Would you have paid $1000 for a new PS4 (before it came out)?

13% (2441 votes)
69% (12964 votes)
Maybe I would need to know more
18% (3454 votes)
Total votes: 18859


the only way i would pay $1000.00 for ps4

I would definitely pay $1000 for a new PS system. On conditions one: has to have better specs and multitask capabilities than its predecessor.two:gmae must be backward compatible with ps1,2&3

Re: the only way i would pay $1000.00 for ps4

To do that wouldn't cost anywhere close to $1000, seriously a $400 machine could be built to run the latest game engines at 1080p 30FPS & everyone would think they are playing interactive CG films, because this is what Star Wars 1313, Square Soft's Luminous & Epic's Elemental tech demos look like and all of them could be run on hardware comparable to an AMD HD 7870 when properly optimized for use on that hardware.
You'd need a reasonable quad core processor & enough RAM but those things can be bought directly from hardware manufacturers for cheap now.

BC should be easy if Sony doesn't completely drop cell, which Sony hasn't been confirmed to do yet, despite current misconceptions.

My point essentially is that you won't have to pay $1000 to see a massive improvement over what PS3 is capable of, PS3 has very old technology now, a 12GB console can be bought for the equivalent of just under $200 in the UK now (£119.99 in sterling), this should show people how cheap the core technology that processes the code for those games is now, a similar box, better harddrive, BD-Rom, but vastly improved CPU, GPU & RAM aren't very expensive at all now.
Check the videos for the tech demos listed above out, then imagine spending around $400, maybe $500 at the most for that console, perhaps forgoe a little backwards compatibility to play games of that level and you'll probably be more than happy.


Agree with it playing the older games as well

Oh totally, if it doesn't AT

Oh totally, if it doesn't AT LEAST play my PS3 discs, it just doesn't seem worth it at that price tag quite yet, considering the cost of games on top of it!

PS4 Cost

I know the price tag for the PS4 has yet to be set, I for one
will go out and buy a X-Box 360 before I pay a $1000 Dollars for a playstation.

i would pay maybe 600 for all of this below

i agree with the capabilities but also better come with 2 of all the accessories and came with 2 or more games and a one month subscription to something like PlayStation plus

Why pay $1000 for a Playstation 4

I wouldn't pay no $1000 for the new PlayStation 4 because anything can happen to the system. I will pay at less $560.99. The game going cost a lot and u going to have to get a warranty on it. U going to be out the pocket anyway it go. With my PlayStation 3 with games and etc came close to a $1000. I would to have the Playstation 4


you guys are idiots the amount of money they are making is rediculous no one should pay more than $300>>>>

actually the companies don't

actually the companies don't make much money off the consoles they make alot of the money off exclusive games ps3 was just bad timing with economy crash and all to do something new, they are going back to the roots so it shouldn't cost to much to do im guessing it will be about $399 sony is not dumb they have learned more about how much people are willing to invest

You have to be joking

A gaming system that costs $1000 is a slap in the face to anyone who is not a millionaire. For a thousand dollars that system better look better than anything out there AND dance to music, make me meals in the kitchen, polish me off......do you see where I am going with this? Never going to happen. You mine as well go take a college class and figure out how to upgrade your own computer and learn how to build a new system all on your own so that you can just play PC games for the same price as home consoles games without having to deal with the dry sand that these companies are pouring into your dirty starfish over your taint before they sneek fk you in your sleep while the excess sand is still pouring out of your poor shoot.


I find this discussion funny... Do some of you really hope for ps4 to cost between 100-300 $?? PS3 on release date costed around 900$ here, right NOW it costs 250$ where im from

I doubt ps4 will cost under 700 bux, and i really hope it wont


Dude if it was that much y the hell would any 1 buy it?

It might not cost 100-300

It might not cost 100-300 bucks but it shouldn't cost 1000$ !!! I believe 400-500 bucks would be a fair price.

Would you pay $1000. for a new PS4 ?

Hell no. It better at least do more than it ever did b4. Like for instance when we first got the system for Xmas by Feb we were sending it to Sony for not reading the disc then end of Summer it got yellow light of death we sent it 2 more times then we we firgure it out how to fix it ourselves because Sony wanted to start chging us for the system. The other times we were cover. Oh well, they better firgure something out for that price cuz I'm not paying. It ain't worth the money for that price. Oh one more thing we ended up selling the 80gb for PS3 Slim thats been worth the money no problems since we bought... So g/l Sony Happy Trails & Happy Gaming !!!!!!!!!

Yes I would

Yes I would pay 1000 for a bran spanking new playstation 4!

are you a retard?

something wrong with you

Yeah I feel that with

Yeah I feel that with increased price, we should get increased warranty for these things, in my experience new consoles break quite easily...


Not unless it can make me dinner then feed me it!!!

No No No, I am not such a

No No No, I am not such a fool to spill 1000$ on a console. I might be a fan but there is a line to everything!!!




Playstation should just stop production if they are going to make it this expensive! They will suffer a huge loss if they try to mass produce it because noone will want to buy it!


I would be reluctant to spend more than $200 on one.

Maybe Maybe Not?

Well first off I'm 9 only so if i had the money yeah but now no! Plus they would never do that!!!

Would I pay $1000 for a new PS4?

No, I'd rather just wait till one of my friends buy it, then I'll go over his house and play it for free whenever I want.

hell no

hell no

No More than 500

I understand why Sony wants to jack the price up on this, its huge. However going over 500 dollars would result in a huge delay for profit, people need time to save up money and in today's economy that's gonna take a extremely long time. Sony needs to take this into deep consideration and plan their price, and release date in a way that allows the intended audience to save the money they need to buy it.


I would probably pay for it if it was $500 or less but a $1000 is way too much.


hell no

Think of it this way.

First of all making the price at 1k would be illogical. Some people would pay that amount of course but think about how many people would vs people who wouldn't, the number difference from that is too great and would make them have low profits in the long run. Only a reasonable and business smart price maybe around $299-$499 or so would be the best option despite the PS4 being highly advanced and i for one would rather pay $500 than 1k but that's just me. So i highly doubt they will make it 1k so don't get your panties in a bunch over this.


NO one will pay $1,000 for a ps4.

Oh Hell Yeah

If it's Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Then Hell Yeaaah.

if it is buy one get two free

if it is buy one get two free then I will think about it. It makes no sense to buy a console at that price when a computer can play better games and do so many other things. Makes no sense at all.

love playstation, but i will be living in it if i bought it.

no, i will say only the crazy ones with money will!! But for us true gamers its not the money it the ability to play the way we want it fast and hard' with no wait time. Price should be at price where we can all as gamers can afford it and enjoy what playstation has to offers us pure fun, and power.! So no i will not pay a 1000 dollars, unless the PS4 can do what i do on daily bases ( work, pay bill, date, and raise a family). I will keep the PS3.


well with gta5 coming out just before the ps4 im gonna have too much fun on my ps3 to even worry about the new console. i will wait till 2014 then maybe i will pick one up with a hundred quid off and by then most of the games for it will be cheaper as well .... so looking good for me for next year ;o).

Considering my computer can

Considering my computer can likely run the same games at better quality than the PS4 no I would not.

However, I would say that it is a reasonable price as long as they did not cheap out on anything like the PS3, and it is actually backwards compatible so you aren't forced to buy games you already own to play them again. Because the RAM is so low on the PS3 graphics tend to only load low res at a distance, and in some games there is a lag where it will take forever to load high res graphics where your character is. I also have a huge collection of PS2 games that are collecting dust, because I don't want to be unplugging one console to plug in another. A way to transfer saved games would be great as well since PS3 save files are often not able to be copied.

Building your own high end system would cost over $1,000, so it is reasonable if there are no issues like that. I think wanting the newest hardware for next to nothing is kind of ridiculous, it is expectations like that forcing companies to cheap out on console parts, which causes huge problems in it's capabilities.


how are u getting games for free on the computer please answer this is it a software

idiot lol

idiot lol


Who even has these games anymore??

I dunno... The fans...?

Games like FlatOut, GT1-4, old Need for Speeds, and all sorts of other games have fans, y'know... People keep the things that they love.

Let's See...

When I was a kid I bought my first gaming console - Nintendo, for $100. It took me about 6 months to earn that cutting grass / shoveling snow at $10 - $20 a pop. Sony should base their price on this concept - kids earning money for it and buying it as a luxury versus having the price so high they have to depend on their parents spoiling them by buying it for them.

That being said, now that I am 36 years old and could afford this price but have the wisdom to know the difference between wants and needs... Unless it came with a cyborg hooker that gave daily BJ's - NO F#%@ing WAY, would I pay $1,000!

That's way to much

I work full time and my checks are $850 every two weeks. I don't want to waste a whole check on a system. I mean wow that's so much money. These are tough times right now and gaming is all a lot people do to release stress and to leave this world and enter a gaming one. It would be cool if it was like $300 maybe $400 a lot of people can afford that.


I wouldnt 1000 is to much If the price is 1000 for ps4 looks like alot of customers are going to switch to xbox.



anything over 400$ is way to much

I play my ps3 the most but the Xbox 360 has better games and graphics
But I still like the ps3 because of blueray internet and apps ghetto zone company has disappointed million on graphics and very high costs the playstion CANNOT BEAT XBOX'S GRAPHICS THE PS4 IS GOING TO BE LIKE THE XBOX360 GRAPHICS just wait and see people look at freaking previews of games u idiots it's once again bad graphics

Third-party titles, maybe...

Third party titles looked worse on PS3 because of it's difficult developing architecture. Tell me honestly that GT5 has bad graphics. Or Uncharted 3. With 8 GB RAM, I guarantee you, the PS4 will NOT have the graphical quality of the last generation.

You must have watched to stream in low resolution. The textures in Drive Club were like NOTHING seen before - you could see tiny details in every material, down to the last fiber or flake. The detail in the skin and expressions were insane as well.

$400-500 is completely reasonable for a console, controller or two, game, and maybe other hardware. That was the original price of the 360, and the PS3 was $600-700 at release.

Ur a moron

Ur a moron

Must be on crack for that kind of price

Seriously. Get real charging more means less people buy. Now lowering will mean people will buy more and you'll earn your money back in no time