Would you have paid $1000 for a new PS4 (before it came out)?

13% (2441 votes)
69% (12964 votes)
Maybe I would need to know more
18% (3454 votes)
Total votes: 18859



even if you robbed it you would be fined less than $1000. who is gonna buy something for $1000? the wii is a piece of junk but they've managed to eclipse the sales of the ps3 and xbox 360 because their price is low. if they sold this for $250-$300 they would get a lot more sales then they will at this price.


anything over $300 for any gaming console is way tu much but again people are paying up to $900 for a stupid iphone so


Dam right I'll pay 1000 you have to pay for quality learn you lesson cheap suckers look xbox came out all cheap xbox fags oohing oh let's go buy that's it's cheaper until you seen that they had to tricks up there sleves to supplement the business move of lower priced 800 dollar system so for that the systems broke on you ring of death your disk got scratched up until it couldnt read them no more you might of spend your 500 for your xbox at that time because it was cheaper than spending 800 600 on a high quaility ps3 system that was basically a Computer system with a different graphic engines but guess what while sony gave the best for your buck xbox pulled a fast one on looks to me a world of dum assess theirs people out their who actually paid 1500 or more on Microsoft why glad you asked they made you think this is best it's cheaper but did u know the cheaper the product the cheaper the PRODUCTS notice that word difference PRODUCTS vs product it takes PRODUCTS to make a product the cheaper the PRODUCTS means the cheaper the product meaning less quality of the product so while dummy's thought they made a smart move going green meaning cheap you had to deal with rings of death and scratched unreadable disk an in the end you had to by another game or another system witch they made many of them to compensate on all angle while ps3 only made 2 systems big and slim and mulitiple different GB product and if any system failure happens to a Sony product it's was the Owners fault leaving it on for to long witch caused you blu ray disk reading lens to either burn out or wear out and if your disk were scratched it's your fault you don't know how to take care of your stuff the ps3 did not do it and I wish the whole world could see this post maybe then the ignorance will disappear and you will open your eyes and realize instead of being a fan boy of a certain procuct be a fan boy of your money first


Hell yea that's what I'm talking about!!!!!

You need to go back to school

You need to go back to school and learn how you spell before you go wasting more of your mush of a brain away. There are things call commas and periods, learn how to use them.

If you have $1000 to blow on a video game counsle you have priority issues and still live with your parents.


People tend to get tense and make spelling mistakes when they are raging, as well he has a point, your paying for quality, the xbox does have problems with overheating, scratching disks, and not working. The ps3 had bluray (un-scratchable layer) of disc, so you didn't need to go and buy another game. The ps4 will be better, and I know sony, they make good crap, I once played my ps3 for 10 hours strait (I was pulling an all nighter for the first time with my friends) and the disc was perfectly fine, the ps3 cooled down in only an hour and good to go again. My tv was also sony, and it survived no problem. If you haven't pulled an all nighter you have no friends. As well, if you have $1000 you have a good job or committed, your not stupid for doing so. I am not saying that the xbox 360 is bad, it is really great and all, but I prefer the ps3.

I know

I mean,i am only 12 and i can wait couple months so i can save up in that time to buy it for around $400-500


I wish everyone in the world could see your post as well. Perhaps then someone would be able to interpret your rambling for me.


id really like to see the next gen platforms use a ssd drive with a bigger hdd drive for the storage. even if the console comes out with just the ssd drive like 120g, then they have a external drive you buy separate. its a year or so away b4 the console comes out so put a ssd in it. i mean, they can easily go with a old ssd drive version to cut cost, its still tons better and faster than a mechanical drive they have in them.

what else is there more to change

no i wouldnt buy it for a 1000 but think wats there left to change they have good graphics online chats it would be a waste of money to be honost i dnt think many people would buy it even if it was a reasonable price

A $500 PS4 would mean me

A $500 PS4 would mean me hanging on to my PS3 a little longer..Hell, I still have my PS2 and my Super Nintendo hooked up to my old TV....

Playstation IV

For a thousand dollars, it'd better be compatible with every console ever made ever.

sounds good in theory

I mean its a sweet ass concept but do you really think that they are going to go through all the trouble of make it perfect without charging a hell of alot more money


Sony can no way justify selling the new console for a $1000.00 they would never be able to move the number of consoles to obtain a profit. and yes it needs to be backwards compatible and needs to be have 1tb of storage. so lets be clear Sony! 1tb of memory, backwards compatibility. and a hell of alot better warranty on the system. need to have better customer service when console breaks down. and faster repair time and return to owner. my experience with sony is send it off after you own it for thirty days if it breaks pay $150.00 then pray it holds up. with the new PS IV better warranty is needed should be for atleast a year fully covered and no shipping cost to customer. and then maybe sony could ask for a little more on price of there cosoles but xbox is catching up with them and fast, and xbox is much more affordable. but I am a Sony gamer and loyal so far but. if Sony going to change everything from we the consumer have to buy game cards and dowload online and just keeep running the price of gaming up then would have to look to other consoles to game with. ultimately sony will lose

Fawk Sony.

Fawk Sony.


In my opinion ps4 should be priced around $600-$800.

Hell no

Hell no Cuz unlike most of kids i don't have my parents buying mycstuff so no possibly 450-575 but bot more than 600


i cant wait anylonger! sony release it now! $1000 too much? i dont think so.


hey, can u buy ps4 for me too? i dont have much money like u

Just wait a few months if you can.

Why would you buy anything that is too expensive, if you can buy it for less a month later? Just wait that month and be surprised!

Holographic Pictures

- I Wouldd Pay $1000 . Buhh..Makee Suree Its All Onlinee . FOR FREE , && It Has Holographic Pictures && Things Of Dhatt Sort . Whichh I Doubt It Will !

hell noo

it doesn't matter about the extra features. even if they put a larger and better SSD drive in and a bigger HDD driver it's still asking too much money. i'll be holding on to my ps3 a lot longer because of the price, and im sure lots of other people will be too.


Yes I Pay It 10000 Please Release it My Dream Is That Iam The 1th That I Buy Please Tell Me Your Place I Whant Buy It I Give You Alot Of Money Please Contact Me Yoohamza@yahoo.com


Please spell check the next time you post anything where others can see. Please and thank you. :)


If its released at a lower price more people would buy it. For instance. If it were 400 dollars- 500 dollars it would get atleast four million+ buys in the first week alone. Whereas if it were 1000 dollars nobody but rich people would buy it because they've got cash. People who make 225 a week are going to be savng until the playstation 5 comes out just to get the fourth.


I would decently buy it If it was 400$ but a thousand!! They can put the best hardware in it but 1000 I think that's to much!!!!!!'

Maybe I would need to know more

It depends on the hardware. If the hardware is similar to a $1000 gaming PC then yes I would definitely buy it because games would be optimized better therefore would run better and the graphics would be better as well.

ya if only they actualy made

ya if only they actualy made the quality = to the price but doubt full thell do that they didnt do it in the ps3 and the only real bonuse with ps3 was the fact it played blurays and dvds and graphics every thing else was lacking even gaming sadly. new games on ps3 were worse for gliches then xbox 360 ever had it and this coming from a person who owns and only owns a ps 1 2 and 3 just wish they would put good quality in its development that was worth the buy when it comes out

Sony Has Lost It!!!

If they are having problems getting enough revenue in sales for their PS3s, then they are wasting their time and energy if they want to sell their ps4s for over $300.00, much less $1000.

They want to take risks like that, they may as well leave the biz.


No disrespect but what are you smoking sir the ps3 was 600 dollars at the most during release (2005), with 1000 dollars(plus $100) you could of bought a 60gb($599) and 20gb($499) at release. F@#$ bragging rights that's BS. Sony just testing the waters to see if we will pay that much then the price will drop so they can act like they are doing a favor for us that's how the ps3 came 3rd in sells behind the box(2nd) and Wii(1st/Cheapest) (((( Facts ))))

PS3 is awesome Enough though

and To SONY SCE 10 year plan my ass,,,,

the ps3 in aus on release was $999

when i got my 80 gb ps3 bundle with 2 controllers and 2 games it was $999
just 2 clear this up ps3 release price in australia was $999 and i think it was cheaper in usa, gb and europe it was cheaper so next time some1 says they paid 1000 4 a ps3 dont say their lying or go off at them OK?


What would possess a person to pay 1000 for whats going to be just better graphics and a couple add-ons(small ones). It would be nothing for me to throw away 1000 on something, but this I cant stand by. But I bet if they sold it for 300-500(Wishful thinking) it would be the best selling console ever probably surpassing the infamous ps2(also wishful thinking in this economy). We'll see though


Let's assume for the moment the following conditions:

a) Blu-ray is standard
b) Cell is standard
c) nVidia is standard
d) Rambus is standard

Since all of them "a-d" aren't some kind of big expensive "new thing" in 2014, and there is nothing you really need be concerned about with a "new box of tricks" and you just want scaling power with a Cell architecture from 2005 up to 2014 -
a $1000 Cell-based Playstation in 2014 would likely make Intel and AMD's x86 architecture cough up blood for 10 years before any CISC x86 architecture could possibly match it.

A $500 Playstation in 2014 would be strong enough as it is at that time.

Would I pay $1000 for a PS4?
If I knew for sure what the PS4 was - with none of the Sony PR "BS" stunts of times past - I know what I would be saving up for -
not a new car; that's for sure.

sony joint venture rumours with amd to power the ps4

i say these rumours are ture and the ps4 will be powered by amd the. Only reason i got a ps3 was cuz i hate amd and it has nvidia gpu and to play ratchet and clank future trilogy. If this is ture i might swap to to the (dark side)=(xbox 720) when it comes out cuz it will have intel cpu and maybe they will go with nvidia thought i highy doubt


even if you would pay it, dont tell sony that. tell them you would pay $500 or $600 max for a console with all that so they keep the price down. gaming isnt only for rich (or stupid) people.

I won't pay that much for a system

Sony can cut that price in half because the ps3 is about $300 so if you put that too high it will effect on their sales Xbox will over rule then bam we're left with nothing so cut the prices in half


even if there was gloves and good games and all that Shi* that is a rip off. are u serious. In china u could buy a house with that kind of money!

No Way

Here in Serbia u can live 3 months with 1000$

I agree

Here in Ethiopia, a kid can get good food, clean water, clothes and have a chance to go to school for over three years with $1,000 plus send letters and pictures to some random American family! Postage paid!

I agree with you. Xbox is bad

I agree with you. Xbox is bad enough. The playstation is the only gaming console I count on, paying over a $1000 for a console is riduclouse, when I could get a 1 terabite computer for that much. If they ever do, I will be done with the playstion and sony for making such a riduclous price; unless, the PS4 would be exactly be like the best computer their is today, but only a thousand dollars (no more than that).

results may vary

lets face it dude when a new console comes out there always ridicously priced for a month or 3 just to generate quick profit but price's always drop an with the ps and new xbox set to use AMD'S they should be as good as most top of the range home comps, but heres to hopeing

why not

actully id pay $6000 just for the ps4

I think you should use the

I think you should use the $6000 for a spelling class instead of a gaming console!


$500 is my range for a gaming console.

mine to

1000 is gas and electric and water


Anything over $500 is taking the piss.

same here

same here $500. and is still too much


Maybe, but only because, as an aging gamer with a professional career, I could afford it without guilt or living off of Ramen noodles again. If I was a teenager or in college still, hell no. There's a reason why I didn't get a PS3 until 2010.