Black Ops IIII review

Let me start off by saying, I’m going to waste your time with in depth details here. I’m gonna shoot it to you straight and give my opinion based on my experience with the game and bear in mind past games. I think it is important to remember past titles as the Call of Duty franchise has gotten to kind of stale in recent years, despite the stellar sales they continue to rack up year after year.

I’m going to go out on the limb here and say that Black Ops 4 is probably the best entry in the series since Black Ops 2. I enjoyed Black Ops 3, but I think BO4 is better in a lot of ways. The removal of thrust/boost jumping and wall running makes a big a difference for me. I felt the movement systems in past cods featuring these futuristic movements didn’t quite work as smoothly as it should have. I’m no coder, so no I couldn’t do a better job, but as a consumer, I did expect more. Thankfully, the movement in Black Ops 4 is incredibly smooth.

On top of smooth movement, the game in general is definitely up to par. I have had a few minor issues here and there, but nothing I wouldn’t expect to be fixed rather quickly. In fact, my main concerns that need to be patched are already in the works by Treyarch. I did spawn into one match and I couldn’t move. I didn't spawn in with a gun and while I could spin my camera around, my boots were cemented to the ground. I can honestly say I was pretty upset. I closed the application after being murdered 5 or 6 times. I would have said “killed”, but it was murder. Straight up murder.

Ok, I’ll move on from that and back onto a more positive note. There are some new game modes. Control, Heist, Chaos TDM. Also included are the traditional game modes you would expect from a Call of Duty game. TDM, Domination, Kill Confirmed, etc. etc. The multiplayer is pretty good and you would be hard pressed to convince me otherwise. We might have to agree to disagree, so I hope you're ok with that. The biggest addition to the game is Treyarch’s take on the Battle Royale phenomenon, Blackout.

Blackout is the first Triple A Battle Royale title to release and it is probably the best experience out there. If you’re a hardcore Fortnight fan or even a PUBG or H1Z1 fan, but you haven’t tried the Blackout mode in BO4, you owe it yourself to give it a go. While armor seems to be an issue for many Blackout players (I personally would like to see armor completely removed, but it’s whatever), Blackout is a solid Battle Royale experience. While I haven’t played any solo matches, I’ve been playing with some of my friends and it’s been pretty fun. Win or lose, it is fun and can be downright hilarious. I think the hilarity may depend on the person, but I tend to find a lot of things funny that I probably shouldn't.

Zombie’s are back and to be honest, without zombies, it wouldn’t be a Black Ops game. There isn't a whole lot I can really say about zombies at this point. I am not a good player in this mode. I think the real issue I have with the mode is that I don't have many friends that play it and random lobbies always seem to pair me up with players that don’t communicate or don’t bother with teamwork even if they have a mic. All in all though, the few levels I managed to play were fun. I would be interested in hearing the opinions of seasoned Zombie players, as I simply can’t throw in much input myself.

There is also a specialist training mode. The mode gives you a backstory of all the specialists and you can play through them more than once and at higher difficulty to complete some challenges. I did not complete them all, but played enough to get the general idea. It is a nice little side mode that does get you better acquainted with the specialists, but it doesn’t offer a lot of replay value unless you’re that determined to do complete everything possible. Me? Not so much. I’m just not that determined. What can ya do?

Graphics in game are nice and the audio is pretty spot on. I only had one issue when I thought the frames might have been dropping. I am still not sure if it was the frames or lag or what the heck happened, but I had a match where every time I was in a confrontation with an enemy player, everything went slow mo. it was only the one match though. It was annoying to say the least. Outside of that and a few minor issues, it has been a smooth ride.

I am marking Black Ops 4 with a 9.5 out of 10. It's a great entry in the long running franchise. I think with a few future updates, Black Ops 4 become even better. Not to mention the fact that the launch actually went smoothly. The servers worked properly and we weren’t forced to deal with the bottleneck effect of too many players logging in at once. Let me know what you think of the latest entry in the CoD franchise. I’m always happy to discuss opinions, even if it doesn’t match my own.


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