Amazing New PS4 Design by Niklas V3


Not official

This is a model somebody made using graphics rendering software.
Nothing has officially come out about any next gen console besides Wii U.

It's possible PS4 may be able to use multi screen displays, people have been making PCs that can do it for quite a few years now, but it's not something that everyone will be able to use because not everyone can afford to buy four of the same display.

It seems more likely that Sony would want to put more power into displaying better graphics on a single display and would cater for the majority of potential buyers rather than just a niche market that isn't interested in console gaming anyway.

Maybe Sony are going to do like nintendo and offer the ability to use tablets connected to PS4.


There's no way it would be that bulky. Everyone would complain that it is hard to stand up. Plus the only screen that would make since for the PS4 to have would be the touch screen, not an optional screen on the side for skins. I admit that it would be cool, but it wouldn't be probable for Sony to waste their time in adding that just to make the PS4 look cooler. Sony doesn't consintrate on looks, they consintrate on performance.


The only thing wrong with this desighn is the disk insertion location other than that it looks coolikool.


yea love the design


is that the real photo of ps4 or just another fluke


i like this !!!


I completely agree i find that this system would be way to odd in design however does make a great foundation. the system doesnt need touchscreen could support multpile screens (no more than 2) very well could act as an alarm clock xD but the body itself requires more of a foundation durability sort something large enough to run 1 or maybe smaller to run 2 or 3 cooling units. a system that could suport itslef and never die. i will draw up a concept and submit it.

Sorry but no.

Looking at the playstation 3, and any console for that matter. Nothing can even play 720p yet at its native resolution. Even with Modern Warfare 2 it was at 600p upscaled to 700p. And were yet to even TOUCH 1080p. Yes, the technology is there for full HD gaming, but the cost would be too great to make a reasonable system. And 4 displays at full 1080p? We can barely do that with Ultra Gaming Computers.. Comeon people have some sense at least before you make up things like this...

Not right

Wipeout HD is a native 1080p game, GT Prologue was above 720p, technically it was a 1080p game, but it wasn't 1920, it was 1200 or something by 1080 progressive.
Battlefield 3 is supposedly 720p, with 8 black pixel bars at the top and bottom of the screen.
I think Metal Gear Solid: Guns Of The Patriots is 1080p native, don't know if it's 1920x1080 though.

The Uncharted games are I believe 720p native.
There's a bunch of other games that are 720p plus resolutions for PS3 and Xbox 360 for that matter.

Depending on the hardware PS4 uses it could potentially go up to 4k.
A modern GPU with eyefinity can do multi monitor, 6870 has support for up to 4 monitors, depending on whether Sony uses an APU with a decent GPU chip onboard fairly high settings and full HD could be possible.

Considering games consoles use the power more efficiently than PCs straight up specs of a PC may not show what next gen console specs will be capable of.

Whether 4k will be needed is another question, considering most people have just invested in Full HD or 3D ready TVs and those TVs could easily last 10 years or more I doubt 4K will be the focus in the next Xbox or PS4's capabilities.
It's more likely that specs capable of producing full 1080p, with high graphical settings and higher frame rates like 60 FPS will be the aim as this will show a rather large step forward from current console gaming.

If you look at a demo like Quantic Dreams Kara PS3 is still pretty capable, this is a tech demo that approaches CG quality pre-rendered looking imagery, an upgrade in hardware will push this even further.
Kara is apparently running at 720p native.

I have to point out that a HD 6870 AMD GPU can be bought for £120 on Amazon, Amazon is making a profit off of that and AMD is probably making a substantial amount of profit per card, Sony could likely buy those GPUs for far less than £100, maybe even half that price and still make AMD massive profits over yearly console sales.

Heat may be an issue, exhaust fans to suck out air, fans to blow off heat from the CPU and other internals can be made for cheap and still do a good job of keeping PS4 cool.

Essentially there is nothing holding back PS4 from being easily capable of producing full 1080p (as in 1920x1080p) games, with high settings compared to gaming PCs with 60fps plus video.
A streamlined gaming machine, that has a relatively light weight OS, fast memory and a fast bluray drive would be a beast of a games machine.

You think, you believe, it

You think, you believe, it supposed... only opinions, not facts.

Wtf r u on

Thers like 150 1080p games on ps3 you douche

Not native.

There aren't 150 native 1080p games on PS3, there are less than 50 and none of those are what you could class as high in image quality & they certainly don't use a lot of effects either.

In reality there are a lot of sub 720p games, the native resolution is below 1280x720 and frame rates are around 20-30FPS.

Check Beyond3d for the full list of native resolutions for PS3 games, Xbox 360 ones are listed on there too, in the future they'll also have Wii U games listed on there too.

Think again

Even my cheapass intel HD4000 GPU (macbookpro retina) can drive two 27" apple displays, both with a resolution above 1080p. You still want to claim you cannot connect 4 displays at 1080p on a decent GPU?

niklas v3

Love the touch screen idea but not to crazy on console design.however it does

Look cool though

Pete m

I like the digital screen it just looks too much like the PlayStation 3, I think you should definitely be the traditional Sony jet polish black, maybe make the top like a tablet for like if you're on the road you can still play still play definitely keep the digital display


i like it, it's the best playstation i ever saw, i like the touch screen to, what will the controller look like? please reply

sick yo


Playstation 4

Awesome... Finally, a machine would have screen support for Multiplayed Games. Such like arcade-dual screens!

Multiplayer on Multiple TVs

Having the ability to play multiplayer with each player having thier own seprate screen (not split screen on multiple tvs) needs to be the next big break through.


like the overall design and touch pad


All it need is a thing to project the game there for no tv is need

but look at how small the

but look at how small the screen is i like to play on my 40"


You don't play it on that screen....


You go ahead and play on that small screen on the end of the PS4 and have fun. How do people survive in this worls without forgetting to breath?

why PS is better than Xbox

play station 3 played blueray when the first ps3 came out in 2006. xbox 360 didnt even play regular disks when it first came out in 2005. after when the slim came out, the slim plated regular disks. ps3 is free for online playing, you need to pay for xbox live. you can rent movies, games, music with the ps3, you cant with xbox. xbox has no chance for the next generation of playstation

about the 4 tv idea good pros & bad cons & my oppinion

pros- this could help a bit with people that have more then one TV or people who say "I want to spend time on one of the TV doing something else" but what can the other person do when someone wants to take a brake= ps4 or if u have a big room with 4 TVs I wonder..... major multiplayer time. there already some things I'm thinking of for this system

cons- that's a lot of set up for TVs that's my only prob

opinion there are more pros then cons in this system but if there are anything ill say I'm waiting for the bugs to be worked out (what I mean by bugs = one of my friends xbox 360 caught on fire, over heating ps3s)


Priceless luv it

The Ultimate PS4

I definately would love to have this design of the PS4 the 4 TV hook up wud be sick to have set up in my home.