BloodBorne: The Old Hunters expansion

Earlier this year BloodBorne made its debut exclusively on the PS4 and proved to be a hit. FromSoftware has intentions on bringing over a sequal to the new franchise, which is also planned as a PS4 exclusive, but in the meantime you can get some additional gameplay from The Old Hunters DLC.

The new add on will offer roughly 16 hours of gameplay depending on how you go about playing it, accessing the DLC isn't as straightforward as booting the game up. If you’re starting off fresh or with a New Game+ you are going to need to work your way toward defeating Vicar Amelia in the Cathedral Ward.

After the battle you will need to approach the altar and examine it at the back of the room and change the in game time from day to night and then teleport back to the Hunter’s Dream. You’ll see a new messenger on the steps waiting to give you the Eye of the Blood-drunk Hunter. Take a few steps further up and you’ll see another messenger bearing a gift as well!

Make your way back to Oeden Chapel and move forward and to exit on the left. The area square is now free of enemies so worry not about what’s roaming around and make your way toward the headstones on the right hand side of the square. There is a tree with a body lying next to it (and an item on the body if you haven’t grabbed it yet) you’ll want to stand over. Be sure to have a resistance to frenzy as a demon's hand scoops you up, gives you a little frenzy jolt and sends you to the new area: The Hunters Nightmare!