Would you have paid $1000 for a new PS4 (before it came out)?

13% (2441 votes)
69% (12964 votes)
Maybe I would need to know more
18% (3454 votes)
Total votes: 18859



I don't want 12-15 year old kids playing anyway. Immaturity is ruining the gaming experience on most online games. Take CoD for example, would be a great game if everyone didn't exploit/hack everything. Buy an xbox.

its cheap as

Its only like £600 all you thick people saying oh its way too much are all jocking anybody could save up quickly and if you cant afford it you must be living in a mega poor part of aisa i would buy it


i still think no one will buy a ps4 for over 600 if its a thousand there going to get way less sells there be more people playing ps3 than ps4 any day


i think that is totally true who is actually going to buy a £600 gaming console that will shadowed by the soon coming ps5 and ps6 i think that sony should delay the ps4 coming out next year the ps3 has still potential the ps4 just gonna cost more money and its gonna be the same as a ps3 anyway THE PS3 IS THE BEST SO FAR


uhm i say you fail...
it is a problem with the price en what you get for it..
Sony must show us it is worth the price...
And you fail a bit too say that you must be poor to not buy the ps4...

PS4 Price

It's sad now how companies care more about how much money they make, instead of thinking about all these raising gas prices and stuff. The PS3 could of been better I mean touch screen technology isn't that expensive why couldn't they have included it with the PS3. And here's another thing believe it or not the PS4 will be no different then the PS3, I mean what else can you add that would be worth the money. I have like $1000 in PS1, PS2, and PS3 games, but $1000 for a video game CONSOLE. What is it made out of pure gold like what a joke. Another thing you guys need to know is that this isn't an offical Sony website, it's a fansite, you can't just start saying "Oh the PS4 is gonna be $1000 wow I'm not buying it." Wait until they release the official price first. Even if the PS4 is $1000 nobody has a gun to your head saying "Buy the PS4." PS3 is really all you need, but I do remember reading one comment on how the PS3 has garbage streaming and I agree. About 60% of everything I wanna watch ends up with a message saying you need a plugin to run this or download the plugin to watch this. And I don't remember if the PS3 was suppose to have HD or not but video quality is pretty bad, especially in full screen. I'm gonna stick with my PS3 for a few years after the PS4 because it's gonna be extremely pricey. A Desktop would be worth $1000, not some shiny piece of plastic that has a new design, with a new controller. They might of got away with that with the PS3, but it was worth $300. To many of you trust random fansites, just chill out and wait until a trailer comes out. And for anybody who acts like $1000 isn't alot, it is. By the way Xbox 360 is absolutely the worst system ever, I know people who are on their 4th or 5th Xbox. I play on mine like 8 hours a day and you hardly feel any heat coming out of the thing. You play Xbox for a month "Oops red light of death time to smash it." One last thing I am so sick and tired of buying a new console just to play one game that I wanna play so bad. For example I had every ratchet and clank game for the PS2, then the PS3 came out and because those ratchet and clank games looked so good on the PS3 I had to buy it. Forget the trashbox, and the horrible controllers, PS3 or be in the front row of a rick ross concert while he's crowd surfing. Remember this quote "Money is hard to make, and easy to spend."

PS4 being a 1000$

The PS4 being a 1000$ would be worth the price; if the PS3 games worked flawlessly on the system, be able to use the system with flash and java on a full HTML browser, the bluray drive capable of playing quad layer disks that are pre-recorded and recorded, all new games that come out are 1080P @ 60 (fps) frames per second or higher resolution, and ask the user if they want to install a new update and not have to when starting a game. Then the PS4 would be worth the 1000$ price tag!


don't be silly
500 euro and that's enough!!


true but $1000/£1000 could buy a used car instead of a ps4 which has no benefit it only benefits to people that nothing to do and failed at school

You dont know the PS3 very good do you ?

The BR drive in the PS3 can read 8 layers with a FW update not just 4. PS3 could theoretically have 400gb Discs its just useless to have even more storage 50gb are plenty.

You are only forced to update a game if you want to play online, this will never change. But you dont need to update if you want just SP mode. Press circle. The reason why you need to update for online is so everyone has the same software and is not at an advantage/disadvantage with an older build.

if it has ps3 bc i'd pay up to $1500

if it worked with ps3 games i'd pay up to $1500 but it would have to have = or better specs then the best gaming pc @ date of release and killzone 4

rember when the ps3 came out it was $999

hmmm the ps3 was $999 and people dived in and brought them and the same will happen with the ps4 oh and i would like to play runescape on it and sell my pc

few problems with your statements

First of all, sony does care about raising gas prices. Interesting fact, Sony spent more money to manufacture each PS3 than they made. They lost 2 billion dollars just in the first year to make it more affordable. And in 2006, touchscreen,believe it or not was expensive and to incorporate it, they would have had to put a screen in the controller or the PS3 itself (seeing as touchscreen TVs were impossible to get your hands on for a reasonable price)causing the price to increase immensely. The reason the PS3's are $300 now is they buffed it down (Cell chip now 32nm, smaller fan, removed PS2 chip and so on). Secondly, the PS4 will be different than the PS3. It will have better features, like improved browser, more apss, and so on. But most importantly, it will be stronger and faster. Games still only use about 60% of the PS3's total power, but in 2012, they could take nearly 100%. Besides, Microsoft and Nitendo would try to match,or most likely beat the PS3 in power to catch up, so Sony needs a response.



100% agree

PS3 already does everything we would want it to do, so PS4 simply can't be much better. The jump from PS2 to PS3 can be justified, since PS2 barely scratched the surface with online play and had no access to the internet, but it seems like there is nothing new that PS4 could add after PS3.
You are right, as soon as PS4 comes out, loads of games will be made for it that won't be available on PS3. Its a horrible marketing tactic. but I don't think even a game will convince me to pay $1000, its just crazy expensive.


would i pay $1000 for a new ps4? i would if i could!!!! lol


I don't want there to be a ps4, I just want to enjoy playing games rather than having to constantly keep up with the tech movement


Well mr annonmous, I think your boring not wanted to by a ps4. I would want to by one but $1000, even apple couldnt pull off an incredbly expensive stunt like that, Only hardcore gamers would by it.

Agree Completely

I Have To Agree Completely, That Price Is Just Nuts. Like Stated Above I Just Want To Enjoy The Games That Are Coming Out Then Blowing Money On Keeping Up With Newer Consoles. Then The Recession, It's Just Plain BullShit.

"Piss Off Sony, Keep w/ What You Have If It's NOT Broke DON'T Fix It."


i think ps3 is fine and that ps4 is a stupid idea


thats wat i like to hear


I think the comment under this one is correct it's a stupid idea, and WTF $1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sony's Initial Pricing is ridiculous.

The suggestion of a $1000 PS4 is actually a viable prediction due to the initial PS3 price. I believe it was about $800 for the PS3 when it first arrived into the market. That's a ridiculous price for a console, and they wondered why the PS3 wasn't selling so well *shake my head*. Honestly if they priced it about $300 for the initial system, many people would buy it. Even at the current moment, while PS3 is $299 the xbox 360 is $199 (even though thats the basic model). Therefore, providing a affordable console since the beginning will produce far more revenue, then trying to sell it at a high price with low quantities sold. Price vs demand, that is all. :D



we souldnt buy this cr*p!

we should not buy this because with the facts that sony is having a hard time not getting close to being bankrupted. i dont realy this making the ps4 4 sony will help it will only make it worse to sonies finaces because of the ps3 is WAY TOOO high on selling video games.i mean, even the xbox! alllll of thir consoles realy do the same thing so i thing t may be a while for microsoft to get get rid of this xbox720 and ps4 i think its just unneasasery to make this because almost every one all over the world already allready have a xbox 360 and a ps4 and just wasted all their money on it! by the way, if sony or microfoft is reading this right now stop it! please! your only making it worse and for gamer's prices on video games!

i will never spend 1000 euro for a PS4!!

i will never spend 1000 for a PS4 it Don't worth it!!
it will be a TRASH after 2-3 years anyway how do you think will last this toy!!


you wil be surprised frenchie when the next gen gets up and smacks ur french mother out of bed as for a 1000 anthing to play games is just out of this world only pc nerds wus spend that much money on gaming so they can wank over elves on minecraft


I just bought my ps3 and now ps4 is coming I should've just saved up for a PS4 lol

me too

me too, the jerks!

ps4 no way

sorry but with today's economy and parents fearing recession i would have to say 1000 is insane. had the economy been thriving and everyone eating ny strips then maybe. if sony is smart they are going to produce the system at cost of the ps3 or less and more powerful.

no way

there is no way i would pay so much for a ps4 jst cz its clear, thiner n new, when it does the same as a ps3 n then id prob have go out n buy all games again cz no doubt thy'll change that. Do they think were made of money.


PS3 has good quilitys u can save up 4 a PS4 in 1 week just do chores and get $100 4 it then go buy yr self a PS4


it says $1000 for starters and second who in gods name gets 100$ in a week 4 chores? moron.

think about it

what then if u aint gat no way to save up some cash.thats possible only in the states where there's lots of jobs but not in africa where i am.just think about it ok.

but do you really get good

but do you really get good graphics and all that crap with a fixed car??didn't think so >:)

I would

I'm definetly buy the ps4!! coz its much better than xbox and ps4



games won't be obsolete

modern game systems have backwards compatibility meaning they can play prior systems games, they plan to have this and forward compatibility (allows for adjustment to new game discs and graphics, no need to update systems really.) in the new ps4 and possibly the 720.


ps4 is not that must i pay $300 $380 but that me

I would...

If the PS4's hardware wouldn't become obsolete in two months after the release so console gamers could actually play at just as high resolutions as PC, I would. However, very few people would actually buy that on this market, and I would probably spend it on a Gaming PC instead.


the only way i would spend that on a ps4 is if the person sellin was in front of me showed me it worked and i would be of the lucky few to first have it lol

1000$ power house

1000$ system would be worth the money, and only if the new system is a state of the art computer hardware!

Power house

Yes, a power house of a system with backward compatibles to PS3 that would be cool!

hell naw

we are economic crisis what you smoke pass that shit my way


I would definitaly pay that much for the ps4! its supposed to have some reeeeaaaaally good graphics! of course it would take a 14 year old like me a loooong time to get that money but it would be worth it. also, to the guy who said it would be great if there were no 12-15 year olds playing online, SCREW YOU! a good few of us are mature enough to not hack games. (and also not smart enough). anyways im getting ps3 for christmas and plan to play gta 4 online as soon as possible!




Its not fair i also got my ps3 like 3 months ago now they want to make a ps4 ughhhhh fukk that. thats not fair btw Uncharted 3 is the best game ever so put it in ps4