Would you have paid $1000 for a new PS4 (before it came out)?

13% (2441 votes)
69% (12964 votes)
Maybe I would need to know more
18% (3454 votes)
Total votes: 18859


one question?

when did they start production of the ps4?
because if there trying to rush the releas date on it its bound to have alot of bugs. and somthing like that could have monsterus affects like when the xbox 360 was first released and it was blowing all the electrical devices it was attached to, to pieces.


That would realy depend. Does it offer immortality and generate a time dilation field? Replace food and come with neural implants? Then sure. If it doesn't, yeah that ain't gonna happen.


$1000 is still really expensive for a console, even if it is as advanced as rumored, 500-600 i would likely pay, no more


Stick the best stuff in it so it beats all competition and is future proof for a fair few years that will justify the cost and if it hasn't got backward compatible I'm not bothard i would rather have a better machine at the end of the day. You pay for what get if its the beat and you want the beat you will pay for it or don't buy it nd by left behind. I would rather pay £1000 for the ps4 if I havnt got to buy another machine for 5 or 6 years and the technology nd games would advance a lot more and a lot faster that's what I want !

Ps4 price 1000?

Hell no! Then games too. Who's going to pay the electric bill ? It should be around the six hundred depending on the sizes it will come in. What's taking them so long ? Still has glitches ? Hurry up Sony


I laid down 1.5k to put together my own PC. Now that some PC games utilize my Xbox 360 controller I would simply make the transition to PC gaming. I'm not buying a new PC to simply play PS4 games. Make no mistake, the PS4 is a PC with a SONY UI.

I turn 21 in a few months and

I turn 21 in a few months and I go to college with a good head on my shoulders so 1000 bucks should be nothing. Everyone has an opportunity to the finer things in life it's just how much they want it and their will to get it. Of course that's a ridiculous price for a console but in these times that kinda money is nothing more than peanuts.

I hope you learn to spell

I hope you learn to spell before youre done with college. And $1000 isn't peanuts if you pay your own bills. Maybe if you only eat ramen noodles you can save enough of our parents money to buy a ps4 and skip class

$1,000 is a fine launch price.

Sony could charge $5,000 for the first gen consoles and justify it. They did have to develop it, after all. Fools must be parted from their money. It's the natural order.

So a few financially gifted and a swarm of financially retarded people will be waiting at the door at Best Buy for the glorious midnight launch. I predict one Gran Tourismo game, a new Tiger Woods game and Madden 20-whatever will be your whole selection. Enjoy.

I'll be waiting for the game lineup to expand; after developers figure out what the machine is actually capable of, and make truly next-gen games. By the time the price point hits $400, those games will be on the shelf. Plus, the consoles will include more storage, fewer bugs, quieter fans, more reliable optical drives and better operating system software. Patience is a virtue that pays.

Can't see that

I can't see sony obscuring a part of the market.
Even buying used consoles some people still buy new games from retailers, it's a large part of Sony's market, same goes for backwards compatibility, while I understand the type of CPU Sony uses may have an effect on whether PS3 games at least will work on the console, if they don't include backwards compatibility in at least the launch units and for a few years afer the console is released it could really hinder sales, of course some people may not care, but it's nicer to have one box that plays everything and retailers can include deals that include older PS3 titles as a selling point to shift units in the first few months, slightly boosted graphics and frame rates in demanding games would be cool IMO.


1000 Is to much it should be 400 but no that's too much money its a waste of money

There's no way

I highly doubt Sony will charge that much for their new console.
IMO it'll probably be a bit cheaper than the PS3's launch price, likely more than $400, unless Sony has worked out how to get decent specs. into a more economical package.

From reading the site Neogaf (which shows some members have done research into Sony's patents and what direction they may have been going with for the next console in 2010) it could end up in the £400.00 range, which would be about $615.00 with current exchange rates.
People should remember the PS3 launched at over eight hundred dollars in the US and about £425 in the UK, so this price is better than the PS3 launch price.

I'd be willing to pay up to £500 if the tech jump was large enough, even modest improvements with a GPU like the 6670 would make the PS4 about 3 times more powerful in graphical stakes than PS3 (going off of flop performance on AMD's website and specs I've found for total PS3 capabilities).
That doesn't seem like a big enough jump in power, when a 6870 could give the PS4 almost ten times the graphical grunt of the PS3 for about double the cost of the 6670 to the consumers, Sony can probably arrange a deal to get the cards at a fraction of the cost at retail and AMD gets a massive load of business selling components they probably manufacture at tiny cost to themselves.

If PS4 went with the better card, with a SOC then it'll be better still, IMO would be well worth the slight increase in cost.

£500 may be an extreme, Sony may be able to get all new tech and greater levels of performance for less than people expect and they'd probably be willing to make a little loss on hardware sales, because software is where they make their profit and maybe PSN with the new paid for service.

I would NOT! pay 1000 for a

I would NOT! pay 1000 for a PS4 thats a really high price for a console. Some of things I am hearing about the PS4 i dont like I heard that you will need a card to download your games that will help game sharing stuff like that is what I heard. The most i pay will be around 600. Especially since ps dont have a very secure network that gets hack a lot. It would suck if we buy the ps4 and the network get shut down like it has in the past

You think it will drop in

You think it will drop in price? How long til it does ?

a tru game

yes i would pay $1000 for a ps4...y not...ppl r comin up in ages that dont kno nothng bout the 1st nintendo so now what r u stuck wit...our kids r face pace, when ready they can sho out but when yr kid is playin the game the world is yours...playstation is the only game that made headlines for years...xbox and wii really dont compare but that the compition...so pay $1000 for ps4 in due time games will be small down payments so u gotta get ya game up...i own a nin64,vita,ps3, and haved owned all systems except the sega generation....be a tru gamer and by the 4 for aa G, hell u might be the 1st to own 1....#playstionfan4life


Wow, your spelling and grammar speak volumes to the effects of video gaming on people. What exactly does NES and face pace have to do with wasting $1,000 on something that will be worth half as much in a year? Aside from that, with the upgradability of PS3, why buy a PS4? Who cares about being the first to own one?

PS4 sucks?!

I have a PS3 and I <3 it but when i heard there's a possibility of a PS4! I thought sony was going crazy! the PS3 hasnt even been out that long I mean look how long the older systems were out for such and reg. nintendo, nintendo 64, genesis by sega,ECT. I mean If they really are making a PS4 its not going to be much different from the PS3, its just going to have a SMALL increase in graphics, more memory, and a couple of other features. there is clearly no point and wasting your money on a PS4 when the PS3 is perfectly good!I first purchased my PS3 in mid 2007, people said there's over heated and stop working! I have never had to fix or replace anything :)

PS3 SUcks more !!!!

I mean ps3 is old stuff no one wants a ps3 anymore they want the PS4

I would pay $1,000 or more

I would pay $1,000 or more for a ps4. the shelf life of a playstation system super long. The ps3 is going strong right now pulling light years away from xbox360 in what it can do. I can go buy a brand new ps2 and new game today with ps4 just around the coner. How many computers and graphics card do u have to go thru in that kind of time frame. It's more that just a game system


y would u pay 1000 dollars it should be 600 max

why not?

I mean, for me I wouldn't pay that much, but thats just because I'm satisfied with the ps3. I think the ps3 is great, and I'm not a hardcore gamer to like have the need to spend more money for good quality.

But, if you are that hardcore type, I don't understand why not? I mean, how bout your try to make a ps4 yourself with less than 1000 dollars. Come on, these people deserve some recognition right? In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the listing price was around 1199, although its more likely to be at 999, i mean ps3's opening was around 800 dollars, why can't the ps4 be more worth than ps3? for you pple that don't want to spend more than 600 dollars, then you probably arnt the hardcore type, and probably shouldn't spend anything for an upgrade in your system, me personally probably not going to get the ps4 anytime soon, im happy with my ps3,

No, I would gamble that at the very minimum ps4 is going to open at 999

£1,000 serioulsy?

I mean £1,00 are you joking the ps3 in 2005 started lower than that its just too weird £1,000 is not acceptable Phone:07665771222


i totally agree..nothing wrong with it and lets be real ..at a grand they will still be sold out release day ....they will make a fourtune off the hop and then make a bigger fourtune when they lower the price....people want the hottest newest thing no matter what it costs...look at the price of an ipad or iphone...were talking a system with vast graphic and frame rate improvements ...people will want one at a grand and are just saying no in hopes sony will hear the feedback and not release it at that price...if it dropped tomorow for a grand it would be sold out..no doubt...face it we live in a materil-listic time and people will want one just to say they got one

PS4 - can't be much better than PS3 surely?

With PS3 already having PSN/online play, brilliant games, internet use, media storage and bluray features, I don't think there is anything PS4 will be able to do that PS3 can't. There is so little room for improvement, other than for graphics and storage space which don't really matter because PS3 is already strong on those. Just a total rip-off, I would pay NO MORE than £300 unless there is enough improved to make it worth paying for.

More Powerful of a Race Against 720

PS4 will be more powerful but not necessarily better. I think it is more of a race to get the PS4 released before Xbox 720 because usually the first system out tends to sell more units and hold the top spot for the next decade.

Racing Slowly

Sony is probably looking at the Next Xbox and Wii-U and wondering what happened to the competition.

Well, I think if xbox720 is

Well, I think if xbox720 is anything similar in price then both consoles will FLOP epically. The impression I'm getting from this website is that the majority of people are appalled that these companies would even try charging that much and wouldn't dream of buying a new console at such a crazy price. Sony must think we all crap money out. And that $1000 is for the console ALONE, the games will be horrendously expensive too, they are bound to become more expensive again looking at the jump in price from PS2 to PS3 games before

reason was so high

Just remember that the main reason the PS3 price was so high back in 2007 was because of the introduction to Blu-ray. Player prices were just ridiculous, the highest price i saw on one was around $1000 brand new. The cheaper ones were around $600. Now that the novelty has worn off you can pick up a Blu-ray player for $150. So Sony had good reason to have a high price next gen console. If it wasn't for the player and was a standard DVD player the price of the console would have been substantially dropped.

PS3 price, PS price

I completely agree about the opening PS3 price, you were getting a new game console and a Blu-ray player (when B-r players averaged a price of $700) in one package.

I just hope Sony doesn't try to up the price on the PS4 by combining it with something like 3-D (Which most people hate to begin with).

i agree

at the time ps4 came out ..the cheapest blu-ray players where like $400 so u were basicly geting a gaming system for an additional $200..actually the reason and logic i had no problem killing 2 birds with one stone as i was wanting/needing a blueray player.

Not just coz of Bluray.

The reason PS3 was priced at the figure it was released for was because it's Cell and GPU took up a large amount of the cost of manufacturing.
Cell and the RSX cost sony more than £200, Bluray was slightly more than £100, overall the console cost more than $800 to make and Sony lost well over $200 on each console.

If Sony wants a machine 10x more powerful than PS4 they can slam in an AMD HD 6870, this retails for about £120 in the UK, buy them in bulk (for a reduced cost, but still making AMD a major profit over all consoles sold), along with an OK APU or CPU from AMD, buy them for a fraction of RRP, pair with all the other stuff PS4 needs and Sony could make a PS4 for between £300 or £400.

There's very little reason why a PS4 should retail for a thousands dollars or £200 more than PS3 cost to buy in the UK, unless they go for some GPU like a 7970, even then they probably sell for far more than it costs AMD to make them.


I would never get the ps4 if it came out for that much. its not far to the true fans of playstation!! I feel that it should be $500 to $600 max. eather way its still going to be costly for the extra, games and earpices and stuff.thats not even including the playstation member ships. hope thay come out with a bundel package.

$ 1000 dollars is to much for me !

but if you got the money to spend a thousand or more bucks
by all means do so but if your like me just wait till it drops to a lower price
( or robe a bank )

Just get a OUYA console $99

Just get a OUYA console $99 and free games



I dont think you should rob a bank when you cant even spell it.

playstation 4 price

i own every console and handheld system and it cost me a pretty penny over the years. i'm a HUGE video game fan and i LOVE playstation....but i would NEVER shell out 1,000.00 for a ps4....i waited 2 years to get a ps3 because of the bugs and problems it had...and i had purchased 14 games for the system before i finally got one...i'll probably do the same for the ps4...buy games first and wait for the system to work out the kinks and bugs and the price to go down before i eventually purchase one...

lol u tardbot

why would u buy 14 games first...why not just save the money and get the games at half the price by the time u finally decide to get the system...sounds pretty retarded...i bought 8 or 9 games at full price a full 2 years b4 i bought the system..duh .....stfu


lol I know, just plain silly, if he/she has a problem with the games they won't be able to get a refund and will have paid way over the price they could have if they bought all the games they want when they actually got the console.

I'll have to start saving for a PS4 and Xbox 720 soon.
Got's to have me games. ;)

Actually smart if you have the money

Most games now a days come with bonuses when you buy them before they are released. So buying them instead of the console will be annoying knowing you have them, but can't play them. At least you will have the extras while waiting for the price to drop on the console plus most of the bugs to be worked out.

What about faults?

If you buy the games way before you buy the console you can't see if there's any faults with the games you got until it's way too late and you can't return them.

In the uk you get a finite amount of time, if you try to take a game back to the shop you bought it in you'll get laughed at and be way out of pocket, especially if you paid full release price for each game.

I just waited and got Uncharted 3 for £20 in morrisons, better than Amazon price at the moment.

PS4 1000 dollars

i would never pay 1000 bucks for a PS4! i don't know if i should buy a PS3 or a PS4 when comes to the stores. any advice?

Re: 1000 Dollars

The whole $1000 thing on here is BS, even if Sony goes full AMD set-up, with a gpu like a 6870, the rumoured trinity APU with a HD 7970 chip onboard and all that it's not going to out above $600, purely because Sony can make AMD a fortune, like in the hundreds of millions of dollars profit with the consoles first year of release, AMD just needs to be prepared to ship parts to Sony at a fraction of their retail prices, but considering places like Amazon must be making a significant profit I really don't see that being an issue.
Even if Sony uses their own in house cell tech (which is still a possibility dispite what rumours are saying, nothing's official stated by Sony yet) they're going to want to keep prices within reach of a large enough consumer base, otherwise there's no point releasing a new console, especially when PS3 is profitable now.

HD 6870 and a newer CPU than current PS3 cell, along with plenty of unified ram will show a massive difference in what the games will look like in the next gen.
Properly powered and cooled this thing would be a beast as a dedicated gaming platform, where almost every ounce of power is being used for games.

Nothing has been mentioned about PS4 from Sony, besides snippets of teasers and mentionings by Jack Tretton about Sony maybe bringing the most powerful console next gen and maybe being a little later than Microsoft.

PS3 is a good console, it plays blurays well, I've had mine since just after release day and exclusive games like the God Of Wars, Uncharteds, Resistance series, Infamous 1 & 2, Little Big Planet 1 & 2, Motorstorm are all very good, new titles like The Last Of Us looks amazing and Beyond looks promising if the makers of Heavy Rain (also an excellent exclusive to PS3) can make it run a little smoother, well all of these titles are excellent platform exclusives.

Whether you get a PS3 or wait may come down to whether PS4 is backwards compatible, some rumours are arguing that because the PS4 isn't supposed to have a cell broadband engine as it's cpu that it won't be capable of playing anything besides PS4 generation games and maybe PS1 titles, though other rumours are calling BS on this as the rumoured trinity apu will apparently have the SPEs (Synergistic Processing Elements), basically a mutlicore cell that can process data far faster than cell in PS3, so Backwards Compatibility would be allowed.

If you're eager to play PS3 games it's a good time to get one as the console costs $250 for the 160 gb model and Amazon US has the 320gb model with Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 for about $300.

It's possible we may not see anything of the PS4 before E3 next year (if you don't know what that is it's a computer games show where all the major developers and console makers get together and show their latest hardware, it's put on around the beginning of June each year), possibly even later, so PS4 could be more than a year away from release, so even if you got a PS3 now you could play a lot of exclusives on the console before then, but then you'd also be paying out for current gen hardware, when you could save up maybe a few hundred more bucks and buy the new machine at release, with maybe adding a few hundred more to get some release exclusives and if it's Backwards Compatible you'd maybe pick up the really good PS3 games like uncharted, god of war and a few others for not much cash at all.

PS3 will continue to be back for some time after PS4 comes out anyway, so if you have the cash now and you're eager to play PS3 games you could experience that nice feeling of getting a new console and just hold out for a good deal after PS4's released, maybe wait until Xmas this year and see if the console drops in price anymore.
There are even rumours that Sony was planning a slimmer model of the PS3, with some added functionality, with less power hungry hardware, nothing was mentioned this year so it may not be on the cards now.

Hopefully I've helped, there is a lot to think about.

On second thoughts, get a PS3 now, it's a sick machine, buy a bunch of games and then start puttine away some cash for when PS4's out and it drops in price (it's bound to happen maybe a year or two after release).


thx a lot dude youre right! but still im gonna but my ps3 in 1.5 years so lets see if there will a ps4


No worries mate.
If you get your PS3 next Xmas or something then you'll still be able to buy tonnes of games for it, even if Sony's come out with PS4 details as E3.
If you wait for E3 next year, we'll all hopefully know if PS4 will be backwards compatible, if it is then you may decide to wait and just get PS4 at release if Sony says they're releasing Xmas 2013.

well itts your choice a ps3

well itts your choice a ps3 will be cheaphier then the ps4 but the ps4 grabic is higher nithing much but the game will be the same of you ask me save your money and buy the ps3 first then playwith your ps3 as it have another 5 years of gaming said by sony and the ps4 is rumored to have the same 5 year after this both the ps3 and ps4 games wich will be publising will end but you can take your savings which you save to buy a ps5! HOPE IT HELP :)