Ben Corroon - PS4 Gaming Article Author

Ben Corroon - PS4 Gaming Article AuthorAbout Me:
My name is Ben and I'm a video game writer. I work for websites writing blogs, writing eBooks (both non-fiction and fiction) and I sometimes work in marketing/web advertisement. It's not a full time job, but it's what I love to do.

I was practically raised on the PlayStation franchise, but over the years I've dabbled in other consoles. I've recently build my own PC, but the PlayStation will always be the best way to play games. I love the connectivity of the console, the high quality hardware and the exclusives. I read just about as much as I play games, I love modern Robinsonade fiction novels like The Road and Concrete Island.

My biggest dislike in gaming is the micro-transaction business model. I've been actively campaigning against it in games - especially of the MMO genre. I feel like it restricts content to a point where you have to pay obscene amounts to get the full experience of a game.

Favorite Games:
The Warhawk/Starhawk franchise. Dylan Jobe - the CEO of LightBox Interactive and creator of those two games - has always been a personal hero of mine and I've had the chance to speak with him on a live gaming radio before. Warhawk and Starhawk truly are hidden gems of games. You are unlikely to find any better console multiplayer experience, and the games truly cater to competetive gamers who like teamplay.

The Elder Scrolls series: I must have spent at least 1000 hours on the games of the Elder Scrolls series. I feel like the best thing about the games are the character freedom. You can go wherever you want, do whatever you want, and take whatever you find. The lore is so rich as well, I have spent a lot of time simply reading the in-game books that are found lying around.

Star Wars: The Old Republic: I feel like this game has been majorly overlooked in the MMO roster. It introduced a wealth of character interaction to the genre. That, along with a solid franchise tie-in makes it an incredibly fun MMO with a whole lot of content.

Killzone 2: While I was not much of a fan of Killzone 3, I loved Killzone 2 to death. At the time of its release, it was the most visually spectacular game on the market. The environments were perfectly crafted and the Helghast soldiers truly were scary. The multiplayer was also excellent. Full clan support and a well designed class system made for a great experience.

West Midlands, England