Arc System Works Planning On New PlayStation 4 Fighting Game

One genre we haven't heard much about in relation to the PlayStation 4 is the fighting game genre. While we've heard rumors that Tekken X Capcom might be hitting the system, fighting game fans haven't had a lot of reason to get excited about the PlayStation 4. That all changes now that Arc System Works has announced that they are beginning work on a new PlayStation 4 fighting game. Is it a game in one of their classic franchises or a new franchise altogether? Read on to find out!

Above is the trailer for BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma, the latest game in the BlazBlue series and what this generation of gamers most likely know Arc System Works for. However, this isn't the only fighting game series the company has put out; more hardcore fighting game fans will recognize the Guilty Gear series, Arcana Heart 3 and Persona 4 Arena as significant entries in not only the publisher's catalog but to the fighting game genre as a whole. In a time when more and more fighting games are moving to 3D, Arc System Works has entrenched itself solely in the 2D fighting arena much to the delight of both fighting game fans and 2D aficionados.

So what can we expect from these prolific masters of the fighting game genre? Perhaps more BlazBlue? With five different BlazBlue games released this generation, both the characters and style of the series is household knowledge to anyone with a passing interest in fighting games. Sorry BlazBlue fans, but it looks like a PlayStation 4 version BlazBlue just isn't in the cards:

"We can't give you a definite title yet, but we want to make one," BlazBlue series producer Toshimichi Mori stated to Dengeki. "We actually made Guilty Gear targeting the Dreamcast, and we started creating BlazBlue around the time of the PS3 release, so we want to make a game for PS4 when the system releases. Creating new things at the turning point of time is who Arc System Works is, so we would like to take it on."

Arc System Works Planning On New PlayStation 4 Fighting GameWhy would Arc System Works abandon the series they built up during the era of the PS3, just to start over with a new franchise? For the answer to that, we have to look to a past interview, one that Eurogamer conducted with both Mori and Guilty Gear creator Daisuke Ishiwatari in 2011, in which Ishiwatari stated:

“ Guilty Gear got too hardcore for some people, so we wanted to reset the level of entrance. BlazBlue was the answer to it. Also, the generation of Guilty Gear players has become a certain age – maybe a little bit too old for playing games. So making that reset brings in a new generation of fighting game players. Then they will be with us for the next few years. “

So there you have it. By restarting with a new franchise, Arc System Works can strip away some of the more complicated fighting systems introduced by the fourth and fifth iterations of BlazBlue, enabling newcomers to the franchise to enter with fresh starting point without overwhelming them. In addition, it gives gamers on the PS4 their own fighting game series, one they can start fresh with that will remain with them during the length of the console. It's a pretty sound strategy, all things considered, though unfortunate for fans of BlazBlue.

So now that we know why Arc System Works is making a new IP for the PlayStation 4, let's take a look at what this new game will most likely contain. Luckily for us, most Arc System Works fighting games follow the same patterns in all their fighting games, so we can reasonable expect certain elements to appear in their new game. We can most likely expect flashy 2D visuals and fast-paced action with an emphasis on combos. Expect weapons to make a return, as characters in past Arc System Works games have brandished weapons ranging from the mundane such as swords and guns to more exotic weapons such as anchors and pool cues. We can also expect the return of “ultimate attacks”: attacks that a character can use under special circumstances that will instantly kill an opponent with a flashy, almost cutscene-like attack. Finally, expect the game to have anime-styled character designs, which Arc System Works uses in every fighting game they create.

The PlayStation 4's social features will definitely play a role in the next Arc System Works fighting game, especially the ability to record gameplay. The fighting game community is well-known for uploading videos of fighting games, such as videos showcasing a player's combo proficiency or an amazing fight between two highly-skilled players. Previously, expensive computer equipment was necessary to record these videos and upload them to various social networking websites. However, with the PlayStation 4 users can instantly upload their videos to Facebook and Ustream at the push of a button, enabling every player to upload their favorite matches or combos at any time. Expect the social features of the PlayStation 4 to help grow the fighting game community faster than ever before.

And with that, the waiting begins. Since you know PS4 Experts has you covered on any news about Arc System Works next fighting game on the PlayStation 4, let us know in the comments and in the forums what you want to see!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 4/10/2013

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