Would you have paid $1000 for a new PS4 (before it came out)?

13% (2441 votes)
69% (12964 votes)
Maybe I would need to know more
18% (3454 votes)
Total votes: 18859


differences new hardware will bring

It's unlikely that PS4 will cost as much as PS3 did at release.
The choice over whether to buy a PS3 now or wait for PS4 really comes down to what games come out on the new machine and whether PS4 will be able to play PS3 games, currently we have no answers to either of those questions.

PS4 won't just make games look prettier than PS3.
Increased frame rates will mean the games will be more enjoyable to play (reducing or removing slow down), loading times could be either reduced or removed altogether, increased numbers of characters or models on screen will make for far more complex multiplayer experiences.
More advanced hardware will mean better AI, not only for enemy characters, but allies and background but neutral characters.

Essentially the new hardware in this and all next gen machines will make for more complex and diverse experiences.

Games can of course get more detailed, with less jagged edges to models, scenery and better lighting.

As far as the lifespan of PS3, well Sony says 10 years from launch, but it's doubtful much in the way of new titles will be released 4 years from now, maybe 2 years after PS4 comes out, games will (like PS2) still be sold by certain retailers for PS3 and if a gamer hasn't played a game they own then of course there's still that new title to play, but in terms of new material and experiences they will stop coming from Sony and their other developers at some point.
People probably have about 3 years of new material coming for PS3, if PS4 is revealed next year and released in 2013, that may be extended if Sony pushes PS4 back to a release in 2014, so we could be looking at another 4 years of new games and general software for PS3.

BTW this doesn't take away from the fact that some excellent game already exist on PS3, I doubt many people have played all of the games they want to for this generation of Sony's machine.


With a price tag like that i'd rather buy an xbox. Not everybody has that kind of money laying around. If that is the price tag then i'm getting myself a brand new xbox.

i would not pay 1000 dollars for the ps4

i think that the ps4 should be around 500 to six hundred dollars maybe even 700 but that is starting too push it quite a bit i think a fine price for the ps4 would be around 500 or 600 but I'm pretty sure that almost nobody would pay 1000 dollars for one of sony's ps4's and i also think that it should be able to play ps3 games that would get it more sales because a lot of people have a ps3 and what is the point of getting a new ps4 if they have a ps3 that works fine and they would probably not want to just throw away a fine ps3 to get a ps4 because that would be pretty stupid so i think that you should be able to play ps3 games on sony's next console the ps4 and i also know that it would get sony some extra cash because than if people could get a ps4 and still be able to play there ps3 games more people would want a ps4 because its the next gen and people want the next gen to play on so i think it would be a good idea to make it so the ps4 can play ps3 and ps4 games

yes me too

yes me too

Some people will pay...

Some people will pay what ever they have to they could release it at 2k and people would still buy it. I wouldn't even pay $500! I bought my PS3 when it first came out and then 2 yrs later I had to buy a slim after falling victim to the yellow light of death repeatedly until I just gave up on the service center and just didn't send it back again. The xbox360 also had the same over heating problem but they called it something to do with red ring of death or something like that it's just another way for them to maximize profits in the beginning while using lower quality equipment. regardless of how wonderful the specs may be there is always be hardware problems in the beginning they intentionally let slide to milk the dedicated as much as possible. I'm going to stick with my ps3 until the price comes down to at least $400 and several revisions, and still keep a protection plan for as long as possible and renew as needed.

rather buy a ps3 if ps4 is $1000

if the ps4 was 1000 dollars i would rather buy a ps3 or xbox but there is no way i would pay 1000 dollars for a ps4


i think that the ps4 should play disks and that sony keeps making disks for the new gen


If the PS4 had the following

1. 2 wireless controllers
2. Speed and capabilities of a Sony Vaio laptop
3. Screen and video capture
4. Upgrade game servers
5. Skype, TS etc. Thirdperson chat capabilities
6. Backwards compatibilities to its previous models
7. Wireless keyboard and mouse.
8. Blue ray DVD down to cd
9. All mini card slots for storage camera phone etc.
10. Terabyte of hard drive at the least
11. Improved ram, nvidia, CPU from the ps3

That should about cover it.
Then I would buy it for a grand

lol wut


I think that the PS4 or any

I think that the PS4 or any future Play Station consoles should have the ability to play any earlier console games. That is the biggest problem I have with the PS3 also if I buy this THING it better be able to download my games I bought off of PSN if it doesn't. Well there is no excuses for not being able to do these things and be able to do a lot more to a degree if there are putting crap in like the Iphone I won't buy it I'd stick with the PS3 cause I want to buy a PS4 for gaming and maybe some other optional stuff but I won't buy it if its just a rehash of PS3 with minor upgrades and junk that I'll never use.

Not even for $700.

The Xbox 720 was rumored to be $300, not very surprising looking at what Microsoft is. But it could be more, even if PS4 was $500, it is pushing it. I want to have a console that I can have fun but yet, not waste money on one thing when I can buy the other thing which is similar.

i would if ...........

i would if it has a cpu better than any gaming pc and a gpu looking better than any gpu a and exclusives that has more than 20 houres of jaw droping gameplay.
btw i dont care about backward compatibility or used games


You should know that backwards compatibility is essential in consoles, and the length of a game's campaign has nothing to do with a console's hardware.

That is beautiful, if it had

That is beautiful, if it had all that, I'd pay up to $2,500 for it.

PS4 at $2500 would be too much to pay.

Unless PS4 had the best Intel I7 CPU and the best Nvidia GPU, the fastest ram available, about a 1000 watt psu, with the best cooling it wouldn't be worth $2,500.

With a quad core AMD cpu, GPU chip from a hd 7870 or above, 2 to 4gb of a modern, fast ram.
Before anyone says 4gb isn't enough, people should understand that the next gen of consoles will use a much faster ram than even the fastest DDR3 (something closer in speed or equal to the ram in your graphics card or even above the speed of that), so more than 4gb isn't really needed, this is why developers are asking MS and Sony to put 4gb in and not 8gb.
Even 4gb or GDDR5 would be a squeeze because of the size of those chips (think they're made in 512 MB blocks at the moment max).
All of that spec would probably make for a console that retails for about £300 or $480, with at least 10 times the power of PS3, this would give Sony that quantum leap developers have been talking about, althrough rumours are saying that the chip from the 7950 is being installed into an APU, with a potential 7970 chip on the motherboard for an additional boost, which would probably boost RRP to about $600, but this would be a beast of a closed system machine.

Don't get me wrong the top spec I7 and Nvidia GTX-690 would be a crazy insane, steroid enhanced beast of a machine compared to the AMD PS4, but it's just not going to happen.
TBH an APU based around AMDs quad core, with the 7950 at 1.8 Tflops would be a considerable step up from PS3 and would likely make for a $550 console, so cheaper than PS3 at release.

A $2500 PS4 is too expensive, while you may be willing to pay that, Sony doesn't build their consoles solely for people that can afford that price of machine, they'll release a console that will sell as many units as possible, while providing a noticable step up in performance over PS3, which means the $550 machine is more likely, maybe $600-$700 at most, with an additional HD 7970 chip on the board.
Nothing more is needed.


you are smokin somrthing u must like to throw away ur money

email/ app store

needs everything a pc/laptop does and more


NEVER in a MILLION years would i spend over 300 for a game system no matter what it has!!!!! WTF people must b CRAZY!!!!

Do you not own a PS3?

I payed 600$ when they first arrived. It crashed after about 4 years so i bought my 320G PLaystation 3 for 400$. anything over 400$ for the new system would be a mistake. ps3 for 600$? sold but not as much as it could have, anything over 400$ for the ps4 will be a mistake. me and about 50 million other people will be waiting a while for a price drop. in an economy like this 500$ just isnt what i want to spend my money on, id rather spend it on my Camaro. you know.. atleast that makes money. if the ps3 starts pumping out dollar bills then ill spend a few grand on it but until then Sony should just appreciate its users and not be so damn cheap :)

$1000 isn't even likely

As the title says, there's no way PS4 will cost $1000.
This website doesn't seem to understand that Sony won't pay RRP for the parts they use in their next gen machine, not console manufacturer does.
In reality the business of buying parts for a games console isn't really that different to a company like Amazon buying parts in massive bulk, only instead of buying a completed GPU, with all the cooling and other stuff, Sony will buy the chips, to embed on a motherboard, they design the layout of the board with specific parts in mind and then arrange a massive deal straight from AMD (or whoever) as their tech supplier, which is why using a top of the line GPU chipset from something like a HD 7870 because possible, because Sony won't pay £210 for the whole GPU, they'll probably pay not much more than £100 and still make AMD a massive profit.

In reality consumers shouldn't expect to pay more than $600 for PS4.
It's starting to seem like £300 so about $480 is more likely.
$1000 isn't even possible, not unless Sony can't get stocks of PS4s made in large enough quantities during release and lack of supply drives up costs to consumers.
The only way people will see $1000 PS4s is on websites like Ebay who buy up bulk stock to then sell at such ridiculous prices.


The price of a single PS4 should be no more than $400 (During the first 6 months of its release). Reason being are due to the malfunctions and repercussions of these predictable prototypes. It would be understable to then raise the cost once these qwuarks were figured out. Though no matter what I do not think a single unit should go for more than $500. Since PS3 has already brought us practically everything such as movies, music, wifi internet, and etc. Not much more can be done then to improve on quality. As like the quality of ventilation, graphics, energy efficiency, and storage capacity.

PS4 release price won't increase.

I think you missunderstand what the word prototype means.
A prototype isn't the unit that everyone buys, it's a one off working proof of concept for a particular design.

Sony will never release a console at one price, then up the cost of the exact same unit, whether it has some faults or not.
TBH the number of units of PS3s with faults, compared to the numbers that sold and didn't suffer any problems is quite small, even the XBox 360 has had a relatively small number of consoles Red Ring, compared to the total number of consoles sold since it's release year.

With any product there is an expected number of malfunctional units, which is why manufacturers provide warrenties with their products and why in many countries it's a consumers right to be able to have some kind of cover with their purchases.
If people are really concerned about faults occuring outside of the manufacturers warrenty then they should be an extended after care when buying PS4 or any electrical products.

You say that you think not much more can be done in terms of quality, this is wrong, PS3's native resolution graphics are usually 720p (same as 360), with little in the way of old style effects like Anti-Aliasing and frame rates never exceed 30 FPS at those levels.
1080p is rarely achieved on PS3 or Xbox 360 and when it is effects are none existent with frame rates again being lower.
Newer hardware (depending on what Sony buys for PS4) will allow for 1080p native resolutions, high levels of AA and other effects like Tesselation and 60 FPS will likely be quite common even in initial release games.
Lots can be done to improve the look and way games play.
Size and detail of environments will massively increase.
AI will get much better in NPCs, loading times and hardware functionality will also improve in the next gen, with more powerful processors and better, faster ram.

People seem to think PS3 and Xbox 360 are the pinical of technology, but really they're more than 6 year old hardware, which has been drastically improved on with current technology.

As a minimum £300 (about $480) is what people should expect to pay for PS4, this will bring at least an AMD quad core CPU (though it's looking like an APU will be in PS4), with about 2GB of DDR4 (this has been rumoured to potentially imcrease to 4gb if developers get their way and could be GDDR5) and a HD 7770 spec GPU chip, with a pretty fast motherboard, 12x bluray, with a 16gb SSD (for OS and quick saving/loading and 500GB HDD.
Something a bit more expensive, maybe £400 or about $650 could allow for something like a 7950/7970 and the 4gb of DDR4 or GDDR5 if memory densities allow, maybe a better CPU like an FX-4200, a 32gb SSD and 1 TB HDD, same speed bluray drive, overall this is the more desirable machine and would make games look and play incredibly well.
£400 would be cheaper than PS3 at release, with that spec Sony wouldn't lose much money on production costs at that price and it'd be the quantum leap above PS3 that has been mentioned by some developers.
Just imagine what a company like Naughty Dog could do with that hardware!

Actually thats the complete

Actually thats the complete opposite of what i was saying. dont read so fast.

It's what you wrote.

You wrote that PS4 should start out at $400 for the first 6 months, then increase to $500, this would never happen.

The point I made was that PS4 will have a warrenty, consumers have rights that cover them in the event of faults happening within a defined period of time, in the UK that warrenty period is a year, I believe the US has something similar too.

BTW you also missunderstood what a prototype is, which is why I pointed out what a prototype is, the release model isn't a prototype.

I understood what you wrote perfectly fine thanks, didn't read too quickly, if what you wrote wasn't what you meant then you should've written more clearly to get your point accross.

i never said that it would

i never said that it would happen. im just saying it would make more sense to have a product cost less if its quality isnt 100%. I really couldn't have been more clear. The warranty either will replace the first unit by another unit with either similar or different problems. Or may leave you with the X amount paid. Which only brings you back where you started.

costs are based off

Costs of a console is based on how much it costs to manufacture the machine, box it up and then profit to the supplier (Sony works on the profit loss model in the release stages of Playstation home consoles, it's the same for PSP and Vita), that's it.

Sony will test units in-house, they have a duty to get a product out that works safely in the home, so they will test X units to meet safety requirements and malfunction levels.

If the price of PS4 went up after 6 months then it would likely turn people off of buying the console, not increase the public's faith in the new machine.

It's what you wrote part 2

You also said that you thought there wasn't much more Sony could do to improve the quality, I assume you meant that graphics and other things like AI can't get any better, I pointed out that technology has improved and for less than the price of the PS3 at release Sony could make a far more powerful machine than PS3.

I didnt say that. i said they

I didnt say that. i said they couldnt do much more by adding things. For example movies and music. Then i noted that all they can do is enhanced certain qualities such as graphics, ventilation, storage, etc. the other guy was able to understand it.

This is what you wrote

Quoted from your post:
"Not much more can be done then to improve on quality. As like the quality of ventilation, graphics, energy efficiency, and storage capacity."

What you wrote does not read like you're saying those things can be improved much, it reads like you're saying not much can be done to improve graphics, ventilation, energy efficiency etc.

No he is correct. Practically

No he is correct. Practically the ''first wave" of this model would be known as a prototype. Since it is subjected to potential issues it is known to be as an experimental strategy. Basically by releasing this new product to the public, they have a much larger chance of locating and fixing every technical difficulty. Since not all consoles may have the same issue, but different issues. Which, in fact would make all first released consoles prototypes. Also, he/she did in fact say that they CAN improve on the overall quality. What they were also saying was in terms of adding other content such as browsing the internet and using other features as Netflix or Music Unlimited, there is not much more they can do. You just got it mixed up.

Not what a prototype is, he/she is wrong about that.

A prototype is one working unit, that unit is tested and then improved on depending on any design flaws.
All 60GB PS3 fats were manufactured in exactly the same way, same goes for the Xbox 360.
A prototype can't be more than one unit, which is why it's called a prototype.

Any experimental stage would happen before consoles are released, it's no different to any product.

BTW I didn't get mixed up, this person said about the quality, this means graphics, AI, general functionality as well as apps, which can always be improved.
The core point of games consoles, is their ability to play games, newer consoles based around new hardware can always improve using new technology, that's the point of releasing a new machine.

Initial comment was correct.

I just double checked the definition of prototype. He was correct the "first wave" (as he likes to call it) is truely called a prototype. Though I see what you are saying the very first made is a prototyped indeed. The released prototypes are what as known as Secondary Prototypes. I do agree with raising the price though after a set term then of course slowly declining its expense over the years.

Initial comment was wrong.

Prototype's are not released products, they're built and tested in house, they're also one off units, like there can be multiple prototypes, but which ever model(s)go into production then sease to be protytpes they're just the unit, release model.
There's no such thing as a released prototype, this is just the final released product, it may get changed at some point, but the newer item would again be prototyped and tested in house, before being officially released as the new product.

You agree with raising the price, many consumers wouldn't.
IMO it would turn people off of buying PS4 or any new games consoles, increasing the price would serve to improve perception that the product has improved in any way.

You could expect PS4 without

You could expect PS4 without needing a T.V to play.can PS3 do that?

If i had a job then yea

If you have a job then i bet it would work out, but i bet the most people who buy this is little kids who have to ask there parents for enough money.

Definitely NOT!

Definitely NOT! ,PS3's are great and all but the fact of the matter is that its 1000$... I own a ps3 so i can vouch for how great they are, but 1000$? thats a borderline addiction...

Have to play OLD games!

It listed in the specs that it will not play PS3 games! Why pay up to $1000 for a system that won't play your old games? Who knows what the new games will cost!




i'd pay $1,000 for all the NEW sh*t it can play dumbass

Have to play 90% to 100% bc especially ps2 to ps3 and 1tb to 5tb

The only way i would think of buying any game system 1k is like i said 90% to 100% backwards ps2 to ps3 and ps1 compatible games. Also 1tb to 5tb hard drive and you could put a hard drive in for 10tb hard drive. 2 to 5 games many a movie or 2 one or 2 controllers hvd, still have blu-ray, dvd, cd and remote. If they have all that I would get it, and it could not have extra fees to buy new or used games. Sony please don't do it you would lose alot of customers, you will still have alot please don't make the same mistake with no bc. On ps3 slim games alot more people would of bought the ps3 slim and when that person that said no one cares about ps2 no more alot of people would do anything for ps2 games. For example Budokai Tenkaichi 3, nfl street franchise, nba street franchise madden, espn 2k5 nfl football and basketball. You could have discounts if you want to buy it and buy download more hard drive. Consider some of the points i've said. Please don't make the same mistake as atari or sega genesis, think about it millions more or billions more in cash.

Remember this years ago

On 2006 ps3 was $600 Sony realized ps3 was too expensive so they change the price to $400 . Sony better remember why people didn't buy ps3 ASAP . People might agree and do is issue again to not buy ps4 very fast and also it's the great depression and most people are losing cash at random times



De pinga el mio se te fue el

De pinga el mio se te fue el tur ahi .con taxes seria 1070 . Hahahha .na el ps4 va a costar 400 tablas ya lo digeron ya .el dia 20 de febrero hay una conferencia en new york donde lo van a mostra y ban a dar respuestas a todoas las preguntas .


I think $1000 is way too expensive, I think that playstation network makes plenty on the online store for the add ons for games along with the consol and thatthey need to keep the consumers in mind when selling this product and remember the four p's of marketing and price is the huge question.

back to the topic

I would definitely pay $1000 for a new PS system. On 3 conditions one: All games need to be available for download. Two: FLASHPLAYER is a requirement. Three: has to have better specs and multitask capabilities than its predecessor. Pending on what all else it does I would even pay more than a grand for one.

heads up with html 5

with html 5 flash is almost being thrown out the window


If they do have a PS4 in Dec. 2013. I hope they don't use the out-dated 1080p.

1080p not outdated on consoles or TVs

1080p is most definitely not outdated on consoles or TVs for that matter.

Most games on the PS3 (Xbox 360 & Wii u for that matter) don't go above 720p, there are quite a large chunk that are rendered natively below 720p.

What will be most important from a graphics point of view for next gen games is improving image quality at all resolutions.
Things like texture levels & geometry can massively increase with more modern hardware and this would make you think you're watching a film, rather than the level of artificial looking graphics we're currently getting with loads of jaggies.

AA & AF can actually start going into games, rather than being left out to keep frame rates stable at around 30FPS or slightly above 20FPS.

Nobody needs 2k or 4k yet, Sony only needs to make PS4 capable of resolutions that most people's TVs can output, which is commonly 1080p right now.
Sacrificing image quality for an increase in resolution would mean games won't really increase much in appearance, keep 720p & in some special cases going to 1080p will allow for games to look much better & appear to move much smoother than they do now, while having much more detail on screen too.