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Why the PS4?

  • Because it's not an XBox
  • Enables the greatest game developers in the world to unlock their creativity and push the boundaries of play through a platform that is tuned specifically to their needs.
  • "Suspend mode" eliminates the load time on your saved game and allows you to immediately return to where you left off by pressing the power button.
  • Engage in endless personal challenges between you and your community, and share your epic moments via social media and more for the world to see.
  • Gamers can share their epic triumphs by hitting the "SHARE button" on the controller, scan through the last few minutes of gameplay, tag it and return to the game.
  • With PS Vita, gamers will be able to seamlessly play PS4 games on the beautiful 5-inch display over Wi-Fi in a local environment
  • Countless epic games to choose from
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    wrong name

    It would me called playtendo360

    Ps4 will be great I live in

    Ps4 will be great I live in england most people round here prefer the ps3 then xbox and nintendo ps4 will be on a leuge of ther own and I already av the money fr 1 so I carnt wait for its realse coz im defo pre ordering it


    how much it costs?


    probably like 500$


    try round 650.00 to 700.00 thats being realistic and that sux

    $500 = roughly £305 that

    $500 = roughly £305 that isn't a lot considering something like an iphone 5. Then £300 is bloody cheap,however, the prices are bound to be higher


    playstation 3 have more games then the x box plus you can do more on it .and the will no for either consoleg


    You can not do more on the PS3 than the Xbox 360. IF so, tell me what? Games? Maybe if you play games like my little pony.

    2x wrong

    ps3 rapes the sex box any day


    i think ps3 is the best in world i love you sony

    your wrong

    blu ray free online gaming iphone controller the list goes on and sir

    I wish that was a game, i

    I wish that was a game, i would play that all day... I am serious!

    Ignore him

    He is just a kid.(by the way he types i doubt hes over 10)


    you should be able to play gears of war on it.


    i hope not gears blows keep that game please!

    One thing I would like to see.

    Would be force feedback joysticks. I like really getting into a game and if I could feel the tension on my steering wheel, or how tough it is to move after getting shot, or the G-force on my jet as I corner so I can know better how much to brake. also 2-4GB ram, dual Cells or a really improved Cell, better software (web browser etc.) and some improvements to their Game-OS.. and why not use dual graphics? but at least a total of 1GB graphics ram.

    I created a new email and

    I created a new email and signed up to this and have had 0 spam in months. Nice to see honesty on the internet :D Can't wait for Sony to release some more info on the PS4


    sony do it


    IT WILL COST AROUND $899.99 dont forget it will go by how much memory u want duh this is obvious the higher one will be $999.99 middle price = 8 lowest price $699.99, with game $750.00 two games $800.00 and what that equals a used car,new laptop or desktop,clothes, shoes,rent,bills dont forget u might need to have a 3D T.V lmao so save up or u can wait till the prices drop or buy more games say like 20-30 all up to date games and along with your PS3 trade everything in then u can afford a PS4 but with no games just a demo : ( yes GTA 5 is going to cost $60.00 SO save save

    So True

    Your right. I would wait for prices to drop and if I have those $1,000 (how you say it "might" be it's highest price)to buy it, I would be very happy to spend it on my game collection even though i'm just starting out.

    BUT REMEMer there

    BUT REMEMer there are going to be difrent models of ps4 and im douting they will all be the same price fro ex. the glass one is like a touch so it might cost more and the red one is cool na dthe grey one and other red on , so it might cost more ... and the games , if ps3 games cost -$60 then imagine ps4 games wat 100$ for a new game , DAWN sony. u guys just want money, u spent 100,000$ just for this ps4 which is no diff. then ps3 just games and 2.0 more hd dam tht messed up and u expect people to by it and earn the monay all back!!

    You are SO right

    I know, it'll be VERY expensive to buy it and only the riches ones can have it - that's not very fair but I understand that no one thinks how unfair it is, I only have PS2 and abt to get PS3 maby in x-mas but does that even make sense if it's games will be out of the shops allredy then :(( And I don't have money to buy games like million in a time but maby two or one in a year D:

    ermmmm. no !

    if you look on the rest of the pages it clear says that the ps4 will be priced at around 425 pounds and if your too poor then shut up u poor person...


    First off thats a horrible thing to say. Second off, they PS4 will most likely be under 400, primarily because Sony was hit hard when nobody wanted to buy the PS3 when it first came out. And besides, this site isn't even an official Sony site.

    Seriously you need to think about it yourself.

    Sony won't be paying full, retail price for their parts. Even a GPU like a HD 7870 retails for £120 to buy from Amazon UK (can likely be had for say half that), even 8GB of the fast 2400Mhz DDR3 isn't more than £85 (4GB is all that's really needed and again can be had for a fraction of that cost), a motherboard is maybe double the price of the GPU RRP, maybe a little more, an APU like the A8-3870k is about £90 (Sony will likely use a model with a better GPU in the set-up and maybe designed better for a console), some other parts maybe amount to a couple hundred more if bought retail, that's it really, Sony can get those parts for far cheaper than consumers will pay to build a fairly decent gaming PC, of course AMD will mod the APU and external GPU to work well together as would any company helping to build next-gen hardware. Such a console would be a major leap up from PS3's hardware. This whole thing could be released for maybe £300-£350, so far less than $699.99 even if Sony doesn't take a massive loss on PS4, it could easily have a terabyte hard drive, 32GB SSD for OS/Saves/loading quickly, be a powerful crossfire machine and because it'd be built to make use of most of the hardware for gaming you'd get more performance than in a similar gaming PC set-up. Something like that would easily be able to run even the most demanding games, on high or ultra level PC settings and easily do 60fps at full 1080p. The GPU BTW can do eyefinity so even higher resolutions are possible. If Sony builds most of the parts in house, like the motherboard, bluray drive, casing they can tweak things further to run very well.

    The price

    If its going to cost that much then no one is going to buy it. Also I heard its going to come out holiday season 2013, so its most likely going to be on sale for a few months.

    Idea For Sony

    I think Sony should make this helmet contraption where you put it on and your in the actual game. I know you might be thinking "wtf isn't that like 3D, kinect, or PlayStation Move?!" But honestly I don't agree. I'm not much of and experienced gamer, hell with it i'm a 13 year old, but imagine yourself playing Mass Effect 3, Call Of Duty, etc. and you (LITERALLY MEANING YOU) in the game being able to actually hold the gun or grenade or whatnot in your hands! I think it would take work but it's a great idea.


    OMG like my idea i with they do it


    OMG like my idea i with they do it

    i agree with you i always

    i agree with you i always thought about that and i think it will be an awesome idea, but yeah lets see what happens ..


    I like your idea that would be awesome.


    That will be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMAGINE PLAYING A GAME AND BEING IN IT


    when is the PS4 going to come out


    it will come in 9-10/2013 i am sure

    itll come

    actually its gonna come out in november 2012

    i cant stand it

    i hope they wait for atleast a year or even two to relaese the 4th playstation its just now gettin really broke in make more competitive games now let microsoft and nintendo do what ever they want it will still keep up but then release the ps4 after the others let them really get all the kinks worked out and make it worth buying its an investment not a toy make people wanna own a real machine that runs perfectcly and flawless and also have the largest array of games also because of every company copying each other thtats my opinion... think about it

    fureal, beacuse black ops 2

    fureal, beacuse black ops 2 is gonna come the ps4, and then we are just gonna leve ps3 behind and buy ps4 and tht sucks


    First off, may I commend you on your impeccable use of the English language. And second off, black ops 2 comes out this November for the playstation 3 and Xbox 360. So where you are getting your information, I'm not sure.


    No it need to be done like always the Traditional way. With the Playstation first.


    It comes out on December 14 2012 here is link :)


    it 2013

    Look at the Counter

    If you actually look at the counter as of 4/30/13 4:45Am it was 5 Months, 14 Days, & 19 Hours away. That would put it at October 14-15 not December.

    Opposing Faction

    PS4 won't destroy Xbox720; Kinect will do all the work.


    i dont even have a ps3 yet i would like to one but im stuck with a nentedo wii and a ps2

    not enough money

    it stinks not having enough money to buy new game systems


    just save up all ur money like me than u can have one u dnt have to be rich to buy one of them hehe