Would you have paid $1000 for a new PS4 (before it came out)?

13% (2441 votes)
69% (12964 votes)
Maybe I would need to know more
18% (3454 votes)
Total votes: 18859


There's only one way to be fair all around here's how:

The only 100% fair way to do this would be to allow a ps3 trade in but allow ps3 games an data to be transferred to ps4 taking a good portion of money off the ps4 to allow it to be like 600$ like wat ps3 cost, it's only fair to allow trade ins because then your screwing people over an people will start to question the Sony company on "why are they making us pay so much when they always make their money back in the first year basically.?" This system should not be 1000$ because if they make it 500$-600$ they would probably triple their money if it was this price because people would buy an buy an Sony would make more money an it would be faster profit increase then if it was 1000$. I'm 19 an I figured this out?

So to sum it up: if you make it 1000$ expect your profit to go up very slow so slow tht the ps3 would still be making more money then if you make starting price for ps4 500$-600$ range so that you guys are happy along with your consumer people and consider the data transfer because it be a waste to trade ps3 in an have nothing from the start, that means we wasted money buying it on the system so please make them compatible with one another( ps3 games. + ps4. = compatible) and account transfers to ps4 as well, all this will end any arguments about ps3 to ps4
Thank you for your time Sony look forward to your product.

HELL NO!! I would wait til

HELL NO!! I would wait til the price dropped DRASTICALLY!!!

not bloody likely!

I would not pay 1000!ln 3 years it would be around or less than 300 and i dont mind waiting. Ill always be a playstation fan but for that kind of money id by a computer or a descent tv.I dont think everyone can win the lottery on release day so probably wont make anything if its a 1000. For 499 and some good games and a really hi tech cool looking system i would definetly purchase on the day it came out providing i had the monies!

maybe but

Only if it comes with 40“ led/3d 1080p 120hertz tv.

maybe but

Only if it comes with 40“ led/3d 1080p 120hertz tv.

NO WAY!!!!!!!

only a fool would pay that kinda money when it firsts comes out.. then when the sales drop id wait for the price to drop

there will probably tons of

there will probably tons of problems with the server connections like there are already they need to fix those problems first


If it's above 500USD it will be a rip-off as the parts cost nowhere near that much, even accounting for markup...

No way. Most people can't

No way. Most people can't afford that so who are you gonna play online with. I'll stick to ps3

NO Ways!!!!

Not only the rich buy these consoles, in fact more of the average man does, and to top it off the games would prob be priced @ $150 if the consoles go for $1000.
as it is 10 good games cost more than the consoles

Playstation vs. Xbox

rumor has it that the Xbox 720 will have cloud storage, and that games will have to be redownloaded and re paid for the merge of your account. plus myself and others are conserned that all the money put into the Xbox 360 will be in vain,and others are conserned that there friends that upgrde to the Xbox 720 will not be able to chat with there Xbox 360 friends. If Microsoft addresses vthese issues i think that the prematur launch of Playstation 4 will prove to be Plastations down fall and undoing, with the console price at $699 - $999, Xbox will sore with prices of $399 - $499. Xbox 720 is rumored to have all the features of the new Playstation console with added features. If it was me id pick Xbox over Playstation for the price. You cant beat a better quality product for a cheaper price

Rumors, Rumors, and More Rumors

Xbox hasn't announced anything yet all that has been going on is the typical RUMOR MILL doing what it does best... propagating RUMORS. Nobody knows what the price will be of either system. All we do have is specs for the PS4. So only sheep would believe a rumor as fact. All people have to do is wait, stop giving into the hype and the Trolls. You can't simply base your decision of which console is the best based solely off of price. Compare them, me personally, I will gravitate to which ever offers the best games. Some game developers have already made statements that they are not considering Xbox due to their system not revolving solely around gaming and the gaming community.

With the release dates not being known, how is Sony releasing its system premature. With regards to pricing, all people have to go on is foreign entities trying to capture the strongest possible lead in their markets by offering pre-orders causing others to guess wildly at possible price points.

RU Kidding

Yes buy your cheaper xbox, you will replace them 2 to 1. Xbox garbage. I still have my original PS3 no problems whatsoever in the past 6 years. Had several xboxes die in that time, never again. Bring on the PS4.

Just Rumors

You are just going on rumors which is actually just a doubtful truth. The new Xbox will actually be named Xbox One not the Xbox 720. You mention a premature launch of the PS4? It is planned to be launched later in the year of 2013 as the new Xbox is planned to be launched in November 2013. The PS3 was released in November 2006, that's about 7 years, which is actually a longer span between their previous releases. The PS2 was about 6 years before the PS3 and the PlayStation was to about 6 years before the PS2. Also the price of the new PS4 is not $699 - $999, it will be cheaper then the Xbox One, $100 cheaper. PS4 price will be $399 and the Xbox One will be $499. As for the features, there are many similar as there are many different features, it depends what you are interested in, the hardware is about the same for both systems. So if you are picking a better quality product, there is none. Same quality, PS4 is just cheaper, so if you are not going to buy one depending on price, it is really a personal preference.

H-E-L-L No!!

Are they on drugs? Hello! That's highway robbery!

they mussie on drugs

think money does grow on trees aye but 1k

1000 dollars for a game system?

If a video game system ever costed that much money, I would never support the gaming industry again.

ine blame you

i with you on that for a game hell no plus the cds aloneee

Oh Helll To The No

Not a chance
stick with the old ps3


Due to the votes one in every 10 or so people would but it max price 500
dont make a mistake like the ps3 relese price.

Gatta be crazyyy

thats gold aye? nevaaaaaaaaaaaa ill stick with my old system!

Absolutely not!!

There's no way I would even pay $500!!! So hell nall!


Would not pay even 500, the PlayStation brand has been kind of a disappointment, I was so excited when i bought my psp then the games we not really there, then ps3 not as good as i hoped for so this new system makes me nervous to even buy at all until price is at its minimum most likely.

new ps4 or xbox1

nnoo way they should do 1000 at least 650 or to 750. i would rather go with the new Xbox1 they are supposedly make for 899-? sound a bit better i guess but still they didn't even take about the new awesome upgrades of the ps4 controllar. witch is a boss 850 if it is for both. 800 to 850 yeah if the ps4 last some years and dont jump us with the new ps5 or 6 in like 5 9 years IDK.

New PS4 or Xbox or PC !!!

What now Wii U !!! Nope sorry !!! LOL If the PS4 is over $550 Dollors. I'll just upgrade my PC video Card to $550. Besides you can use controllers for your PC. But Im really looking forwared to get a PS4. I hope they dont disapoint. I am in the process of building a new PC tho.

Cant Afford

most people wont be able to afford 1000 plus they make most of their money off the games and ps plus i think 450 to 500 is a respectful price it would bring alot of xbox fans over even more if they added a party chat system

NO means NO

a 1000$ for a gaming console?no! even 600$ is too much for a console.the decent price should be between 350-500$ any other price higher is totally not stupid.

No la compraria

Yo no la compraría ni casi todos los que conozco, si a caso a (500)EUROS 600euros o 750 como mucho.


I would not pay that much for a system no way!


If its worth it as it cost more to build a console then to sell it to gamers...
If it was that good then it's worth every pennies ie $1000 and cos all the hard work
the manufactors put in to it.

Thanks to them if they didn't build them I would be b0rd,

Can't wait for it to be released :)


If I wasn't such a gamer I collect them as we'll as a games I'm a fan


When was this question released? I won't pay a grand, but I'll pay $399 like I did for PS3.

Get a PC for a $1000

I would get a gaming PC for $1000 it wouldn't be the best but it would be decent.

Crazy price!

They must be smoking crack!? Is not f*cking cool!

The Rich Folks may be able to

The Rich Folks may be able to afford this unit at a grand per unit but it leaves everyone else out in the cold and to me that is just cruel marketing and greedy! With all the options gamers have today why spend a grand on a game? Best rethink this marketing plan..it sucks!

Please read up before posting

Sony has already said that the system is going to be $399.00 end of story. This article was up way before a price point was established. So this is a mute article.

I wish Ferrari would make

I wish Ferrari would make their cars more affordable too

Calm down

And I would buy a million dollar house if the builder lowered it to $500,000

hell know hell know

if all gaming concles were just free then i would get them but not at a price any price even 0..0.0.1 nano cent

After PS4 Launch Date

I played PS4 for next new days after launch date... WOW! Sure, I will pay $1000 for it! It worth!

If I am given 10 games of my

If I am given 10 games of my choice free then I hope I will pay Beside that no one will agree to pay 1000 dollars for a 399 dollar device.
I think only fools will be willing to pay
Good luck!!!!!!


I will not pay $1000 for a PS4. That money would be better spent elsewhere than a fking overpriced console.

PS4 Pro

Ok so the PS4 pro is twice and powerful as the PS4 slim for an extra 100 $ £. What a wasted opportunity. With the Slim already capable of playing VR they had a real opportunity to produce a console that could proudly of worn the name tag Neo. I would of happily paid double that to have a PSVR console capable of producing something really special in VR.


Would you spend 99999999999 to playstion to make the ps5 and ps5 pro