Angry Birds Attack PSN

PS Phone Angry BirdsLook out below! A flock of Angry Birds are descending on PS3’s and PSP’s across the land. Yes, the infamous iPhone game Angry Birds has been launched on the PlayStation Store as a PlayStation mini-game.

Casual gaming’s biggest hit of the year, Angry Birds has sold nearly 7 million copies on the iPhone, with other versions of the game being downloaded an additional 40+ million times. This includes demos of the game featuring just a few levels, and free full versions of the game that sport advertising. The developer, Rovio Mobile currently pulls in $1 million a month in advertising revenue from these free, ad-supported versions.

You'd be Angry Too if You Got Flung at Pigs All Day

In Angry Birds, you take control of the eponymous feathered flyers as they battle a horde of vile pigs (though I hesitate to call pigs vile, cause they’re just so darn tasty). Angry Birds is a physics-based game that has you choose the trajectory and power of your angry bird, with the goal being to destroy the pigs scattered throughout the level. These pigs are usually tucked away in structures, and getting at them isn’t always easy.

Different angry birds come equipped with different (angry) strengths and weaknesses, and learning how to best use each bird is part of the trick to achieving top scores. Each level awards you stars based on how many points you scored, and the drive to collect three stars on every level should keep you going for several days.

Angry Birds is a simple game at heart, and doesn’t take any great gaming skills or mind tricks to master. Simple trial and error will get you through most levels, and may even lead to unexpected results better than anything you could have possibly planned for. Still, for just $4, it’s a decent little time-waster with some fun and occasionally challenging gameplay.

Have you already fallen victim to Angry Birds siren song (or more likely, cacophonous cawing)? Or is this just another casual game that should stay away from the rest of the real games? Let us know your thoughts below.

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