The Blockbuster RPG Suikoden Series For Playstation 4

I came in a little late to the Suikoden series of video games. Mater of fact I did not actually purchase a game in this series until Suikoden 3 on the PlayStation 2 in 2002. I had heard of the series, and I had been a fan of RPG’s for years. However there was just something that never sparked my interest in this series. Then one Friday in December 2002 I was in my local video game store. This store was really cool as it sold import games, and I saw a really interesting looking game on the monitor in the store that reminded me of Final Fantasy. That game of course was Suikoden 3. From that day I was sold on this fantastic series, and I have gotten all the games. Even the earlier 2D games are a whole lot of fun.

Despite Suikoden being a popular series it has not had the world wide sales that lets say Final Fantasy has had. I know from my own personal experience of being a gamer here in the UK that being a fan of this series is pretty tough in regards to getting your hands on the games. I still find it very odd that we have not had a Suikoden on the Playstation 3. It really does not look like we are getting one either. Lets face it this generation is coming to a end. So the big question is this why no Suikoden on Playstation 3? Konami have made a few on the Playstation Portable so there is still clearly a interest in this series. Could Konami have decided to skip this generation of consoles in order to completely reboot the series on the next Playstation?

For me when I reflect on the Suikoden series of games one of the things that makes is so much fun to play is that while the games are set in the same universe the games never really follow on from each other. This is really cool as I love to go back play some old games, and not have to play the whole series in order. So each game has things in them that are similar, but the experience is always new and exciting.

I think or maybe I am praying that the reason for this huge gap between Suikoden 5 and Suikoden 6 is because the series is in for some huge new changes. Many gamers think that the JRPG is a thing of the past. I am not sure if I really believe this. Sure many Japanese games will stick to the tried and tested things that have brought them success over the years, but this is something I love about JRPG’s. Could the next Suikoden be the game that Konami think will bring this series really to the mainstream like Final Fantasy?

The Blockbuster RPG Suikoden For Playstation 4

Now my opinion here may very well not be a popular one, but I really want to share it. I think that this whole series should be rebooted. I know we get reboots of many games these days, and movies as well. Here though I feel is a series that really could benefit from one. My only complaint about the Suikoden series is that not enough people around the world got the chance to go to there local game store, and buy a localized copy.

This next game really could change all of that. Give gamers great production values, fantastic story telling and some amazing voice acting in the next game. I think if they did these things it really could be something special. Also I feel that if it was possible to get the next Suikoden game as a launch title for the next Playstation then that would be a great way to get many new fans interested in this series. I think that the core game of Suikoden really is fine as it is.

I hand on heart cannot think of something that really needs changing from a game play point of view. If the next game in the series was to be given a world wide release then I think the game play is solid enough to win gamers over. What I feel really needs to be kicked up a few notches is the presentation of it. I like the way the series has looked so far, but in comparison to other JRPG’s most notably Final Fantasy then the series is lacking in this department.

I really want a new Suikoden game, and I have come to terms with the fact that we are not getting one this generation. So I really hope that Konami are cooking up something very special for us. I would love to hear some of your guys thoughts on Suikoden for the next Playstation. Do you think it could top Final Fantasy as the dominant JRPG? Do you think it will fail? Or do you not even care if there was another in the series?

Update - March 10th, 2013 -- New Suikoden Most Likely Won't Hit PS4
Now that the PlayStation 4 is announced, we can expect to see many franchises, both big and small, appear on the new console. However, one franchise might be absent on the PS4: Suikoden. Not because Suikoden is a bad series, far from it, but because Konami is going a different way with the series.

These days, Konami has relegated Suikoden to the portable space, with the past two games appearing on only the PSP and Nintendo DS. In fact, the last time we saw a US release of Suikoden was almost five years ago in 2009 on the DS, with the PSP game released in 2012 never making it to these shores. Sadly, there seems to be almost no chance for a) a Suikoden game to be released on the PS4 or b) for that game to make it to US shores.

However, miracles can happen so Konami might surprise everyone with a PS4 revival of the series. We'll let you know if it happens!

Article by - Jason Delacey
Insert Date: 08/13/2012

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suikoden rocks!!

one of the best RPG that i had ever played..!! i first played suikoden 2 and i get hooked already.. since then i bought all the next series of the game.. sadly i cant find the first one.. =(

You can play suikoden 1

You can play suikoden 1 through an emulator though.. just go download it:D

PS store

Suikoden is on the playstation store as a ps1 classic...

Series Finished

Doesn't look like they're going to release another game in the main timeline. As is well known to Suiko fans, the original creator left in the middle of III because he had creative differences with Konami. You can also see the very obvious rushed ending to III and the drop in quality where that must have happened. III was still very good but it could have been so much more. IV was so far back in the past it might as well not have been in the same series. And V was set in the same timeline but it seemed like a completely different genre. I have no idea what V was supposed to be, it seemed like some sort of direct to video anime series. I recently got the urge to play I and II again, and maybe even III. But...I guess that is all there will be. They're just doing spinoffs on portables at most now, and those are not selling well and are not being received well.

We want more Suikoden games

I love the Suikoden series and got all the games in the series since I played Suikoden 2 for the first time. The possibility to play with over 100 characters and build up your own place together with all your playable characters that you met during the adventure got me hooked up. Suikoden is absolutely one of the best games at my RPG top list and will always be!! Greetings from Sweden (Dreamleon82)