Amazing PS4 Design by Niklas


Nice Design

Cool. When is it coming out?

5 months duh!!

5 months duh!!

you guys are idiots

this thing already came out like a month ago in a slim version. fkn newbz! I'm gonna wait for it go down in price to a 100 bucks and then open it up cause I heard there's an iphone 5s inside.


What exactly are you talking about...? The PS4 was announced on the 20th, and no one knows what it looks like yet. This is fan art. The release was announced for "Holiday 2013"... And why would Sony sell something along side an Apple product...?

Holy @%!%! I just Sh*t my pants!

Wow, Epic design! Thank you for posting this, can't wait to see more views of this!?!?! Do you have a video?

Where'd my comment go?

I commented the other day and now my comment's gone, why?

I wrote down why I didn't like the design, for me it doesn't look good having the big round parts on the side.
If you're going to post a design you have to be prepared for some people not to like it, so don't just remove comments because you don't like what people have written.

I'd prefer a design similar to PS3, only with a flat top, maybe a little slimmer, but if that's at the expense of internal space needed to give enough room to dissipate heat then I don't mind the console being a bit bigger, I'd rather have decent specs over a style piece under my TV.


I think the statement they're going for is orbis/circle 'O' effect.


wonder how many problems they will have with that?