Some of the best and worst games of 2017

2017, has been a pretty good year for gaming. While the lineup of games I have been waiting to release are taking their sweet time (ie; God of War, Days Gone, Spiderman, to name a few), there were several games on my list this year that make up for the wait. There were also several major disappointments in my book as well. Without further ado, let's go over my favorite and most disappointing games of 2017.

My favorite game in 2017, is Horizon Zero Dawn. If you have not played this game yet, I highly recommend you give it a try. This title offers an incredible storyline, gorgeous graphics, excellent audio and controller response. The list goes on. You’ll sink hours into the campaign and have plenty of side missions to keep you busy. Unless you absolutely hate action/adventure/ rpg types, you need to play this title. I don’t recall having a single complaint.

My biggest disappointment this year, really got under my skin. As a longtime Road Rash fan, I was looking forward to Road Rage, all year. The motorcycle beat-em up that was inspired by the Rash series, was utter crap. I have seen games delayed because they pass the quality assurance tests for Sony, and damn it all, after this game was released. I can’t even fathom how a game this messy, glitchy, choppy, frame rate dropping trash, passes a quality assurance test. It doesn’t come close to what Road Rash has to offer and should have never been released. The idea was great, but sadly the development doesn’t come close to hitting the mark...

Friday The 13th, turned out be a major hit this summer. While the title comes rather bare bones, it offered me many hours of online fun. Playing with friends was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the majority of gamers I came across. There were plenty of players that were less than fun to play with though. Players that partied up and helped Jason find everyone were some of the worst. All in all, playing jason and slaughtering counselors or playing a counselor trying to escape, survive and possibly even kill Jason, was a lot of fun. It's rather cheap and made a bundle of cash, so I’m hoping to see a future title drop with a bigger budget. We’ll see.

Destiny 2… I’m not sure what I can really about this one. I enjoyed the game upon release, but I just didn’t enjoy the grind as much as I did in the first one. If this was a movie franchise, Destiny 2 would be the sequel I would want to see in theaters. Unfortunately for me, I got bored quickly and left the game to collect dust as other titles came out and appealed more to me. I would recommend renting this from a Redbox, before making a commitment, but I’m sure there are people out there that disagree and would tell you this game is worth playing all day everyday. Yea...

Possibly the biggest surprise for me is how much I have been enjoying Call of Duty: WWII. My relationship with CoD has been rather rocky over the last few releases. I think I had the same problem as I did with Destiny 2. I was getting bored and Infinite Warfare turned out to be a real disappointment in the end. I didn’t feel like it was a bad game, I just felt like CoD in space, was released at the wrong time. Going back to its roots was the best thing CoD could have done, but Sledgehammer makes some choppy Multiplayer. I don’t know if CoD will ever return to its glory days, but for now, I’m happy with we what got this year.

These games were my highlights of the year, but there are a lot more that I have played this year. To sum things up, I’ll Drop of quick list of the other titles that stood out for me, both good bad.

The Good:
Assassin's Creed Origins was just what the doctor ordered. I did not expect Ancient Egypt to be the next area we play through in the series. Any AC fan is going to enjoy this title.

Wolfenstein 2. Bethesda rarely disappoints me and Wolfenstein 2 was no exception. This series impresses on many levels and I thoroughly enjoy killing Nazis in video games.

Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite. What can I say? I love comic books, I love Capcom games, and I have always loved the MvC series. I’m not the best at fighting games, I enjoy them regardless of my skill level.

Injustice 2, also makes the cut for a fun and enjoyable fighter game that features comic book characters. This one comes with a slew of heroes and villains, heroes turned villain, and villains turned hero. Its got a great story too!

The Bad:
Sonic Forces. I had high hopes for this one. While it’s not great, it's not horrible either. I was a kid when Sonic made his debut, and I still play the original titles to this day. I have a copy of Sonic Mania, which pays homage to the originals, Sonic Mania does not. Its alright, but disappointing for me.

Star Wars Battlefront 2… Its ok I guess. I was hoping for a longer campaign, but a short few hour stint, will have to do. I really only a couple game modes from the title and I feel like the game could be much better. I haven’t been able to put my finger on it yet, but something is missing, and I’m not talking about microtransactions. Yuck…

So that’s the list of my favorite and most disappointing games this year. My list of disappointments, isn’t much to really complain about, outside of Road Rage.There’s been plenty of gaming goodness in 2017 and I can’t wait for 2018 to roll in. The list of major titles for 2018 is amazing, I’m just hoping that the majority won’t delayed. What is your list of favorite and most disappointing games of 2017?



No mans sky?

How did this game get under the radar

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