Black Ops IIII Beta Weekend 2 -What's changed?

The Black Ops IIII second multiplayer weekend has come and gone and to my surprise, it was much better than the first time around. If you didn’t play the first half of the beta, you can take a look at my first impression of the game here:

Moving onto the latest beta test, I have higher hopes that Black Ops IIII will be a game I will personally enjoy. Of course there is always the possibility that Treyarch will make changes to the game that will make it worse off for me, but in its current state, I find it acceptable as a beta.

The first beta had some serious issues. Frame Rates were dropping on certain maps at the worst times possible. I would be just about to earn a kill streak and the frames would drop. At the time, I wasn’t sure if it was internet lag, but after a patch came through to fix the lag, everything played smoother. Much smoother.

The time to kill in the initial beta painstakingly long. If there were a chance of survival, it seemed you had no choice but to stay close to your team. Everyone would be shooting at the same target and while you get a decent reward for assisting in kills, it created a bit of frustration. Now, a single player can and will be able to hold down their own.

My concern earlier on was the dependency players would have on their teammates. Players spawning with overpowered armor, taking entire clips to down a single enemy, needing to use the stim to heal constantly and faster, it all added up to a pretty crappy experience. I couldn’t get more than double kill if I tried. For a game that was to feature a fast paced atmosphere, it just didn’t add up. Luckily, Treyarch listened to fans and made the changes this game needed.

I did not see any patch notes on the lowering of the health system, the lowering of armour points or the raising of overall damage that weapons could produce. It seemed to be solely based on the frame rates. When you hear people complain that the kill cam didn’t match up to what you felt actually happened, they weren’t kidding. It really did appear to be two different events happening at once. Any other time I would have chalked it up to a cop out, but these complaints were legitimate. So, rejoice. Major problems resolved.

There was also an issue with players being able to bunny hop. The height that a jump takes you can seem awfully high. Add a bunny hop to that and it makes the game frustrating. I felt bad when I bunny hopped around my opponents and got the kills. It was cheap and a dick move on my part. It also felt necessary to do it as so many players around were doing the same. Treyarch patched it so the jump would not be as high and the bunny hopping became minimal. It became more difficult to mantle certain ledges and reach heights we were obviously meant to make, so the height of the jumps were brought back up, but the bunny hopping still patched. I think there is a still a problem with hopping around, but its not nearly as bad, so I can deal with it.

All in all, the game isn’t that futuristic. Black Ops IIII is meant to be 20 years prior to Black Ops III, so the lack of wall running and thrust jumping makes sense. I notice a lot of players commenting about the game being just like BO3, minus the movements listed above, but I don’t agree with those comments. As with any CoD game, there are similarities, but those similarities are important to keep.

Black Ops IIII is shaping up to be a pretty good multiplayer experience. The lack of campaign allowed more focus for a better MP experience and I’m just fine with that. Sorry to those that buy the game for the solo play, but I have never purchased a CoD title for the campaign. It’s always been about getting together with friends online or meeting new players to game with. At least for me, anyway.

While there isn’t much info on the upcoming Blackout beta on September 10, I’ll be gearing up for some Battle Royale type gameplay next month. Luckily I’ll be able to drop a few days on Spider-Man, before the Blackout beta begins. Regardless of beta status, I really won’t have a true opinion of the game until the full release. Anything can change between now and then. Hopefully I will enjoy the game as much as I enjoyed the second beta weekend. We will see.

Did you play the beta on either weekend? Are looking forward to the full product or is this just another game you could care less about?
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