Amazing New PS4 Design by Niklas V4 - Gold Edition


ps4 gold edition

this looks sick yo

Oh yeah

That there looks freaking sweet. Best I've seen. Wow, simply, wow.

It's ugly as hell.

It's ugly as hell.

Good artwork but ugly concept. No offense to the artist or anything because the illustration is really good but I hope it doesn't look anything like this when it's released.


When you think you saw the ugliest thing, they just make an even uglier one, unbelievable...


we r goin to pay $499 to $1000 for a freakin alarm clock


Na, we're going to pay $499 to $600 (UK about £320 to £400) for something that will have some mid to high level, modern AMD/Sony hardware inside of it.
If PS2 and PS3 are anything to go by then PS4 won't look a thing like this.

Too me this design doesn't scream 2013/2014, it looks like it belongs in 2005.


get lost! believe me when i say, if Sony decided to release the PS4 in this design, you'll probably get it either way. its an awesome design!

Design would have nothing to do with it.

This design may look good to you, but it doesn't too me, everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but this concept certainly doesn't look like a modern piece of technology.

What will determine whether or not I buy PS4 will be whether the games it has appeals too me and what it's capable of, not whether or not I like the casing it comes it, because I won't be looking at the console when I'm playing games, I'll be looking at the TV.

Omg gotta have one this is

Omg gotta have one this is hands down a beautiful system this is a real game

Ps4 design Awsome

That is the best design I have seen yet. I can't wait to see the games that it comes with. Hope I can afford it....

You'll be able to afford it.

You'll be able to afford it. Just don't rush into buying it. Wait till the hype dies down for it becomes alittle cheaper. P.s definitely start saving money on the side as of now.

Awesome design

Can't wait to get one


This looks pristine. I love the touch screen, it makes it MORE than just a game console, isnt that son=mething SONY does? afterall, its blu ray. I think its a great idea. only thing is I would prefer something that is more squared and sharp than oval. some people put it straight up and some put it flat long ways, like me... just an idea but this is cool.


Me personally I would like to have this system totally digital. Put away with the discs forever and now lets enter a redemption code where the game is now on a cloud so that it doesnt take up any hard drive space and auto saves with each game etc. This is the future thought of by yours truly Mario Davis


And then anyone without a good internet connection won't buy a PS4, yay!

discless games

the psp-go ran the downloaded games format and the big prob with it is if you pay for and download a game and then find its boring/rubbish, or you complete it or get bored of it your stuck with it or have to delete it and the gama and you cash are both gone, with disc's or cartridges you at least have something to sell.


But on the touch screen it says: NO DISC


It should have Halo


yes it should

Games should be placed in a

Games should be placed in a case, similar to how Sony did their mini disc, games should be sold in stores in that 'mini disc case' so you don't have to worry about scratched games ever again.

In this design, there's no support for the bottom, it'll tip over.

The power on/off and eject buttons should be functional without having to use the led touch screen, You might not want the touch screen on while watching a movie, but want to eject the disc to get ready for another movie. I love the touch screen idea though, it gives game devs another way to interact with players, buuut, there's already a touch screen on the controller.

No matter the case, it's an excellent idea, at the very least you could always display detailed weather info on the console, that's something that every family member would want to see when walking by the living room. Customizing how that display appears (the widgets, themes, colors, and such) should/would be very exciting to do using the touch pad on your joystick.


Why the hell would you want the weather displayed on on a gaming console?? I am too busy playing the game to care what the weather is!

Because game consoles can do more than just game now.

Game systems are becoming more like computer and will be able to have apps and other software - video and music streaming is already popular, and news/weather isn't that bad of an idea - it could replace your TV or cable box eventually...

Gaming Systems moving away.. From Gaming?

That is idiotic? Gaming consoles should be kept separate from all pointless things that get mashed on to recent devices. It's stupid. PS4, and all gaming consoles from then on should be kept to only gaming. If you want the stupid, useless things as you suggest.. Then go buy the new upcoming x-box because if you did the research x-box is now catering to those functions you desire. Leave PS4 separate for typical gaming rather than adding completely useless apps.

Bankai <3

The point is that gaming systems replace other equipment.

Lets's say you use a cable box for TV, a computer for social networking and general web browser use plus photo and music storage, and a DVD player for obvious purposes. The new consoles can replace these pieces of equipment and actually already HAVE been. You can store photos and music on both the PS3 and 360, and the PS3 has had a web browser for a while. Netflix may eventually replace cable and DVD (and the PS2 was beginning to replace DVD players), and that service, plus possibly other services like news may become available. So, in purchasing a PS3, you could also be saving money by not buying a cable box, computer, and/or DVD player (for some, not all). Of course it's main purpose should still be gaming. But what's your problem with innovation? Why do you NOT want these capabilities, when you can easily just ignore them? You are a minority, my friend, as many, MANY people will want to and WILL use these services.

And the PS4 IS going to have most of these features... I don't know why you think this is exclusive to the Xbox when this was officially announced at the PS conference on the 20th of February, and the new Xbox hasn't even been fully unveiled.

Not part of the Majority

I want my gaming system for games. You talk about innovation, the cell phone takes care of just about every other item in the living room. You can hook them to the TV to watch movies (Hulu, Netflix, ETC...), play music, serf the web and socialize. My Smart TV has Netflix on it along with the weather and other apps and functions. I don't NEED another device with the SAME capabilities. I have a PC for both socializing and gaming as well. If they were really interested in keeping the prices of the GAME systems low they would stop throwing in redundant functions already performed by other components. What is this Lord of The Components... with one to rule them all.

I agree with innovation, but having a game system that simply copies what everything else is already capable of isn't really innovation. Innovation would be creating Haptic devices or some other technology that would make the GAMING experience more immersive and enjoyable.

The whole point is replacing these "other items".

As I said, the point is to replace these other items, to increase the range of people who would want to buy it. It will cater to more people, even if some people don't need a lot of what's in it. People have been known to get PS3's as blue-ray players and for netflix, and find they actually like playing games on it as well. THAT'S the point. There ARE things that can do this many of the items listed, yes, but not many that can do ALL, or at least most. And really, you aren't representing a majority, or at least not in my neck of the woods.