Who will dominate the next generation of gaming consoles?


This is not really fair

This is not really fair because it is on a ps4 website!!!


Fair in what context? The results clearly show the expectations of the people who voted (obviously, more likely to be sony fans).


I didn't vote but if I did it would be Ps4 not just because it's a Sony website but because I have been doing research on both the Ps4 and the xbox 720. I was able to find out a lot more about the Ps4 than the xbox 720. Which helps me belive it is going to come out a lot sooner giving it no immediate rival which means it will sell really good.


Is the XBOX 720 even real?


...But it doesn't actually mean anything, since most people came here as Sony fans.

Xbox only took first place

Xbox only took first place because Sony delayed it release date to almost a year after the 360. This time around if Sony puts out a wow product , the others would be left behind. I have both systems and if sony improves on a live type chat my 10 time over breaking xbox would be given to someone else. Biggest non lasting gaming system ever made. I should of sued MS when my xbox back melted instead of taking the new system.

the xbox 360 is the same

the xbox 360 is the same thing with different colors and body shape


How the HELL! did your XBOX melt.

Wii HD?

Wasn't it Wii U?


Yes, it's called WII U, but this poll is so old and at that time we didn't know what it'd be called.


PS4 was always better just because it has free multiplayer. If the xbox 360 didn't need gold live membership to play online it would be the best, because the Xbox controller is way better.

<3 PS3

I don't know why!!!

I don't know why but my friend is telling that the PS4 has come out. but is that true cause there are rumors but could be true although my friend is a gamer so i maybe believe him. anyway could someone tell if its out yet


Bro, do some research that's a lie its coming out in holidays 2013