Angry Birds Star Wars: PS4 Experts Official Review

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Over the last few years, one of the biggest franchises to emerge from video games has been Angry Birds. Starting life as a mobile game on the iPhone, the premise of Angry Birds is simple: flick a bird into a structure in an attempt to destroy the evil, evil pigs within. There have been a number of Angry Birds sequels, with the latest, Angry Birds Star Wars, making its PlayStation 4 debut.

The Premise
The premise of Angry Birds Star Wars remains the same as any Angry Birds game: flick birds into the pigs. The game still remains a physics-based puzzler but now features a Star Wars overhaul. For example, you'll flick Luke and Han instead of Red and Yellow Bird, with each bird having unique abilities you can activate, such as Obi Wan using his force powers to push objects and pigs. The pigs are dressed as Star Wars villains as well, which is a nice touch.

While there is more to say about the gameplay, such as using the Millennium Falcon to skip levels and unlocking bonus levels, Angry Birds Star Wars is just a coat of fresh paint on top of the classic Angry Birds gameplay you've likely already experienced.

Speaking of that fresh paint, the Star Wars theme permeates throughout the game and is more than just an afterthought; Rovio really knows their Star Wars lore. Levels are based off Star Wars location such as Tatooine and Hoth and that classic Star Wars theme plays throughout. Star Wars fans will love the attention to detail!

How Does It Play?
Angry Birds Star Wars gives player two options to use for flicking birds: buttons and the DualShock 4's touchpad. Both control methods work well; traditional gamers will opt for using the buttons while Angry Birds fans flocking from the mobile version will feel right at home with the touchpad.

How Does It Look?
Angry Birds Star WarsWhile the game looks sharp and clear on the PlayStation 4, it's not something you're going to use to show off your system's graphical capabilities. At the end of the day, it's just a port of a mobile game; if it didn't run and look good, there would be a huge problem.

Any Extras?
The PlayStation 4 version of Angry Birds Star Wars features a fair bit of exclusive content in the form of 20 additional levels and some local multiplayer modes. The new levels are good, but ultimately more of the same, and the multiplayer modes are fun with a few friends in short bursts.

The Price
Ultimately, there is one thing that stops Angry Birds Star Wars from being a recommendation to any gamer: the price. What is a 99 cent game on mobile devices costs a whopping $49.99 on the PlayStation 4. This price is preposterous and, quite frankly, a rip off, as Rovio hopes to hook casual gamers who just bought a PlayStation 4.

Honestly, this game shouldn't be a retail release, instead appearing on the PlayStation Network for a few dollars at most. Nothing in this package justifies the $49.99 price tag.

The Final Verdict
Angry Birds Star Wars is a tricky game to score, mainly due to the exorbitant price. Yes, Angry Birds Star Wars is a massive game, featuring over 200 levels and exclusive content on the PlayStation 4. It plays well, its enjoyable in short bursts, and fun with friends. But is it worth a 4900% markup?

Absolutely not, and that is reflected in the score: the game just isn't a good value for the price. While the game itself is mechanically good and uses the Star Wars theme well, the markup kills all value the game might have.

While this would have been a full recommendation at $5 on the PlayStation Network, at $50 in a retail store it's only recommended for the biggest Angry Birds or Star Wars fans.

Final Score: 4/10

Game Category: Puzzle

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 12/16/2013

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