Battlefield1 Review

Battlefield1 released worldwide on Friday and it did not disappoint. For several years now, First Person Shooter fans have been asking for a war game that takes us back to an older war setting. I believe the most popular war asked for, has been World War II. It makes sense, during WWII there major advancements in technology and weapons alike. With everything invented, there's always someone out there working to improve it. Well, the same goes with video game development and DICE has gone above and beyond to improve the Battlefield series.

It was surprising to many when BF1 was announced. A new war game set in World War I? Trench warfare didn’t sound very appealing to a lot of folks and they expressed their concerns. After getting more information on the game and seeing some of it in action, real excitement began to settle into the community. We saw a peek at what this title could offer and after players were catered to a free open beta, it became more clear that DICE and EA had another hit on their hands. Only this time, Battlefield opened doors that peaked the interest of gamers that wouldn’t typically play a battlefield game.

Longtime and new fans alike have been expressing how much they are enjoying Battlefield1 on and offline. I have to concur, this game is an instant classic and will be talked about for many years to come. The graphics are superb and so is the audio. The Storylines within the campaign are based on true stories and you take on the roles of different soldiers in different factions. It is done really well and is just a great campaign to play. It has a good replay value and can be completed in roughly 8-10 hours if you’re not in a hurry and like to take in the sights or go out of your way to search every nook and cranny.

Multiplayer is the biggest reason people purchase a game like this and my experience in MP so far has been awesome on two separate levels, the MP itself and the people playing this game. Campaigns are always different from the Multiplayer end and sometimes you see a downgrade in visuals in MP. Not the case in BF1. The graphics stay gorgeous in both modes and this game isn’t watered down at all. The weapons are well balanced and look pretty cool. DICE did what they could to make weapons as similar to the original weaponry during the war as they could and from what I can tell, another good job.

Outside of picking up elite weapons from crates on the MP maps, you can't really expect your LMG or SMG or what have you, to mow through a stack of enemies. Risk it if you like, but there's a good chance you’ll get taken down quickly if you’re lone wolfing it and attacking enemy groups without support. Even if you aren’t playing in your own party, you will find that many of the players on your team will be happy to supply you with ammo, health packs, help you take the points and watch your six, but it's important that you do the same in return.

Battlefield1 currently offers 6 multiplayer modes. Operations, Conquest, Domination, Team Deathmatch, Rush and War Pigeons and soon we will see the addition of custom games, hardcore and Fog of War. Free additions of course, so if you’re concerned about needing a season, this is excluded from that content, but we’ll also be seeing some free dlc in December, which is always nice to receive.

So, here's a quick description of the multiplayer modes:

Operations is a great mode to play if you’re not only new to Battlefield, but if you enjoy large scale war across several maps that longer than 10-15 minutes to complete. You will attack or defend specific locations and move onto the next map win or lose. My first match was Operations and it took me around 45 minutes to complete, it was a lengthy match. What's really cool about Operations, is the matches are based on WWI battles. Its really cool and give history an alternate ending, depending on the outcome of the matches.

Conquest is a large scale Domination variant. Traditional Domination matches have three points to capture and hold and on slightly smaller maps. Conquest features 64 players (32 v 32) capturing and holding/ defending 7 points. The maps are enormous and it can be awfully overwhelming for a player that doesn't work with the team and attempts to take points solo. Plenty of players play it solo and hope to rack up their K/D ratio, but that's a choice of preference. Not my personal choice, but someone’s.

Domination is pretty much described above. 10 v 10 with 3 points to capture and hold/defend. The rounds usually end in less than 10 minutes and it's a great mode to play if you’re looking for something slightly faster in pace.

Team Deathmatch, same as any other TDM you’d find in a game. Perhaps the most popular and simple mode in any FPS shooter. You’ll go 12 v 12 in this mode and the maps are also slightly smaller in size. This mode isn’t typically fast paced as much it is played slow. Work with your team or take off if you want, but if you’re contributing by getting kills or dying quite a bit solo, maybe you should consider following some teammates?

Rush is perhaps best compared to Search and Destroy form the call of duty series, but with larger maps. Sure the mode is named rush, but if you’re attacking the enemy team as they defend, they won’t rushing along against you. No, they will be preparing for your attack and setting up their defenses. They must stop you and your team from setting timed explosives at the marked locations or defuse the bomb you have planted. You’ll have two points two attack and on a time limit. As the first round ends you move further up the map to attack 2 new points, so and so forth. Teamwork, again that is key in this game.

Last, but not least, we have War Pigeons. This game mode is a lot of fun, as are all the game modes I listed, but that's my opinion of course, not everyone likes them all. During WWI, War Pigeons were used to send messages (dogs too). In this game mode, you need to beat the enemy team to the pigeon location. Once you have the pigeon in your hands, you’ll need to hold it for short period while writing and attaching your note. Once the timer has finished, you need to be outside and let the pigeon go and it will deliver your message. If the enemy team kills you before you release the bird, it drops and becomes available to whomever picks it up next. It's important to note that the pigeon can be shot down by the enemy and also keep in mind, the enemy is also trying to send a message. Whichever team reaches 5 messages sent, wins the match. If your message is sent successfully, and artillery barrage will come hailing down on your enemies and give you the points and stats for those kills. Same goes for the enemy team, so if they send a message, book it out of the area!

You will find a large number of vehicles available to use in some game modes as well. Flying old WW! planes, large and small personal tanks, a train, a blimp, jeeps and more. These vehicles come along with built in or mounted weapons as well, so it's not just for getting close to objective quickly. All the vehicles are fairly easy to learn and control, but if you find you’re having trouble piloting a plain, maybe jump in the passenger's seat a few times and hopefully your pilot will show you a few pointers.

I highly recommend Battlefield1, to any gamer out there. If you don’t particularly enjoy FPS games, I can understand why you’d pass, but I still recommend at least renting it or trying it at a friends house if possible. I know there will be some that disagree with my score, but I am positive many more will agree when say this game upped the ante for future FPS games.  An instant classic to say the least, Battlefield1 gets a score of 10 out of 10. It's a very well made game and this is coming from someone that is not your typical battlefield fan. Have you played BF1 yet? What would you rate it?