Battlefield V Revealed

The developers over at DICE, have finally revealed a part of the upcoming Battlefield V. While it wasn’t enough to really discuss too much of the game, there was plenty of info revealed to get us started.

As rumors turned out to be true, BFV is in fact moving from WWI to WWII. Watching the gameplay trailer from the solo missions, the graphics were very nice, but there seems to be a large number of gamers complaining that the game lacks authenticity.

Executive Battlefield V producer Aleksander Grondal went on Twitter, to say, We’ll always put fun over authentic.” The producer also feels there is a need for balance between fun and authenticity. I personally don’t have a problem with a video game portraying fact and fiction. I can respect a person's feelings regarding the accuracy of a true story, but the developers wanted to write their own story. I think everyone should be cool with that.

While we didn’t get to see multiplayer in action, there were plenty of talks about what we could expect. I’m sure we will get the good stuff at E3, as it was stated that the game will be playable during their E3 show. With the announcement that there will be no premium pass this year, DICE says, all the will be free. To go a little further, it's also been confirmed there will be no loot boxes. EA is likely steering away from loot boxes and passes, after last year's mess with Battlefront II. I’m sure some sort of microtransaction plan is in place, but it hasn’t been revealed to us yet. We’ll see.

Battle Royale was rumored to be apart of battlefield V, but according to the reveal, developers expended Operations into grand Operations. Grand Operations will have an extra round called Last Stand. Last Stand begins when the matches are real close. Basically, if the match close enough, player go into sudden death. It’s not exactly a replacement for Battle Royale in my mind, but it’s something, I guess.

A new game mode that has been added named Combined Arms, is the go to mode for learning how to play the game. With a squad of up to 4 players, you go behind enemy lines and complete game objectives. The longer further you go behind enemy lines, the better the reward will be, but you can always extract earlier to ensure you keep your goodies. While it is recommended for new players of Battlefield, I think it could have the potential to please both newcomers and longtime fans alike.

So, I guess there isn’t much more to add right now. Co-op is making its way back to the game and while there is a campaign, it seems to be similar to how Battlefield 1 played. Telling stories of different characters as you play through. The good stuff will be along soon, so I’ll just sit tight and wait for E3. In the meantime, tell me your thoughts on what's been revealed so far and how you feel about the lack of “authenticity.”