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apparently ps4 will see light in 2012 they say they will start on it at the end of 2011 which doesn't really make sense to me a year to make a next gen console hmmmmmm my prediction would be 2013 but who knows lets hope im wrong cos i jus dont see how that can happen

Oh, you're wrong.

Programmers at Sony have been fervently working on the ps4 since the release of the ps3. Don't worry about it, there's plenty of time and sweat going into it. Considering what the rest of the world has started doing, 3D is a high probability. Though, I hope you can decide whether or not you'd like to play in 3D. It gives me a headache. ;) But I like it in moderation.


you can already play 3d games on ps3 only if you have 3d tv and if it happens one the ps4 you will still need a 3d tv

answer this?

how much will it be?


I like posting stuff.


Ohh 3-D sounds good


Does anyone know how big it will be?


I hope the ps4 wiL be released before the end of NOVEMBER

fingers crossed

Gotta say from everything i have read on the next playstation it seems like there trying to just wipe out the ps3 completely , ie the move to AMD Which i add is smart and will do away with backwards comp an would mean re porting of the same titles on the PSN now known as SEN but much smoother. Gotta say i liked the PS3 but with the let down of its system ie, the linux software / yellow dog , the abilty to make a ps2 memory card but not to play the games, the lack of in game party chat, bad servers and the complete network hack the PS3 on all them counts is flawed and with FAIL OVER FLOW showing just how weak the software is compared to XBOX i think the best Sony can do is make a console that says the ps3 is officaly dead this is the next gen console unless they can have a stand out feature to set it aside from the rest i wouldnt be suprised if my well informed sources are correct in saying that Sony will NOT make another home console if the PS4 suffers like the PS3. An for thoughs who think the PS3 done well ask a real Sony exec how much has the PS3 made in revenue against loss trust me when i say an i love Sony the PS3 to Sony was a gigantic balls up


totaly right an i bet alot of ps3 fanboys aint gonna like your comment but i fully agree RIP PS3 some great games but overall a flop compared to 360

f the xbox

I hv had the 360 and its pure garbage how dare u come here sayin the 360 is better even u know it is just face it

Putting things into perspective.....

Xbox 360 and PS3 are not actually that far apart in sales, considering the PS3 was released a year after Xbox this shows how well the console has done, of course Wii outsold them both by at least 20 million units, which shows that system having the earlier release date and more consumer appeal to a wider audience is what gained them that level of sales. BTW Red Ring in a lot of the 360's hardware and far fewer Yellow Lights in PS3 shows that what you've said about the PS3 is quite hypocrytical, . The only reason Xbox live has better support and other things is because it's paid for, which is why there weren't mess-ups on internet support from Microsoft, for a free service PSN has actually been pretty good, besides the one major issue with the hack every time I've wanted to use my PS3 online I've never had any problems, I have an Xbox 360 aswell and tbh I wouldn't say that Xbox live is actually that much better, for what people are paying for the service it isn't that far apart from PSN, basically microsoft is rinsing people of money to play games online and gain access to a service where they can buy more content through points which they pay for. Sony has a lot of good exclusives with Uncharted, Resistance, Infamous, Little Big Planet, God Of War, Rachet and Clank, so no forgetting the PS3 name and it's entire catalog of games wouldn't be a good move, backwards compatibility in PS4 is essential to a massive group of PS3 owners, same goes for Xbox 360 owners, I'm one of both and to be able to box up both last gen consoles to make space for the new ones frees up plug sockets and space under my TV, it just makes sense and wouldn't require much in the way of hardware to make such a thing work. It's in game developers interest to make their games for multiple platforms because the size of the userbase they get to sell to is massive. Cell is clearly a powerful piece of technology, considering what GOW 4, Uncharted 3, The Last Of Us and Beyond all look in the graphics department and how smoothly they all look to play even with the hardware being pushed to it's limits shows how a power boost to a new cell could give an amazing level of graphical power in the next console. BTW I'm not saying newer, regular PC hardware won't push things above what PS3 does, that's of course evident on current PC hardware, but to count out a piece of technology like the Cell because some developers initially had issues getting to grips with it is BS, all Sony has to do is provide better developer support, make a new cell more accessible, give plenty of ram in the hardware and things will run far better than they do now. Disregarding the cell when it's cost them so much IMO shows why they likely won't drop the tech or why it'll have to be a feature in the next machine. Apparently Sony filed a patent for a 4 ppe, 4 spe cell in 2010, this has been mentioned on the site Neogaf, with extensive research being done by the user Jeff Riggs. This cell apparently shares similarities to AMD's HSA technology, Sony is also apperently working this into a stacked system, with ram stack very close to an AMD APU that features cell components. BTW if Sony wanted to they could come out with this quad core cell and if they manufacture it at 20nm it'll have 1.2 TFlops in graphical power without any GPU and each cell would take up less space than PS3's cell, using less power to boot. Jack Tretton has already said Sony wants to bring the best machine they can, so I think it's worth keeping that figure in mind, it'd make for a console that's at least 6 times more powerful than PS3, add in a moderate GPU chip into that cell and it'd be easy for Sony to produce a console with 2 Tflops and since another dedicated GPU has been rumoured to be a part of the system this only goes to show the system could be in excess of 10 times more powerful than PS3, that kind of power in a console will easily make for full native 1080p, with high levels of effects and frame rates too. TBH with a new cell Sony can reap the rewards of all the dev costs they paid out and factory buying they did for the hardware when PS3 was made. A new cell would be more cost effective than buying up anything from standard PC parts that won't come close with off the shelf parts in cost per performance. Considering cell can do graphics and the other stuff Sony could just make a hexcore cell, with the same layout as each PS3's cell, just shrink the CBEs down to modern levels (manufactured around 20nm) and have a beast that can produce almost 5 TFlops, make it a stacked unit with a decent amount of fast unified ram, add in a 12x bluray drive, put the OS on SSD, use said SSD for updates and quick loading/saves, give the console a decent power source, plenty of cooling and they've got a machine with the majority of parts being made in house, which means less of a loss when the machine comes out. Considering Bluray is far cheaper now than it was 6 years ago that frees up money to spend on a new cell, power and cooling. If some PS4/AMD rumours are true then all Sony has to do to keep BC is add in PS3 hardware and turn it off until it's needed to play PS3 games, thus no power drain until PS3 games are in use.

To add.....

The user on Neogaf was jeff_rigby and here's the link to the major discussion on neogaf:

I agre.

I do agre in 100%. I just wish the doit as soon as posible. And I would say with benefits for Sony. As I mention in some other article, that time is a key to get more customers and fanboys ahead of cometition.


The PS3 is more powerful than the Xbox360. Why? Think of it, Sony is a big company< right? And so is Microsoft. The PS3 didnt suffer that much. Yeah the got hacked so what? The Xbox has always had a failer in itz system, it can have the Red Ring of Death. Even the new Xbox720 will have it. trust me. PS4 is the most powerful piece of technology made. It will be a hit. so say goodbye Microsoft. and let me tell you this much, Microsoft doesnt really care about anything but money. the get the cheapest crap they can find and puts it in the stuff. thats why the new Black Ops game is going to push the Xbox's to theyre limit. PS3? Hardly affected.

Do you realy know what you saing???

Xbox is still the best selling console in US and not only. I do love PS 3 but i see how it goes. Sony is on a bed revenue sins last year. PS 3 is not selling as they wish. Beside why if PS is so powerful I see still better graphics on my frends xbox 360s, as we talk about multiplatform games? You can't judged only on aspects of what you like, but on how looks the truth. Reconsider pleas based on facts, your opinion.

Some perspective

Lets put things into perspective, when it comes to sales globally PS3 is a little over 3 million units behind Xbox 360 and 360 was released about a year before PS3 came out (PS3 has sold more units in Europe, Japan and Canada). Multiplatform games are in most cases actually made for the Xbox first (because it's closer to PC hardware) and ported to PS3, so they aren't made with PS3 hardware in mind and those devs for the most part can't be bothered to take full advantage of the PS3's hardware due to monetary reasons. If we look at PS3 exclusives, like the Uncharted games, God of War 3 and 4, The Last Of Us, pretty much all exclusives (minus maybe Forza 3 or 4 vs GT5) look better on the PS3 than the Xbox 360's exclusives. The Last Of Us is a big example of this, it's textures and overall look is far more acomplished than say a recent title like Halo 4, which has textures that look more flat. BTW I have both Xbox 360 and PS3, I like both consoles, but to be objective the majority of games that are actually made using with the cell in mind look better when compared to 360 exclusives. Even a game like Gears of War 3 isn't as good looking as Resistance 3.

yes he kinda does.

look the sony company started playstation off with the psx, but it was junked but the ps1 was a hit with epic 3d graphics by the time the xbox was released the ps2 was out which had great games then came ps3, the xbox360 and the wii. alot of people would say that the ps3 and 360 are rival consoles but i think that in sonys "eyes" nintendo is the rival when the 3ds got second analog stick sony made a third analog stick for the vita afterwards coincidence i think not. Nintendo has been selling consoles and making really fun video games since before sonyy got into the video game franchise, which raises the question, why does the wii have good games but crummy graphics while xbox and playstation have both great games and great graphics.


xbox has a failure rate of more than 30% and on graphics you must of got your screens mixed up or you just keep telling yourself that xbox is better. The PSN is free, so it got hacked its still FREE!!!!!! i rarely have any problems but the network does not effect your costly console and on that note xbox might be top seller as you say its only because there has been so many replaced because if you have 25 games for xbox its just cheaper to replace the xbox but better just sell all your xbox stuff and get a ps3 and btw gamestop has layaway thanks people


The reason some multi platform games look better on 360 is because they are made to the 360's limitations rather than ps3' limitations.


The PS4 doesn't exist yet

Consoles are getting ridiculous

Honestly if the ps4 is coming out with out backwards compatible and or not able to play ps3 games, then that would consider to be a waste of my time and find no reason to buy it. Eventually they are gonna lose some money if this ever came in porduction.

sad but true

although i see where your comeing from if they didnt include backwards comp its not the end of the world games have to move forward pal and you cant move forward if your constantly dragging the previous along with the new cause then you always have to consider in r n d when makeing new tech a way to still use the old and thats not what tech is about its about advanceing forward away from the old sad but true


Why would the PS4 be so mush money. Even the xbox 720 is supposed to be around 400-500 dollars.NOT 1,000$ It needs to be much cheaper

PS4 price

when the ps3 came out it was around $300-$400. it was because of how expensive it was to make the ps3. the ps4 is at a good price range for how expecive it is to make a such powerful console. the xbox 720 is acually based around $700. it was a very very cheap made console.

Re: PS4 price

PS3 was actually $499 (for the 20gb) and $599 (for the 60gb) when it was released in the US, it sold for £425 (this was the 60gb) in the UK. If Sony goes with something like a custom AMD APU (like the A8, only with a better built in GPU chip), slaps in a 6870 as the descrete GPU, 4GB of ram and all the other stuff they could still produce a PS4 with at least 10 times the power of PS3 and make a next gen machine that costs £300, while making a far smaller loss than they made on the PS3. AMD could still likely make hundreds of millions to a few billion over a few years of PS4 sales if PS4 sells tens of millions of units. Apparently AMD's APUs share similarities with cell, hell if Sony just goes for an improved cell (quad or hex core, shrunk down internals to 28-22nm on everything and fewer SPUs per core, plenty of memory cache in the chip) they could easily make a multi teraflop machine out of that chip alone and build it in house with their factories. Considering Xbox 720 info microsoft has had their lawyers pull from the net puts the 720 at potentially a similar power level to Wii U this would actually make the PS4 the most powerful next gen console and a GPU like the 6870 alongside either a modded A8 or their own cell would mean we'll likely be getting high PC level settings and all it would take is for Sony to put in a decent PSU and a high end cooling (which would be cheap to make in house).

Ur I'm a

Ur I'm a tester for game systems. It cost about 75 dollars to make... its the labor and the rate of demand. That'd what makes the price...its simple biz ethics.



Who cares

I plan on buying both the Xbox 720 and the ps4, regardless of the price. As an adult gamer I am kinda hopping that they will cost between 500-700 that way I am lest likely to run into whinny rug rats when playing more mature mature games

ps4 pice

It said it was around $500

Violence is the answer

....Sony /Micosoft/...will rid nintendo by blowing up factories...this will not be good but its the only way they both can survive without banktrupsy......of trying to out do one another!


will i be able to see my frends from ps3 on ps4?

xbox sux

Ps3 plays 3d not xbox hahaha xbox sux

acctually there are some

acctually there are some games on xbox that are "3d" but require the nerdy glasses


This system better be extremely gripping. Im hoping the creaters of this ps4 thought out of the box rather than in it.

The Truth

Xbox has sold more consoles than ps3 because they break. Plain and simple and if u actually look at the statistics tics. The 360 has sold around 71 million consoles and the ps3 has sold 68 million and the psvita has sold around 4 million. The ps3 doesn't breakdown nearly as fast as 360 therefore people don't have to buy a new one. So I would say the ps3 has an estimated 5-10 million more users. Not to mention the 360 only outsells the ps3 in USA. The ps3 owns all other major gaming markets. So I hope that helps the debate. Also there are growing reports that the Chinese government will allow ps3's to be sold and support online play. So there's no telling how many more people will be playing it. Xbox isn't selling in any 3rd world markets. Ps3 is selling in 3rd world and gaining ground. I estimate that ps4 will be king of the consoles based purely on the growing markets. China will bump the Ps3 ahead once and for all. Thank you that's my piece.

Re: TheTruth

The PS3 has technically sold faster than the Xbox 360 globally. Now PS3 has sold 70.2 million units, next the 360's 70 million, so PS3 has now overtaken the 360. As the post underneath mine says the PS3 was released a year after the 360, technically PS3 would be at a similar level if it had sold 10 million units less than the 360 because of the console coming out a year after 360. If PS3 is now edging out the 360 in sales it shows that Sony's machine is in more demand, this may be to do with the fact that PS3 is a reasonably priced, well equipped bluray player, as well as a quality games console, which has increased value in the eyes of consumers over the Xbox, which cannot play blurays. What will happen next gen remains to be seen, technically from a sales point of view the Wii was the king of the current generation selling over 90 million unit. Wii U is selling well, some 400,000 units from US sales alone, nintendo expects they will sell about 3.5 million by the of the year around the globally, we'll have to wait and see how PS4 and Xbox 720 do, though I think demand for them will be high. In terms of hardware performance I don't doubt PS4 & XBox 720 will be a significant jump in power compared to the Wii U, probably with costs not being much higher than the Wii U if both companies don't try to bundle performance tablets with their machines, but even if they did copy nintendo they could probably add a decent jump in power by not going down the low-wattage, tiny box route that nintendo has with the Wii U.

The Truth Re:

I have to agree with this. I personally went through 4 xbox360's.. 4 is a large number when we're talking about a console that maintains a high price for the first two, the other two were around price drops. One of those were used. I got my playstation and i have not a problem. It was actually my "computer" until i got my rig i use now. But i still frequently get on. And just saying, i don't know a single person that has only had 1 xbox. That is a terrible failure rate, just in my small town. I'll say roughly 9 friends i can think of right now, have went through 2 or more xboxes. 9x2= 18 xboxes. Ridiculous. But i'm not a fanboy, this is just the truth people don't want to see. Kinda like how CoD fans don't "believe" Battlefield 3 captures the war experience better in a more adult fashion. Just look at the facts and accept it.

The Truth

My view is that i dont mind buying american as long as they dont touch my electronics, i mean microsoft and apple are just plain junk i like quality electronics preferably japan because im sorry being an american myself we dont do electronics well here they break and spaz out. I love my ps3 had it for 3-4 years now and had 1 YLOD and fixed it by wiping my hdd and my uncle has had 3 RROD and had to replace all of them and finnally got a ps3 and hasnt had a single issue. any model 250gb and up are just unbreakable. ive played mine 18 straigt hours and it was only slightly hot and never slowed down. and the controller issue is just rediculous first they sell aftermarket ps3 controllers for bigger hands, secondly i have huge hands and find myself having trouble holding the xbox controllers because of the design my hands just slide off...and for ps3 i dont even have to buy batteries, my uncles controllers died and he had to go buy batteries at the dollar store because he had used all of them in his controller. xbox and ps3 graphics are the same people 30fps 720/1080hd almost identical in speed. the only thing i am jealous of is their dang forza series gt5 yes has 1000 cars but only 200 are completely finished and they have only 4 mustangs but the same year skyline with a different engine style. oh well i will never own a piece of junk and that anonamous guy that says xbox sold more because they break is one of the smartest people in this discussion.

The truth continued

One of the major points I hear from 360 players is that it's better because it has party chat. That is a bunch of bs. First of all with all the technology available, just use Skype or something. Its not a deal breaker. Party chat is something that kids like not gamers. And second of all the ps vita has party chat, so I pretty much guarantee 99.9999% that the ps4 will have it. So now no1 (even kids) has reason to get a 720.

the truth continued YEAH RIGHT

Got to say your talking bs there dude all my mates and the people i know who own a 360 use party chat all the time its nothing to do with age its like useing skype while playing WOW or SWTOR etc helps players work together an friends to chat an have a laugh completely unfounded to believe only the kids use it and dumb! An yeah i suppose people could use an alternative like skype but why would they? party chat on the 360 does not dissrupt gameplay you can party chat while playing a diffrent game to your friends if you choose so going back to your suggestion of just use skype its a dumb idea when you can run all through 1 device. I'm not a 360 fanboy but a true gamer who likes all consoles for there diffrent perks and not naive and single console minded!

Sony ps3 sold off blu ray not cause of games it has...facts

Xbox 360 with the rrod people didn't care, people still buy. Why you ask, cause it had the best games that was suppose to be exclusives to ps3 launch. Look at where tekken landed when its one of the few games sony made a killing with on the ps2. Thats just an example. Gsmes! is what move the gamers not consoles. look at how games on phones are doing, thats my point. Im all in favor for who got the goods(games) not the hardware. I was once a fan of sony from the first one o the ps2, the other point i like to add, sony sold ps3 because it was a cheap blu ray hardware, thats what i ended up using mines for. But the heart of my gaming is xbox 360.

PS4 needs its own Halo!

I would like for PS to have its own game strictly for PS users like how x box has halo.


The ps3 has a lot of ps only games. How do u not know that? Many say the ps originals are better than xbox's. Let's see just off the top of my head there's, resistance series, gran turismo series, killzone series, little big planet series, ratchet and clank series, and of course the uncharted series. I'm sure there's more, but that all I can remember at this time. I think there's lots of Japanese games as well, containing an entire anime genre that Xbox doesn't sell. So don't say ps doesn't have originals. IMO ps originals are better.

ps3 only games

killzone is ps3s answer to halo, not necessarily as popular but at least its something and also MAG is a ps only game it has a 128 player capacity and was released in 2009