanese, and she knows about the people that know the right people to get the ps4, why doesn't she get all them people to get you one, since she's japanese and everything, cause being japanese can give you a more direct link to Sony or something...


    wtf having a japanese wife dosent mean anything retard. itll be the same if your wifes american. if you havent worked in sony no matter what youll be the same as everone else

    i have more too add

    before i say anything jw did PS4 get dual layer BD that's rumored? now about japan i hear from vacationers too japan saw faster internet than what the US has. could be why ps3 can handle 1 gigabit ethernet cables. 360 handle 100 megabit. also japan has hotter girls


    you are actually the dumb ass



    which one is better? xbox or ps3?

    this arguing is going to entertain u guys.ps3 is better than xbox and u know end of the story.


    p3s any time over xbox

    PS4 GMS


    which one is better?

    and let u know guys ps4 is going to be better than 720


    no its gonna be better that 1020



    HA HA



    PS4 coming OUT NEXT YEAR for $400


    PS4 coming OUT NEXT YEAR for $400


    The ps 3 and ps 4 will pone exbox

    No Chance

    The ps3 itself is better then anything xbox can think of. So teh ps4 would leave them with no chance.

    Just comparing

    Ps3 is the best but xbox has a way better controller. The avatar settings are awesome and achievements are the reason that I love my xbox, other then that, ps3 all day.


    Watching you console noobs arguing over which console is better is very entertaining.It's like arguing about who's shit tastes better, from the one who ate strawberries or from the other guy who ate vegetables, either way you are eating shit so what's the difference. And I'm really sorry for my comment but I find this analogy quite appropriate. Either way, next gen of consoles will ruin PC gaming for years to come. Each generation of consoles degrades PC gaming bit by bit and that is the trend that doesen't have tendency to stop. Moj drug Vasic mora da tusira guzu posto kenja;)

    just a bit dumb dont you think ?

    There's no way that console gaming will ever replace pc-gaming maybe degrade for a few seconds while the big guys at ubi blizz etc is brainstorming new concepts... Who the f*** would rather play FPS on a console.. Overall the gaming experience is alot better on a computer, well atleast for people who can handle enough buttons :O Id agree maybe a racing game is more fun on a console.. but I guess thats it!

    PC's get ruined by consoles

    That is not true, each generations of pc gets better and better. And pc will never get beat'n!

    PCs kinda cheat

    360 exclusives, more costumization, graphics, has programs 2 update and aren't pc generations every 3-24 months?

    xbox live banned

    what about xbox live banning everyone for no reason once u r banned ur stuck with a console that u cant use online anymore !!!!!1 bullshit


    Hey my name is chris and im going to be making a playstation website that will have everything about playstation and the network so when i have it finished i will let you know. details will be on the website

    Cry babies

    Lets face it,the Ps3 and 360 both have there pros and cons, thats why I own them both. For the record the younger gamers perfer WII hands down . I will buy PS4 at any cost , as well as 720 . Once a gamer always a die hard gamer.


    Ps3 ps4 black ops four20_4eva can't stop me

    hell yeah i will

    hell yeah i will buy a $800 dollar gameing console even more if thats going to take

    Is the Playstation move any good?

    Or were these motion sensors just a fad?I cant imagine having to move the whole fricking game.A little feed back would be nice.I have heard great things about kinect.


    the reason kinect is shit is because there is no decent games for it if you were thinking about getting it don't as you said this whole kinect, psmove and wii thing is just a fad

    xbox breaks

    the original xbox was very unreliable. When i used it in my living room it couldn't handle the dust and just turned of and stayed like that for the rest of the day. Hate to hate but xbox has a unsatisfactory lifespan whereas my ps2 i've had since 2003 is running stable and steady as the beat. I love both franchises but xbox has to work on the quality of their hardware. They have fixed it up with some newer xboxes but the problem comes back after a while.

    ps bud rastamon

    Better than 420 dudes. Like flying with a geane that has no nuts on a bareskin rug.

    ps4 available already?

    some say that it's available in Saudi..... ha!ha! but i wont buy it cause its expensive from flight to buy. ps(do'nt comment at me if you do'nt get it)

    I believe i can fly!

    will it hover??? will it have blue ray??? do you love me??? i love u Hitler ps hes a lovely fella. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    anybody who has posted a comment concerning any gay nintendo console especially the wii should be ashamed. Playstation is superior to Xbox, Wii, and PC. It just has way more advantages. -Free online -Internet browser -Blue ray player -Better graphics (due to the fact that games are on blue rays) -Better controllers -Better games (InFamous, Ratchet and clank, God of war, etc.) -More exclusives -More reliable Playstation FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This is not going to sell well because SEGA made a console like this that was 3D they just want to steal the 3DS. I am a wii owner not a xbox or ps4 owner


    Playstation's graphics are not better than Xbox, and BluRay has little to do with it. THe only difference bluray makes is the amount of data they have to make the game. PS3's graphics engine is actually a bit behind the 360, more specifically in antialiasing. I have several games that were available on both consoles, and not only do they load faster on 360, they also look better- anti-aliasing is far more readily accomplished when ported through the 360. Sorry, but Sony dropped the ball on that one. Still love their games though.

    are you blind?

    game raters even know the 360 can't do 1080p and wasted all of its power. go check out starhawk and you'll see how far behind that maxed out power 360 is. its already upscaling too 720p, so it obviously has no more power too cough out while ps3 has some power too spare. plus SR3 used up all the 360 power and has 50% skipped frames

    ur plain stupid...

    how many tons of stupidity can your brain withstand?? saying that PS3 is better than a can be better than any other console i agree with that but nothing compares to PC power...the power of a PC depends from the amount of money on your pockets...


    I swear to god if PS4 is designed to completely obsolete PS3, meaning that you can't play games on the PS4 that were originally made on the PS3, like Killzone3, Games are only released for PS4 and not PS3, And that the networks are not connected, And if PS4 cost WAY too much money, I will simply give up in SONY and buy a dam XBOX.